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Job scam doing the rounds.

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I got all excited about having an interview for tomorrow. The job description on was a bit vague about what I'd actually be doing and the website from the job listing ( is empty, so I thought I'd Google for more info on the company and to prepare. I found this rather professional looking website instead - and also found a lot of websites saying that it's a bit of a scam. Reading a bit more into the company, it certainly doesn't sound like what I want to do. They ask you to come in for a preliminary interview, talk to you about the role and how easily you can progress up the ranks, and then ask you to come for a secondary interview the next day, where you will go out doing door to door sales with one of their 'top salesmen' so they can evaluate your skills, essentially working 9hrs for free. You then work on a commission only basis for a few months, before they promote you to team leader, again working on a commission only basis (something they don't tell you in interview), doing door to door sales, or possibly just harrassing people in the street to buy things. This could mean that if you don't sell much, you could end up working for free or for well below minimum wage - for someone like me who has bills to pay, and who needs a basic wage, that's not ideal. Only when you reach level 3 do you get a proper wage and are no longer involved in door to door selling.

The company that called me were Aspire Acquisitions Ltd, but they also apparently operate (from the same address and telephone number) as JCC Solutions, GM Global Marketing Solutions, Red Square Direct, Mosco Marketing, Fosters Marketing Solutions, and Supreme Corporation UK - among others! They are based at 1 Bath Street, London EC1V 9LB, phone number 020 725 19028, but also seem to have offices around the country (I saw stuff on Google for Manchester and Coventry as well).

I should have been suspicious that they don't seem to have 1 vacancy, or even a handful - they'll just recruit as many people as are interested (knowing that most will probably quit or cancel early on I suppose). Someone in one of the above links says that they worked for 3 weeks, and didn't receive any pay afterwards (or did with a struggle), so there doesn't seem to be a guarantee that you'll even get the commission you've earnt! They also don't give you a contract, just a disclaimer that you are "self-employed".

I just thought this info might be useful for other people here who get calls from them. They seem to be taking advantage of the recession and how many desperate unemployed people there are. Obviously if you want to do sales, and are happy with their conditions, that's fine, but they don't seem to make it very clear or obvious at all that that is what you'll be doing or how you'll be working, and I personally have cancelled my interview with them tomorrow.

(Found me through Google? Check out my next two blogs on this subject - More on the job scam and London Marketing Services (another job scam).)



Blogger Seamaster said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this. You just saved my partner a lot of grief! RSMS online contacted him to say "Interview tomorrow, 1.30". A quick Google threw up your blog. They sound like distinctly shady characters. Thanks again

7:54 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

I'm glad it helped, and that he found out before going in & wasting his time!

3:05 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

I'm glad it helped! It is really dodgy, especially when they advertise on popular websites like and Reed.

I've found about another company, London Marketing Services, who invited me in for an interview. They seem to be doing the same thing. :(

3:09 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

The same company has called me to come for an interview but I am going to go and judge for myself..and maybe post the details back here then....And if i remember correctly, sites like Reed have a 'rate the employer' section, did any of you 'rate' them?

10:33 pm  
Blogger PatrickOB said...

I am getting fed up of this, I have now been offered 3 interviews with these sorts of companies, London Marketing Services, Eclectic and now Aspire.

It's beyond a joke, it really is, these sorts of people are out there to use you for all they can.

9:10 pm  
Blogger J said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've been trying to gather together as much info about these companies as I have been contacted by them numerous amounts of times and it's getting beyond annoying quite often they have changed the company name and it's only when I google the company that it comes up saying that it's a scam. It's usualy after I've applied for a couple of Marketing based roles on SecsintheCity, these job boards should toughen up on what the allow and don't allow to be advertised on their sites.

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah thanks a lot for starting this thread. I myself just came back from the first interview today - they're under the name of Unik corporation ltd. Its at 1 BATH STREET, OLD STREET STATION, LONDON.

Yes, its all too good to be true! They invited me back for a second interview tomorrow, where Im supposed to shadow a manager for the day without pay.

The manager, who conducted the interview - well lets just say he did not come across like a professional who would be earning 50 or 60K a year. You would expect a marketing manager who has worked his way up to earning that much money through experience to possess a certain quality about him wouldn't you? But was not the case with this guy.

It is 100 commission based, which is questionable at best. I mean, its entry level marketing and sales, whos gonna survive on a self employed basis when they're just starting out and learning the trade? Even professionals who sell for a living have a basic salary to fall back on, especially under these economic conditions!

I dont know what theyre trying to pull here but I would sincerely say DO NOT GIVE UP OR OTHERWISE MAKE PLANS BASED ON THIS JOB OFFER. Because unless you have a safety net ie you're a student looking to make money in between semesters or similar, the chances are you will find yourself in a rut pretty quickly.

These halfwits will not explain to you what you are letting yourself in for.

9:14 pm  
Blogger Westie said...

Very interesting, I always Google a company as well as looking on their website.
I was given this website: on their email.

The email set off alarm bells to begin with, and the website made me even more suspicious.

Glad I only gave them a disposable email address so I don't get bombarded like some of you seem to have.

Good luck with your chosen alternative job applications - god knows we can all do without sharks. I shall also me mentioning them to the recruitment agency.

9:56 pm  
Blogger Gr8graduate said...

the only scam is that it turns honest people into professional door knocking liars. I did it for a month, under aspire acquistions and became really good (thank god it was commission based)

The managers do not look professional but it is a fun job, aside from the fact you don't get paid a wage.

11:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a transcript of the job description advertised on reed:

Recruiter Unik Corporation Ltd Location London,
Salary £18,000 - £25,000pa, OTE Sector Marketing & PR - Brand Management




An ENERGETIC, RESULTS-DRIVEN candidate is sought to fill this multi-faceted brand marketing support role. The role is suited to a business-savvy and ambitious university graduate with no or little corporate experience who is looking to expand their skills in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment. You will be given exposure to all facets of the business and the opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial young executive team.

This diverse role has responsibility for providing support to the management team, with a particular focus on Brand Marketing.

This includes being trained in all areas of

- Client Representation
- Promotions
- Sales
- Marketing Strategies
- Customer Service
- Teaching and Coaching
- Campaign Management
- Business Development


That month you worked for them, did you earn 18 to 25K pro rata? No! stfu then!

7:46 pm  
Blogger Steve and Sarah said...

Thanks for the heads up! Was 30 mins before my interview with B1 Client Services Ltd in a cafe and found your blog on my phone... Guess I'll research more thoroughly next time.

Thanks again!

2:55 pm  
Blogger rossmhoward said...

I'm not sure if these guys are still doing there thing, but I was unlucky enough to end up as far as the Shadow Interview.

They were incredibly pushy, I was shadowing one of their "Hot-Shots" as well as a chap who was on training. After a bit of investigation, the guy on training revealed he had been offered the job last night and was really given no other option than to start today.

Not only was I not given any notice that i'd be clearing my schedule and working for a day without pay, I was also expected to cover my travel.

The "Fast-track" scheme for promotion they have there is a very transparent pyramid scheme. The idea being that after 6 months hard work and commitment, you will be raised to assistant manager and a newly opened office. 6 months down the road from there, you will be given the keys to your own office where you will be on a salary of £100k or more.

