Friday, November 04, 2005

Tube Tips for Women.

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So, the Transport for London have published a patronising new leaflet: Tube Tips for Women!

This informs the female tube user that, incase you didn't know, twisted ankles can be a real pain, so make sure you take care on the escalators (especially when wearing your party shoes!), sit near a panic button, just incase you feel uncomfortable, and if you're pregnant, why not wear a new 'baby on board' badge so people can be sure that you aren't just fat, and give you their seat? Oh, and make sure you keep your handbag near you, too - you wouldn't want your mobile phone stolen, now would you? Have you missed breakfast? Well, Tube Tips for Women advises you carry a cereal bar with you as a snack - it can fit into even the tiniest handbag!

On top of this, it's covered in "cute" lipstick bullet points and bad grammar (their replies to complaints are just as bad - "this is not the ideology," indeed!), and, of course, they have no intention of publishing an equally patronising 'Tube Tips for Men'. Don't men need to be warned against causing unnecessary train delays by fainting if they don't have breakfast, too?


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