Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day.

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I was going to write an entry about Valentine's Day and how it sucks, is over commercialised, and how it's just empty and hollow, and people should appreciate you all year round and not just on one day. Then I got two Valentine's Day cards, and it doesn't seem quite right.

To be fair, I do buy my friends/boyfriends presents all year round, just because I feel like it and have the money to, not for any special occasion. And if I do get people presents on Valentine's Day it's never the conventional chocolates and flowers (or at least not just that), because that wouldn't really mean anything to most people, it'd just make it seem more fake - if they love/know you that well, they'd get you a real present. Like American McGee's Alice (last year) or Watership Down on DVD (the year before), that you'd mentioned the once and they rememebered. Um. Even though I don't really agree with it, I don't think you're really bowing down to commercialism if you buy someone a computer game or DVD or something that they've wanted for a long time, or if you make a card/write a letter - it's not like companies count those towards Valentine's Day sales. And it's nice just to have something to keep and to look at, to remind yourself that people do care when you're feeling a bit lonely (and that goes for things given to you on any day, not just Valentine's).

My card from James said I was easy, but it's sweet and I love it all the same. No, he's not going to live that down. Ever! :p Even if it wasn't meant that way, it's still funny. And Dann's was a bit of a half-assed effort. "Insert message here." I'm sure you can do better than that! No excuses.


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