The guy interviewing me was completely seduced by this and the manager who debriefed me (and offered me the job despite my complaining) waved that fictional figure around a lot too. I wasn't falling for it.

I had to ask them, surely you can't have a brand new office for waiting for every single member of staff you recruit (there were 25 of us on the working-interview, 10 of which were offered jobs). It's a complete pyramid scam and forgetting the fact that door-to-door sales is completely unethical, its the pits.

I hope they've gone out of business

12:59 pm  
Blogger The Pink Minx said...

I went to Unik Corp a few weeks ago, got offered the job that evening but I turned it down because of the hours.
Today, I got a call from a job I applied for today want me in tomorrow(keen eh?) OPPOSITE Unik Corp and guess what? They're name also features alot here - B1 Client Services... I'm going to call and cancel my int..

8:48 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

thanks for the info. you saved me from a big dissapointment.

11:44 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi thank you for the info, you saved me and my partner alot of time.

I was due to have an interview at JK MARKETING LTD, MAIDSTONE.

I knew it was too good to be true, considering there offices were above a sex shop.

From experience in web design I thought there website was fairly unprofessional.

So after all my doubts I chose to ring them. I got staight to the point and told them I have done some research on there company prior interview, and have found accusations of there company being a scam... I explained to them how i've heard its commision only, working for free on your second interview, and that its door to door selling.

they responded.

"Darling, i can assure your we are not a scam, you will not be working on your second interview, you will be observing, so therefore no pay is neccessary, and because you will come in at entry level that will include residential selling"

Considering my partner was due for an interview although she never even gave them a cv to read, only her name and contact details, it seemed a bit far fetched.

I hope this helps many of you out there, and best of luck to you all.

11:31 am  
Blogger Lecari said...

The scam is really that they don't tell you that you will be selling on the streets or door to door before going for interview, or that it will be commission-only. Their roles are advertised as "marketing"; not sales. In my opinion, no reputable company would be dishonest in this way, or feel the need to have so many names and websites. They would also not be interviewing so many potential candidates for roles.

Perhaps if they were honest and up-front, were registered with Company House and actually paid their staff on time, I would have a better opinion of them. As it stands, until they change their company policy, to me it is a scam.

I suppose they are unlikely to admit that they are misleading people and being dishonest, though, so their response doesn't surprise me!

12:42 pm  
Blogger Drizz! said...

saved me acostly trip to london for an interview with unik

5:48 pm  
Blogger kutabilay said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger Lecari said...

I will delete any abusive comments. Keep it clean.

6:02 pm  
Blogger chaz said...

I had an interview with Powerhouse in their Brighton Office, and also got called back for a second interview.

(Powerhouse are a company un to their own)

Unlike most of the people who have made comment on this site, i did start with them, and am still working with them happily.

It seems in my eyes that people dont really understand the company and so Assume' that it is a scam, which is a shame as they actually raise a LOT of money for all charities, and also represent extremely well established clients, who would tell you nothing but good feedback about them.

I just think that it is a massive shame that people have the ordasity to judge a company with simply an assumption.

4:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since my last post few months back I am back looking for work and going through the daily email job updates online and found out something interesting about these scam marketing companies.

They are getting more and more crafty now by re-wording and refining their job specs, making it difficult to work out what the role is (actually that's the key indicator it is a scam when you have no idea what it is you will be doing!)

I checked the agency that handles this company's ads on jobsite.

Perhaps its either their own 'agency' or front that deals with these applications electronically; as regular agencies and live consultants would not touch them; obviously its a problem ethically, as the job description is essentially false advertising and the main reason they are abusing the online job sites.

I don't know if anyone can confirm this or if there are any other online 'agencies' on other job career sites that specifically handle the likes of this scam job ad.

On jobsite the agency is called
'erecruit solutions' -if you look at all their positions 99% are commission only 'no experience necessary' 'marketing and PR' openings for a 'city based' 'sales marketing company' a recurring theme for these ads.

Funny how there is lots of these positions available for exactly similar firms in every major city ;)

Pays to be paranoid after my scam interview with Co and Co!!

This is the link:

Good luck guys. JA

7:12 pm  
Blogger Cathal said...

Aspire sent me this after i didn't turn up to their interview:

Unfortunately you missed you interview with us today. It’s my job to find quality candidates to fill the positions we have available. It is very rare that someone would book an interview with me, and not show up without calling ahead and letting me know. I wanted to make sure it was not anything that I have done.

I would really appreciate if you would e-mail me why you were unable to attend the interview. I would like to fix any mistakes that I am making.

Good luck with your future job search.

Kind Regards,


HR Administrator
I replied:

I did some research and you know why. I'm aware you're not the only company out there taking advantage of people looking for jobs but that doesn't lessen how disgusting your practice is. Thanks for wasting my time.

Hoping your deveop a conscience,

7:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Chaz

If it is such a misunderstood company
1) why are they so dishonest in their job adverts?
2) Why are they so evasive/scripted in their interviews?
3) Why are there so many pseudo company names?

Its not just what they do, it is the way in which they go about wasting a lot of peoples time.

Chaz you need to start asking more questions and not taking so much at face value and while you are at it look up ethics in the dictionary.

Great blog Lecari.

10:29 pm  
Blogger In construction said...

You know what I love page like this...and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!for post your experience here, I was about to go to my interview tommorrow but I will save the travel, the money and the time to pay attention to this people that looks like unscrupulous. Is just I can't get in my head How on earth companies like this can be operating out there!! Same as those Scam from the Loan Services....It is in this country a Hoax?....With this exemplar I can see the Economy will recovery very quick. Someone knows where to complaint about this?

4:53 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Here's their website:

Looking very unprofessional in terms of web sites.

11:43 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm so glad to have read this!! like Seamaster73 you've saved me a lot of hassle! dammit they really had me duped, I thought it was too good to be true, worse still, it appears I've applied to TWO of their operating names and got interviews for both which I now know I wont be applying for!

12:46 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Superb blog, saved me a trip into town today. Looked into this a bit deeper and found a really interesting site about how these 'corporations' work. If you get the time you should definitely look through it. Its more of a cult than anything!

4:49 pm  
Blogger Girish Dhondge said...

thank you friends..coz i also got call from unik corporation..

5:02 pm  
Blogger The London Brunch Club said...

Thanks heaps everyone for the heads up! Had an interview booked in tomorrow but not going now! Thought it all sounded a little too good to be true. Good luck finding the RIGHT career...

12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are websites to complain online but apart from that im not very sure. I've sent emails to reed but they dont seem to care cos they get money from the ads they have on their website.

Im not sure if there's a law against door to door in process or anything like that. They've been doing this for years so i guess there's a gap in the law.

They only thing i can think of it's awareness. The same they do.. Tell everyone you know about these companies so they will know and more people will stop going to the interviews which means they wont grow and they wont make that much money..

9:58 AM

10:01 am  
Blogger Peter Johan Garner said...

thanks for this. i have 2 interviews for two comps. tomorrow afternoon, Unik Corporation and Innovation Marketing. Unik Corporation and Innovation Marketing. Unik Corporation and Innovation Marketing. Unik Corporation and Innovation Marketing.
Hope it's sunny after lunch..

