Friday, September 23, 2005


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Random notes from my trip to London on Thursday (yes, on my own):

While I was wandering around for hours trying to find the seemingly non-existent Police station, a pigeon almost flew into the back of my head. It skimmed over my head from behind, and the feeling of the wind whooshing past and seeing a pigeon appear infront of me was very odd, and made me jump several feet in the air. I must have looked quite shocked as the lady in front of me almost started laughing. :(

Policepeople are so friendly and nice! (Or at least the two I spoke to were.) They were so apologetic too about my phone not being there.

And so are the people who work at Underground stations, they're so patient even to stupid tourists like myself who don't know anything about where they are or where they're going. "Which Police station are you after?" "Paddington?" "But which one? There's two." "Uh, Paddington?" "Paddington Green?" ".. Yes." "Or Harrow Road?" "Yes!" "Um, you'd best try Paddington Green."

And the whole time I was at Paddington station I kept thinking of Paddington Bear. I can totally understand how he got lost now. It's huge! I wish I'd brought my camera with me.


Blogger Addy said...

I ended up here after reading your 'leaving post' over at, just wondering if you was in a better place now?
You seemed quite troubled when you left, it would be nice to know that things had turned around.

7:49 am  

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