Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pizza Hut and last night's (weird) dream!

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Last night I went to Pizza Hut with Louis, Dave and Adam. It was pretty good.

On the drive there I nearly tipped the car over. Whoops. I need to remember to slow down for roundabouts. It generally helps. I just didn't realise how tight a bend it actually was. Going at 40mph round it wasn't a good idea. I didn't even remember to brake after I realised!

Pizza Hut was funny - the waiter kept getting our orders wrong. He brought me a 7Up instead of a Tango at first, then kept writing our pizzas down wrong (I nearly had ham on mine!). Then when the pizzas did arrive, he had accidentally put Adam's order in wrong so they'd made him a small margarita pizza (which he had for free), instead of a medium meat feast, and gave Dave a large margarita, instead of a medium. then when we ordered desserts, I wanted an Ice Cream Factory and Louis wanted an ice cream sundae, and he just brought us both ice cream factory bowls. Then when the sundae did arrive the cream was a total shambles (it was everywhere, instead of a neat whippy bit) and we just burst out laughing for ages. We got the desserts and the drinks free in the end, as well as the small pizza. A pretty good evening, I'd say, even if the Cineworld arcade was closed so we couldn't shoot zombies after dinner.

I had a really weird dream last night. I was in a big posh house and had a big poofy dress, and the walls were covered in this really intricate design with animals and birds and flowers and the occasional cross/crucifix on it (all painted) and then a load of scary monks were like "NO! You can't have imagery! PAINT THEM WHITE!" and then tried to smash up the massive chandelier and everyone in the house (even the servants) were standing round it. "Not the chandelier! Anything but that!" "Why do you care? You smash up the place all the time?" "It's called REDECORATING! It's DIFFERENT! Arg!"

I think I have been studying Henry VIII far too hard.


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