3:32 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I've been through all the posts and forums abt cobra company and OMG thanks a lot for these blogs.

I have been contacted for 2 job interviews on Monday, ( and

I have spent ages to prepare myself for those interviews and realise now that it is simply a joke, and that they are lying.

btw does someone know abt similar companies, because I am applying as a graduated and don't want to waste my time???

thanks again


1:16 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you guys for this..

You just saved me a costly trip and the time to go for an interview with UNIK Corporation...

2:59 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

thanks so much you saved me a great deal, they called me today and for an interview to morrow but then i decided to check them out and i bumped into these comments. i also got a call from a company called primus-uk, they are also a scam,when i told my tutor about the company, he decided we check them out and apparently they are.the funny thing is another person from the same company called me the same day, but in the evening to invite me for an interview..hehehehehe!funny!

2:32 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I wish I had seen this website before. I went to the preliminary interveiw after being fooled into thinking that I was actually going to be put forth onto an exciting and challenging managers course, which would garentee a salary of £50,000 when complete. When I showed up at the office in London Bridge, I saw lots of important and proffessional people. I was told that my interview was really amazing and that I was one of the lucky candidates who had been chosen to come back for a second interveiw. I was so excited!!

I showed up at the office bright and early with a great attitude ready to be shown around the office and to me desk...well I presumed I would. I was then passed over to two sales rep's who told me to get ready to go out. I found this really odd, but I went along in hope anyway. I was taken to Turnpike lane where I had to watch the sales Rep's knock and pester good people in their own homes to set up direct debits for a childrens charity. I was so embarresed and ashamed, there I stood in a smart outfit just watching in amazment as these persistant Sales reps badgered and pleaded with voulnerable people to set up direct debits. Liberty!!!

I then asked the two sales Reps how long they had been conducting door to door sales in hope of the managers position. They Replied "6 months" and they were only level 1!!! This is when I thought to myself if these people have been selling for 6 months how long do I have to do this before I reach level three. To top this off the hours where a complete outrage. They needed you to arrive at London bridge at 11am for a meeting, then go out selling this scam from 12:00 - 20:30, then back to the office at London Bridge for another meeting then home at 22:00. This was not just expected for the first day this would be my routine for 5 days a week. It was at that point I walked away gutted, I had been fooled

I urge all people applying for this scam to think twice, do your research before you waste £40 on train fares like me!!

7:56 pm  
Blogger swimfan said...

Thank god for this blog. I too had an interview booked for tomorrow with UNIK. There I was all excited and now i feel flat. Oh well, better to feel flat today, rather than tomorrow after i would of spent money i dont have a lot of, what with me being unemployed, on a train ticket to attend a hollow interview. Thanks for the low down on these so called "companies". I found it a bit strange that they called me up to arrange an interview the day after I had applied for the role which was outlined ever so vaguely on the reed website but hope got the better of curiosity until 10 minutes ago when i decided to do some last minute research on the company and found this blog. Once again, thanks to every1 who posted sharing their experiences. If it wasnt for you guys, by this time tomorrow i would of been seriously peeved off!

4:58 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yep, Same as above. I'm a ex-student from Newcastle looking to move to London and although it was too late for the train ticket... I was able to read this blog before going to a UNIK interview ...At least we've learnt not to trust such dodgy sites. Good luck on future interviews..

5:11 pm  
Blogger me myself and | said...

Blogs like yours are god send. Thanks to all who provided such helpful inside knowledge on such scammy companies. Its a shame how hard we try to find jobs and end up with such futile results. It would be great if people can also suggest good sources for student jobs, as this is pretty disheartening.

Regards to all.


8:03 pm  
Blogger Laurily said...

Two that I know of in Bristol - Powerhouse Direct Ltd and Krishna Worldwide (which has links with the Cobra Group Plc). Got an email from for an interview yet when you go onto it transfers you to advertising photography rather than a marketing company. They also have a Southampton phone number for their Bristol office.
I found both on Reed and am trying to get Reed to block the recruiter or flag as misleading.
One way of telling if the company is dodgy is to look at the salary of two different level jobs (e.g junior and senior level). If they are the same, there's obviously something going on.

9:01 am  
Blogger Lecari said...

The best way I've found to tell is usually the ads are very vague about what you'll actually be doing - they don't really tell you anything about what the job involves (and certainly not that it's door to door). The websites are also really basic, and again a bit vague about what they do.

Basically if anything doesn't quite look/sound right, or very professional, then it's probably not the job or company you want to work for - any real company would practise open and honestly.

8:43 am  
Blogger Cecilia said...

Thanks everyone for comming forward and informing others on these terrible scams that london marketing services are commiting! I was so excited as i have never had a job interview before and I thought that this could be the start of new things for me. Then I did my research and saw that the company was a scam and I was so dissapointed but relieved that I had found out beforehand they have just called me and I have not picked up the phone lol! It is such a shame that they are still scamming people up to today! people please becareful and stay clear of London Marketing Services!!!!!!!

2:51 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Basically if you get an email check the address if they come from 1-3 bath street they are the same business, A1 advertising, unik corporations, source marketing, B1 recruitment ETC. Is there nothing that can be done? why do these people get away with it? complete scam. if you get a phone call from them accept their interview and just don't turn up, lets waste their time like they have ours!!!

3:10 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I literally just received emails and phone calls from two companies both based at 1 bath street.

Originally I did not even notice this, it was when I looked at the contact numbers and realised that they were exactly the same, except for the last digit that I felt that something was wrong.

Luckily for me I stumbled upon this blog here, and managed to save myself a lot of grief!!

I also looked over the add that I had responded to and realised that I had no idea what they were asking of me! I didn't even know where they were based!!

I know searching for jobs is hard but my advice is make sure you read the advertisement carefully as it very may well be a scam.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Post Punk Music said...

If anyone is going to Unik Corporation Ltd on Bath Street tomorrow DO NOT ATTEND. Basically the same scam as mentioned in the above comments. Frankie Stevens is the name of the woman dealing with the correspondence and has invited me to a second round of interviews tomorrow, to which she will get a nice telephone call to in reply. Might actually report them to the job sites they advertise on, but I've heard they do nothing. I am pretty angry in that they blatantly lied about it being a marketing job (on the ad and at interview - door-to-door isn't exactly this) and that even when I asked what I'd be doing tomorrow, they barely glossed over it!! Their ad also says 'not a door-to-door position'!!! That is deliberate misinformation. They need to be forced to change their ads to make them truthful. Don't fall for it, thanks for all the info on this site. I knew this was too good to be true, but try telling that to me and the 100s of desperate, poor (yes literally poor) bastards who need work! Cheers y'all.

10:33 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I walk past UNIK on Bath Street each day on the way to and from work.

I've often heard chanting etc as I walked past, and have meaning to do some research for a while as it all seemed pretty weird.

I'm sorry so many of you have wasted your time. Is there nowhere these scams can be reported to?

I agree with a lot of the posters - if the advert fails to actually explain what the role involves it is a scam. Also, seeing the same adverts run repeatedly is also a bad sign.

9:19 pm  
Blogger puppyduck said...

