Saturday, November 04, 2006

I love history trips.

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The trip to Dublin on Thursday was great! I don't even know how I woke up at 6, but I did. My room was freezing so it was a big effort to get up. It was still even dark outside! I had bagels on the ferry, but it was almost all cheese. They must have dumped the whole pot of cheese onto the bagel - the cheese was thicker than the bagel was! I had expected a tiny butter sized pot of cheese with it but they were generous (which was awesome because I like Philly cheese).
The actual history stuff was kind of boring. We looked around a museum that had lots of shiny things, pimpin' walking sticks and midget Egyptians (OK, so that wasn't so bad). I bought buffalo flavour crisps and an 'archaeology for dummies' book!
After lunch we went to a library that had lots of old books in it and a pig that played the bagpipes. We also were shown around Dublin by the lecturer's friend, who was really smart and kind of geeky and wore a tweed suit with a detective coat and hat and had a slicked down posh schoolboy style haircut that was parted down the middle, and he had Harry Potter glasses. He knows everything! He must have remembered every single book he's ever read to the word, it was kind of scary. He kept interrupting the Irish librarian and she didn't seem too pleased. And he walked really fast, and my bag got really heavy (I was carrying rocks or something) and I only have short legs, so I tended to lag behind most of the time.
We saw the cathederal and the really posh university and another big Church, and lots of shops.
Oh! I went shopping on the ferry with the other 3 girls on the trip and we spent ages looking at perfumes. I bought my Mum her Christmas present! We were half hour late for the seminar (a few people did their presentations on Irish stuff on the way there). It was okay though, no one seemed angry. But us girls were always (fashionably) late, which was a little unfair.
The ferry on the way back was fun. I bought a double gin and lemonade from the bar, and the barlady just didn't care at all about keeping to the shots. My glass was almost all gin (and I'm not exaggerating!) with a bit of ice and lemonade in. For £3 I certainly got my value for money! (Not like the Irish posh bar where I had a double gin/lemonade for 6 euros!) We talked about Blackadder and Red Dwarf! Afterwards a few of us went to the pub and had cocktails and had fun trying to exchange numbers, which took far longer than it should have (technology argghhh!). Then John walked me home.
The end!
To summarise: shiny things + pig playing bagpipes + buffalo flavour crisps + alcohol = good day XD



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