I was conned by the Cobra group in Norwich last year. I had just left my childcare job and was desperate for money. I should've known it was too good to be true when they told me how great I was in the first interview. But as a graduate, I'd had it drummed into me that I should be on 20k a year with a degree so I fell for it. I got to the second round of interviews where I wandered about banging on the doors of scabby council flats with syrringes lying around on the floors of the coridoors with some dodgy Manchunian bloke. It turned out he had come from another company in Manchester and his manager had set up this one in Norwich. I was told when I got to level 3, I could pick anywhere in the country and set up my own company and call it whatever I wanted. That is basically what all the level 3 people do and it is why it's spreading everywhere. The advert was on a reputable website and said nothing about door-to-door sales and even after that second day of conning people into switching gas and electricity supplier, I figured if it would make me 50k a year (the bloke who was "training" me said he was going to buy a fancy sportscar the next day with his bonus and was constantly flashing around his cash and blackberry all the time I was there). On the monday, I was told I would be going to London for an exciting conference and I was lucky to be going. It required me getting up at 3am and meeting at the office at 4am to get on a coach and go to this hotel in London. We were on the coach until 11am (not pleasant if you are coach sick and there are no windows open) and we were taken to this fancy hotel and packed into this weird hall where the next 3 hours were spent watching random people receiving awards for the most money earned. The whole room was full of people working for all the companies mentioned on here plus others. They all shouted and hooted and cheered and it was like some weird scary rally of fanatics. Afterwards, there was a so-called "buffet" which had such long queues I never saw any food (I didn't get to eat at all from 3am to 12.30 at night when I eventually got home). And then another 2 hours of the company bigwigs telling you all the stuff you should be doing to get people to hand over their money.

It was a truly horrible experience and I was nearly in tears when I left the coach and ran home, I was so angry at how I had been conned. I quit the next day, and the Manchunian bloke who answered the call was very nasty to me down the phone. I didn't care. It was a horrible con, and they prey on those of us who are desperate for a job but are overlooked because of so much competition for employment. If you see the word "marketing" or "OTE" (on-target earnings) avoid it like the plague. Always research any company before you go to an interview.

6:17 pm  
Blogger BeBe said...

Hi everyone. I've been working for 'Unik operations' for three-weeks today and this is what i can tell you so far.
When i first applied for the job it was through and the job ad was so vague and believable that i applied thinking it was a sort office based job. I got a phone call a day after to my suprise asking me to come for an interview at the old street office.

Automatically i still was under the assumption that it was an office based job since there were receptionist there and men in suits walking in and out of their offices and the occassional someone climing the staircase.
There were loads of people being interviewed on the same day so this lead me to think it was an ideal job since the competition looked tough.

So i got throught the 1st interview and was asked for a 2nd one.I was delighted. Then i was told about how i had to work shadow a team leader for the day.
The team leader would observe if i was suitable for the job and then give the manager (who happened to look the part too) the heads up.

I was asked if i had a travel card and if my shoes were comftable, at this question i was confused, why would it matter? Then next thing i know he's got a suitcase full of make-up and we are rushing to the station.

So they explain the structure of the company, bla bla bla..on how you can move up to become your own manager and how you have to earn your wage.
I was pissed off 1st as they didnt tell me this when i was at the interview and they tell me whilst im sitting in KFC down south london.
I ended up spending a hella lot of money on transport for 3 days until i told them i wanted to see if i was ready for direct selling. They let me sell, i sold 5 £20 make-up things, i made £100 and got only 30% back £25 whilst they took the rest of the £75. I was pissed.I eneded up quiting today despite being so good at selling.

The shit things about the job is that it is DIRECT selling!! You have to beg people to buy a product you don't even believe is worth £20 and you only get £5 back. You end up spending the money you earn on the transport and food u eat. You walk around frm 9-6pm and only make half the money you spent.

Your feet kill at the end of the day regardless of how comftable they might be.
You will prob have to do 6 months of this before you reach an assistant manager level where u earn basic level.

The office environment itself is weird. They do the whole high five thing and expect you to be happy ALL day even if you had a shit day.Who does that??
Stick to a stable job believe me, I'm glad i quit today, Im going back to my old job.

9:59 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I read about this a little bit before going to the interview gave them the benefit of the doubt was offered the job the very day. After a day training we hardly sold anything and was required to go back for my second day training woke up in the morning to get ready thought to my self if I was to sell products worth £100 I only earn £25 how does that work for me hence their role is promoting the product as well, so they use you by getting you to promote for them for free then they rub it in even more by giving you peanuts I just didn't get up this morning it annit worth it I need a stable job not wasting my time and trying to socialise with some people that haven't got goals in life how can you graduate from university and door to selling what are you doing? expect when you perphaps just wasted time going to university like some girl who was training wanting to be a manger she seemed like such a lost sole

7:12 am  
Blogger Dora said...

Hello, not sure when the last comment was on this but I am writing in July 2010.

Went to the first interview and got a really bad feeling. In my first interview they talked about all the management opportunities and how they were unique in the fact that they allowed people with no experience as they would train you up. Which is music to the ears of a graduate. However, he then went on to say that the company didn't care 'about qualifications'

Hmm... I just graduated from Cambridge. Not that I am saying that education is everything obviously it has to do with personality, but that isn't how you court a Cambridge grad. Lol. I went home thinking, that I didn't want the job anyway. Even though i still had no idea what the job was!

When i got offered the second interview, my Mum said you might as well go along to get some experience of the job hunt. So I went along. Still nobody was telling me what was going on, and all the managers had thick foreign accents and spoke really fast, I couldn't understand what was being said! But I'm pretty sure they weren't being honest. Next thing I now I'm walking with them and the 'manager' says only to ask her questions and not the 'trainees' who are there. Hmm... Fishy.

Then I hear that we are getting a bus to London Bridge and then getting a train from there. Alarm bells ring and I say:

'Look, feel I should be honest. I don't think this is for me. I think there has been some miscommunication here.'

Then the woman gets a bit huffy and says:

'Well, I haven't offered you the job yet! It's very competitive. You might not get it'

I said that I appreciated that, but I felt like continuing the day would be dishonest and that i wouldn't put appropriate energy into it.

She said fine and I walked off.

I have never ever bailed on anything before but I had such a bad feeling about this.

Then I found this, thank God, the day sounds horrific. I might've cried. Lol.

I'm quite good friends now with my Reed counsellor so I might speak to her and raise my concerns about this job and how devious they are...

8:40 pm  
Blogger elizabeth said...

A very big thanx to you for posting this ad, letting the general public aware of such scammers. I was actually preparing myself for an interview with A1 tommorow morning. I knew little about them so decided to do some research and came across this ad. I got a call from them roughly an hour after i had applied for the job. The role wasnt specific but was under the idea of sales assisatnt. The lady on the phone was hesitant that I didnt need that much experience, as they will train me but instead suggested I was succeful for an preliminary interview tommorrow. The email had directions to the same place Old Street Station at '1 Bath Street' plus even map directions to the place. I was not convinced because the site seemed very basic for a well know international company. As my instincts were right, i came across this. Surely I must take this complaint further. These unethical time wasters need to be put out there for what they truely are. hmm crimewatch here i come. thanx to everyone else sharing their experiences and good luck with job searching.

1:30 am  
Blogger RCM89 said...

HI I have had similar experiences and actually thought I had found a legit one. Alas that was a scam too, only the company name (Live marketing) was the same name as an American based company therefore people would assume it was the same thing. I also had an interview with A1 marketing tomorrow, which I have cancelled. I phoned them back after seeing this blog and asked if it involved door to door sales, the lady then starting spouting some rubbish about the different methods of marketing and would not give me a straight answer.
I don't think what these companies are doing fits the exact definition of a scam but it is definitely misleading, unethical and false advertising. They also know they are in the wrong or the job titles would be door to door marketing sales.
Also there are 100s of these companies and they are all branches of "Carolina Consulting". The best thing to do is always ask if there is any door to door sales involved and if there is a basic salary.
Hope no one else has to waste their time.

4:41 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks a lot to all of you, who has posted their comments on this site, I read it before 3 hours of my interview with B1 client services which has same address given above B1 Client Services Ltd
1 Bath Street
London,EC1V 9LB. and they asked me to come for an interview one on one with some manager, but after reading all this meaningful comments i am not going for interview at this shit place.
Thanks a lot. you guys are doing amazing job by writting here and helping person like me to save the time and money which is most important.

10:32 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

just been to a similar interview in Glasgow with the following company. May sound silly but I applied solely to improve my interview technique.

Lower Ground Floor

Baltic Chambers

50 Wellington Street

Glasgow G2 6HJ


Also, it was advertised on

Will be interesting to her if I make it in to his 'Top 5' candidates lucky enough to be invited back. ;)

10:58 am  
Blogger georgia said...

Thanks for this I was due to go back for a secondary interview/ trial day with a company called A1 but in the same building (1 Bath street) who seem to operate in the exact way described in the article. Just wanted to know if anyone gave out their NI number and if they did what steps they took to prevent any unlawful use of it by the so called company?

11:15 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Mate thank you so much for this blog!!! i got the interview tomorrrow and i just wanna post a few details so others know who not to trust.



UNIK Corporation Ltd
5 Bath Street



Tel no: 020 7251 7278
Fax no: 020 7017 3870

Thanks for the heads up people x

12:45 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

thankyou so much for making time to post this info on this site. My son had his first interview yesterday, he is fresh out of college and was really nervous. He has been called back and was really excited about it, but now we have read this i think he really shouldnt bother. thanks again everyone.

10:55 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the heads up...!! The one that contacted me was A1 Marketing which unfortunately replicates a quite reputable company in the US... They emailed me after I applied to a vacancy on total jobs so I decided to google the company. Knew something was dodgy when all I could find was job ads and not an actual website!

Then googled the address and found this blog... So glad I did! Saved me a lot of time and effort! Hoping it does the same for all the other people out there! How these scans are allowed to operate I'll never know...

Thanks again!

8:41 pm  
Blogger Trinbago Rights said...

Posted on 13/08/2010:

They are still trading and purporting the same lies. I had an interview today with Unik Corporation, but thank God I found this and saved my money.

Good luck everybody.

11:00 am  
Blogger June said...

Hello Guys,
I was invited by A1 on 13/08/10 for interview. After the interview, i was called almost immediately to come for interview number two where i will go with one of their managers for a feed assesment test.
Like one the contributors on this blog said, the interviewer started by speaking SO FAST with a very funny and trickish accent which i believed was designed to make sure u dont understand what was being said.
This to me is called ADVANCE FEE FRAUD. It is well known in Nigeria and the US.
The most painful part of this whole scam is that i borrowed my transport fare to attend this junk interview. Anyways,we must figure out a way to stop them, On the 13th August, there where up to 50 Victims waiting to be interviewd.
Pls help the Victims

10:12 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

i'm so grateful for theses blog,i'm supposed to go there today by 12.30pm to 8.30pm for a somewhat dodgy assessment session...i'm so thankful....i now know how stupid A1 really are to scam innocent job seekers.

9:15 am  
Blogger Matt said...

Thank you very much for this blog. I was also exited about going for an interview tomorrow at 1 Bath Street for A1 marketing.

It seemed legit at first, I checked their website and became suspicious of how shite it is, especially for a marketing company! (

I'm not going to attend the interview, waste of my job seekers money on a train fare for nothing.

Many thanks to whoever created this blog :)

4:19 pm  
Blogger thran said...

I got called by yesterday. I was about to leave for the first interview when I came across your fantastic blog...time/heart saved many thanks.

5:14 pm  
Blogger Kate said...


Thank you so much for this blog. I to got a phone call from UNIK Corporation's inviting me for interview. After which I got an email from Frankie Stevens. I became suspicions after I noticed that the email was also forwarded to this address- Why would a successful marketing company be using googlemail? After going on their website, which is not that great at all- (notice that there main contact email address on their website is which is a bit weird if they have potential ‘clients’ who want to get in touch).
Here’s the current email that they are sending out to people:

In regards to our recent conversation this email is to serve as a confirmation for your scheduled interview with UNIK Corporation Ltd on 23/08/2010 at 10:30 AM. Please note that we are building 1 to 5 so please come to number 1 when you arrive as that is where you will find reception.
If you can please bring with you a copy of your CV and dress smartly as you will be interviewed by one of the managers here.
If you have any queries, I can be reached on 020 7251 7278 020 7251 7278 .

Please ask for Frankie at the front desk and let them know at reception you are to fill out an application form for UNIK Corporation Ltd.

Look forward to meeting you, and if you have any queries from now until your scheduled interview please feel free to call on the number found above.
For anymore information that you may require please visit our company website at:

Yours Sincerely,
Frankie Stevens.
Senior Administrator
UNIK Corporation Ltd
5 Bath Street
Tel no: 020 7251 7278 020 7251 7278
Fax no: 020 7017 3870

10:34 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Update 23/8/10

I emailed 'Frankie Stevens' on friday to let her know that I wont be attending the interview that was held for today. This morning I recieve a email and a phone call asking why I didn't attend the interview today- this is a little strange as my interview was for 10.30 today and it was only 10.00 when I got the email and phone call! So just a warning that they may well contact you asking why you didnt attend on the day of your interview (about half an hour before your interview is supposed to start....go figure!)

9:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought there was something fishy about these guys.

I got 3 job offers from Source Marketing & Marketing Direct in London Bridge then one from B1 Client Services on Bath Street and I ended up working for them for just under 2 weeks.
The hours are ridiculous, Mon-Sat 7.30am -7.30pm sometimes 8pm. Then theres the pay, I did not get paid when they said I would, so glad I realised it was a scam before I wasted any more of my time there! The way they operate just isn't right.
They will teach you the same boring stuff over and over then make you teach it back etc. Door to Door sales, they want you to visit at least 100 businesses a day! and oh i could go on forever... just, dont waste your time.

1:01 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

Thank you so so much for this blog!!! I also experienced the same thing as a lot of the others saying they called but really didn't and told me to call, but when I did someone would pick up and hang up immediately. I was invited for an interview tomorrow but after seeing this I am so not wasting my time! It's disappointing to think that I had an interview (finally!) but it turns out to be a scam! Best advice: always do research on a company before going in for an interview!

1:32 pm  
Blogger Emma said...

Thanks to this site we have managed to avoid letting my daguhter attend her second interview tomorrow. We have wasted time and money with these scamsters !! Thank you all!!

5:12 pm  
Blogger Emma said...

Does anyone think they will pass on our details (address email and home phone numbers) to marketing companies and we will be inundated with calls and junk mail!!!???

5:24 pm  
Blogger David O said...

Thanks for this heads up!
Trust me, there's no way to stop them but the only way to stop people from falling into their hands is the blog you created! And this seems to be working

I sent my CV to them yesterday, got a call hours later, lady on the phone and I can't remember her name but she sound british and has a nice voice. She sounded so smart and convincing saying the manager saw my CV and was impressed by it (I was even shocked to hear that O_o). She told me about the interview etc, but the way she said it was all so smart and nicely done that anybody could fall for it.

The interview as been on my mind all day, when I got home I saw the email. It looked hmmmm.... until I checked the website. Oh my goodness. I mean I didn't even understand why the site was like that.

The site never looked professional! Spelling mistakes in the Contact page, bad photoshopping effect, no copyright date. The website just had ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION! All it talks about is some American company thing about they were not affected by the recession. When I read about the comment with no redundancy during the recession, i was surprised and also questioned myself that if they were not affected by recession why does that site look concise with no info?

The problem was the website never explained anything about the job! Not even Total Jobs! All it says are customer service, promotion and marketing. No specific details about the job role.
I can't remember what site I found this job in but it said something about the company just opened in London and are rapidly expanding.

Thank you for this, I will block their number now and avoid tomorrow's interview and block their email address. I hate sales and marketing jobs. I worked for 2 different sales and marketing and had enough. I want to go back to retailing instead.

I did door to door and its hard as fark! Because if you get nothing all day, you basically worked for free! The second one I'm doing now is basic pay £7+ commission, it's alright but manager just pressures you to get more leads. And if you don't, your hours starts to go down till they fire you.

1:35 am  
Blogger David O said...

Emma, yes since they have our personal contact details, they have obviously passed it on to other companies.

Since I used to do a door to door for a window company, I realised that there are police signs in neighbourhoods and houses saying "No cold calling" or "we do not buy from the door".
It's because of people like these is why it's difficult for window companies to do their canvassing, because all they do is book appointment for quotation.
But these type of companies are the ones trying to sell door to door.

I was searching for jobs yesterday and I came across few names on this blogs: Unlink, Live Marketing.

The thing about this job is that people are misunderstanding it.
Marketing and Sales.
This role is marketing which means you promote products to customers without selling anything. While Sales (sales rep) is you trying to sell the product to customers.

Door to door and sales and marketing is really a difficulty job. In fact it's one of the hardest jobs ever. People will get angry at you and take a piece because they are not in your situation or do not know how this job feels.

I wouldn't say these 1 BATH STREET COMPANIES are scam but they just sucker you and trick you.

I mean the main thing you get out of this kind of job is a better Mentality mind, interpersonal skill and experience.

Anyone is free to apply for this 1 Bath Company. But when you apply for these kinds of job, always MAKE sure you sign paper work and legal documents.
I mean how can you go on working for a company without signing any document regardless of it being self employed?

Make sure you read the document policy and confidential details. Because if you go door to door selling, you can be arrested by the police and the company would not care for you since you didn't clearly read the document.

Personality I would advice people-
*If you are looking for a job so badly, look for a well known marketing and sales company like window double glazing- Anglian, Crystal, Zenith etc
*If you want experience and want to improve your CV. Sales and Marketing will do that too since it involves cold calling, interpersonal skill by talking to many people, work ethic, self motivation and mental skills.

2:36 am  
Blogger Emma said...

They all obviously have something to hide as they job wouls just be advertised as Door to Door marketing and sales. If there's nothing illegal and wrong about it then why not just be honest instead of wasting peoples time. PARASITES!!

10:16 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanx a bunch,had an interview for tomorrow, which was just booked 2day, i am so unbelievably tired and have a coursework due tomorrow as well, didn't no what to do. so very glad I just found this. The company is called A1 advertising, 1 Bath street.

2:55 am  
Blogger Reel Rabbit said...

Thank so much for this blog. I was doing research on A1 marketing I couldn't find anything relevant in what they do instead I get this blog. I have a interview with them in couple of hours today and this blog has just save me money and time.

10:20 am  
Blogger 111 said...

Thanks everyone for the useful information. I've got an interview with A1 advertising today and Im not gonna turn up. Im currently working as a store supervisor in one company on Oxford st., get paid quite good but I just wanna progress my career to a professional position as I have got a degree in marketing. I wanna do a professional marketing job, not door to door sales..
From now on, Im gonna pay attention in everytime when I apply for a job. Hopefully they r not gonna keep calling me to go for an interview.

11:35 am  
Blogger ASPIRE07 said...

Aspire is now called A1 and are they worst of the bunch . The opportunity is real and achievable, BUT the managers are a bunch of immature and vindictive boys who class themselves as men . It's those guys who give the opportunity a bad name and the reasons for a blog like this.

10:02 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Think I nearly fell for it! Thought it was too good to be true. I had emails from them saying they had tried to get in contact by phone (which they hadn't)and wanted me to organise an interview. Before calling them I decided to research them, incase they started phone interview mode and came across this blog. Thanks

Here's the job link!

12:36 pm  
Blogger The Struggling Graduate said...

It really does make me angry that companies mislead people in job adverts like this. Surely it is much better to be up front about what the role is all about, saving our time and saving theirs too!

I sent an e-mail to Unik saying exactly this and think that the more people that do ... it might actually make them rethink their recruitment strategy.

Unfair to build up hopes of aspiring marketers when door-to-door sales is far from that!

12:05 am  
Blogger Plagiarise said...

This is the worst job I've had. Worked for two days and fucked off as I couldnt take their crap any longer. The worst part is the fake enthusiasm their 'employees' are forced to portray every morning before they are sent off to remote locations to sell all sorts of stuff. They say you work for nine hours but in essence you end up working from 9.30am to 9pm with no basic pay and purely commissions.
The promotion hype..... join only if its the last job you can get!

9:05 am  
Blogger Bambie said...

Hey, I had two calls today one from UNIK COOPERATION LTD and the other from SOURCE MARKETING DIRECT. Both based in London Bridge. I decided to click on the link they provided me but i dodgy webpage popped up thats when i decided to google it and i found this money and time saving blog page. Thanks alot. I wouldve been extremely P****d off if i had went to both interviews tomorrow. When you out of work the last thing you want to do is het your hopes up and then be let down not to mention lose money and time. Thanks a mill.

6:50 pm  
Blogger Lizjames said...

Thanks to the one who started this blog, am a graduate and a day ago i spent my day applying for jobs on Next day i had three job interviews. I usually do alot of research on a company before. With my marketing background experience thier sites are not even close to real marketing or advertising companies. This prompted to more research which led me to this blog. Thanks very much Unik Corpration, A1 marketing i wont be attending any of your interviews next week. Thanks good people you just saved me alot of money and time. Wish you all great and wonderful real jobs. Thanks again and again.

9:31 pm  
Blogger B said...

I cannot thankyou enough for this blog!!! I was going to my second interview today for A1 Marketing but after googling the compant last night i stumbled upon this blog and thank god i did!! I would of wasted my time and money AGAIN for the second day running!! I feel such an idiot that i actually believed that it was a ligit job!! The thing is, when you walk into the offices at Bath Street London, everyone is walking around in suits, the reception seems busy, the offices furniture and fixtures seem expensive so you have no reason to believe that they are a hoax firm!! It's disgusting that these people are allowed to get away with it! Thankyou again for this wonderful blog. Its hard to believe, but there are honest people in the world JUST NOT AT BATH STREET LONDON!!!!!!!!!

6:16 am  
Blogger Unknown said...


10:00 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you guys for these comments.... I applied through for a marketing position at UNIK and was asked to call their office to arrange an interview. Naturally i thought i should be prepared for the phone call so i did my research and ran into this site.

So with all the accusation flying by i thought i'd do my own investigation so the best policy was to actually call them. I told them "i just wanted to be prepared for the interview so could you please tell me if this job is office based or involves some door2door canvasing?....and is there a fixed salary or is it entirely commission based...?" upon receiving the answers i have been looking for i said " thank you thats all i wanted to know, you can cancel my appointment now" :)

So thank you soo much for this blog and all those who have contributed i just feel sorry for those who wont be doing their research.

11:48 am  
Blogger Bianca said...

Thank you!!

i applied for a job on and found a job vacancy that sounded ok. went to have a practice interview with a friend who then told me the company email and employee's email who sent me details didnt match up! it sounds alot like this company in your blog.... they are now called A1. (who would name theire companu after the motorway??) and yes, it is based in 1 bath street, london, tel 0207 251 7272....

1:25 pm  
Blogger Bianca said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:26 pm  
Blogger Bianca said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:26 pm  
Blogger zeppola77 said...

Hey Guys,sent my CV yesterday and have been booked for an interview tomorrow...It def sounded too good to be true, but thanks to the fact I have googled the company's name and found your comments and posts, that will def save me money and travel and from companies that haven't got any problems to scam poor job seekers like us!!
Anyway thanks ever so much for posting this!

10:19 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks a lot to every comment and the Blogger. If it sounds to good research it. Can we now have a blog on successfully challenging parking tickets.

9:55 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

thankyou soo much, i had an interview tomorrow and was sbout to travel several hundred miles in my brand new £400 suit for it. just sent them a less then plesent email explaining why i will not be attending! thank god for decent people and the internet

11:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! I've JUST cancelled my interview- yes, they are still operating from here:
B1 Client Services Ltd
1 Bath Street
London,EC1V 9LB

Phone: +44(0)20 7251 7279
and the website:

5:51 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank for everybody's comments and experiences. My girlfriend got a phone call today, 19.11.2010, from A1 inviting her for the 1st interview in 1 Bath Street. Natural jobhunter's instinct made us research the company, and this blog is what made us realise the true nature of the job. The structure of the companies like that looks an awful lot like religious sects, which is really freaky. I am disgusted by how they exploit people and tell dirty lies and withhold essential information about the job. I hope that more and more people see this blog and stop before it's too late.

As a revenge we can all apply several times under different names for these "wonderful" jobs, get our interviews and never turn up to waste as much of their time as possible! I am going to do that. Who is with me?

12:39 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am so pleased I found this site on the train in, I had a call on the Friday afternoon to go for an interview on the Tuesday, but a weekend away in the middle left very little time to research. This blog did not come up on the first page of google, but managed to on my phone. THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME SO MUCH TIME!!

6:24 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I just had a interview with the guys at 1 Bath street.Thought the ad was a bit vague to begin with but was curious as I had turned down interviews with these types of companies before.
Complete waste of time.After a ten minute "interview" if you can call it that I still had no idea about what a typical days work would be like.
When I was called back to the second interview and told that it would last a full day I declined.

1:48 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh they are called A1 Marketing now.

1:49 am  
Blogger GrooveVandal said...

They are also called B1 client services ltd.
My daughter went for an interview yesterday and has been asked back today to do the freebie 9hr shift!
I knew they didnt sound right so finding your post about them was excellent!
Thanks for the info x

9:47 am  
Blogger LMY said...

Thank you so much for informing me about the Job scams that are going around.

Yesterday 29/11/10 I got an e-mail inviting me for an interview for Sales and Marketing roles within the Business Development Department @ Maximus Gobal Ltd. It went on to say: - That having reviewed my details on my CV they are delighted to invite me for an initial interview with the Managing Director.

They then asked me to please confirm that I have a full working visa for the UK & over the age of 18 and can commit to a full time basis. Also to be dressed in business attire.

I was a little suspicious!! Thinking what Company e-mails possible candidate @ 3:41pm inviting them for an interview 10:00am the next day having not spoken with them!!!

I did call this morning to re-arrange the interview for tomorrow the 01/12/10 @ 10:00am, but having read all of your comments, I’m delighted to say that I will not be attending. I did however e-mail them out of courtesy, informing them that I will not be attending the interview

I did however try to research their companies website, but the website or address does not work. Co incidents!! I think NOT!!!

5:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first time I saw the site I found very strange considering that they had no e-mail address other than careers, and the site was just weird not saying anything.
Today I supposed to go to the first interview.I didn't go because i saw many strange things about this company.
Thank you all .... all the best

1:40 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you to whoever made this blog. It has saved me from the scam. I applyed via a well known job recruitment site and was very surprised to be called a matter of hours later by a man called "Olu" who sounded like a very laid back guy, but professional. He told me he was impressed by my CV and wanted me to attend an interview the next day. I went for a meeting with him and it was very professionaly conducted, I left and received a call about 2 hours later saying I had been one of the "successful candidates" and he wants me to come back tomorrow for a stage two interview.

I found it strange that he asked me to "Dress up warmly but smartly". Then the alarm bells started ringing.

I was directed to this blog by my mother and thank goodness I was.

Bunch of con artists. It is a shameful practice. I called and told them I will not be attending and they should be ashamed of their sham practice.

For the next two hours I was bombarded with calls. I ignored them.

Shoddy Shoddy Shoddy! Bunch of shysters.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Starting over... said...

Thank you Thank you Thankyou so much!!
you have litterally saved me so much hassle.
i was about to call in sick to my current job to go for the second interview tomorrow. (something that can get me fired so fast)
like you said i was seeing lots of people in the interview, all with different forms for different companies....but all being interviewed by the same people.
one of the questions on the form was 'name job websited you know of'
cheecky b**tards

I cant thank you enough for this!
Your a saint!!

5:56 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

I just applied for a post and the company is also

Same address as noted before.
Thanks for the info.
Here's there email they sent me:

Thank you for your recent response to our current openings. We have received and processed your application that you forwarded to us and are pleased to let you know that it has been reviewed and that yours has been successful. We have been unable to contact you and are hoping to hold preliminary interviews within the next couple of days.

If you are still looking for FULL time hours can you please call me at your earliest convenience on 0207 2517 278 to reserve an appointment with one of the managers to discuss the role in further detail.
Please ask for Frankie or Sara when you call. We Look forward to hearing from you either by phone or email.

Warm Regards,

Frankie Stevens.
(Senior Administrator/Human Resource Manager)

UNIK Corporation Ltd
5 Bath Street

Tel no: 020 7251 7278
Fax no: 020 7017 3870

11:26 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

They now have the new name A1 advertising, address same but with Ph number 02072517272 and web address

Thanks for posting

1:57 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

They now have the new name A1 advertising, address same but with Ph number 02072517272 and web address

Thanks for posting

1:59 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

hello everyone,

UNIK Corporation Ltd
5 Bath Street

this company it's not good!

3:47 pm  
Blogger Chris Simpson said...

Thank you for this blog. I was given an interview for tomorrow and having looked at the website my suspicions aroused by that sheer human factor of common sense. This blog confirmed my fears. Thank you.

11:16 pm  
Blogger Claire said...

Jan 2011

Thank you very much for this blog - I feel so glad I found it!

I am kind of furious at the time wasting this organisation does, and I am extremely grateful that I have been saved time by finding this blog and the warnings.

UNIK contacted me last week as they picked up my CV from one of the job sites. Something I do not understand since I am a marketing manager and have over 7 years experience in the field - how they can imagine I would leave my current role for a door-to-door sales job on 100% commision, I have no idea. They would have just wasted both mine and their time.

It's so damn shady and horrible - they really should not be allowed to operate. However, I will have more sympathy for the people that come round direct selling now - I will always assume they got conned in desperation.

8:01 pm  
Blogger Sunlitkarina said...

Thanks for your comments reg doggy company B1 Client Services Ltd. I applyed for the position Project and Account Manager on and on the next day they called to invite me to the interview. Thanks to my friends they already knew about scam companies. They showed me the list of scam companies on Facebook and I found later this blog. Today I called them before the interview and asked if this is an office based job and if it's commission based job, they confirmed, that's not office based job and 100% commission based job. I canceled my interview and they even didn't ask why..

3:05 pm  
Blogger mattfar86 said...

Hi these ppl still operate in this address, after seeing all the comments i am not gonna go for the so called 2nd phase of interview... jackasses they are making use of ppl who are really desperate to search fir job.

B1 Client Services Ltd
1 Bath Street
London,EC1V 9LB

Phone: +44(0)20 7251 7279
and the website:

11:28 pm  
Blogger Laine1762 said...

Hey, thank u very much for this website.

I just found out that my sister ''got a job as a manager' from the same company u mentioned.
i called my sister who is on her way there for second interview with them to let her know about they scam and that i got ur website to prove it. She wouldn't believe me. I mean- she is 18 years old, no college, no degree and a manager? What the hell!!!! Well obvouslly even she is my sister- she is dum as a lamppost.

Thanx Lecari and all ppl who left the comments. It really helped me and this is a proof to show my sister and hopefully ill get this into her emty head. :D

10:45 am  
Blogger Phil Swales said...

I've just had a call from Frankie Stevens at Unik Corporation in Bath Street.

I accepted an interview for tomorrow, but upon doing my research and reading all this, I'll be cancelling.

Thanks for the heads up.

3:46 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

i actually live in glasgow and receieved a call arranging an interveiw for this afternoon the girl seemed really nice and friendly on the phone.when i came across this blog and read that most people leaving comments were from london i was thinking prehaps that it wasnt the same company then i remembered the girl explaining that the company started in london and are begining to expand needless to say i wont be going for that interveiw now simply cannot afford a commission based income dont know how anyone can these days.thank you all you have saved me from making a big mistake. x

11:45 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

i dont know what to believe how is unik doing a scam frankie phoned me an hour ago for an interview and said id be raising brand awareness in fuctions and events

3:41 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Jennifer: It is a scam because often they don't tell people that you will be doing door to door sales - all their adverts says it is a 'marketing' position.

It is also rather dodgy because they don't tell you that you will be working on a commission-only basis, and that you are self-employed - you won't actually be an employee of this company.

And, any company that changes their name as often as this one, cannot be entirely honest and reputable, otherwise why would they need to?

8:29 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

You guys have no idea how much yo have saved me. I was offered a job with Unik today - after a whole day selling things on my time and paying for travel. I was told to leave my steady 18000 job as in a couple of months i would be on so much more. Despite the fact that my insticts said no, i said yes. After reading this i will be telling the company no.

Thank you again.

8:35 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi all i went for an interview at source marketing nr London Bridge could'nt find any info about the company, i went to the interview they didnt tell me that it was commision only untill i went out with one of the girls and this was meant to be the second interview. And omg i did'nt no were to put my self as i am a carrer to my mum so i said yes to the job ridiculas now,i no. Please if you are going to do this you are not paid every week its every two weks and i left becouse i had bills to pay and they wanted me to work weekends just wasn't working, and also if you dont sell anything you dont make any money at all. The people are lovely but everyone has been sucked into this weird phasonar.

11:24 am  
Blogger IronOfficeWorker said...

OMG!! I have an interview with them in less than two hours and actually came to my local library to find and print the directions to get there (my printers on the blink at home) and I find this. THANKYOU SOOOOOOOOO much as I was going to use my last tenner to get up there as well. People like this really need to be stopped because I dont mind a bit of hard graft but when you are being taken the mick out of, it makes you angry, this is England for Christ sake, not Calcutta!!! Now I'm p****d!

Thank you so much for posting

12:06 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

hey thanks for the post. just got a call from a1 advertising but fotunately have experience with a similar job with a company called weatherseal. very vague in the interview and dont seem to care much for your past work experience. only a handful of people make money in these work environments, the people who have the born ability to talk sh*t, which most of us dont have because we're honest and hard working.

unfortunately i wont be making my interview for a1 lol

6:08 pm  
Blogger Tarana Inamdar said...


Boy have you saved people time, money and effort and come as an Angel in disguise. After months of failed applications I decided to change fields from journalism to marketing, tried Unik first (bad luck i guess...I blame totaljobs)got an e-mail saying congrats yur succesful blah blah blah we tried calling you (never did) I ignored as I wasn't too keen on marketing, but then they called and I decided to give it a try.

Thought i'd research the company before the big day and your post popped up top of the list and I am so glad for that. Won't say it is an outright scam but they are definitely lying and it makes me mad to think I wasted a whole day even thinking about it. Their sad excuse for a site gave me a hint but I ignored my instinct and your post saved me. so thanks again! and I am so gonna blast their reputation on whatever social media account I have.

1:07 am  
Blogger David O said...

nice to see people discovering the truth!

Those guys are at it again!
They've changed their damn name to DS Global:/

Same trash address in Central london, 1 Bath street,

2:30 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Got an interview with B1 Client Services after an hour of applying. After reading this, I'm not even going to cancel my interview. I'm just not going to turn up and waste their time.

10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading this i will not bother to waste my time and money if these people wont be forward and honest with us... makes me sick that ppl are willing to leave good paid jobs for this shite door- to door... who even buys stuff from door to door these days?

11:50 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi guys thank you very very much for saving me interview tomorrow with UNIK Corporation Ltd !!!!
I just would like to make a not for another company
Red Planet Marketing Ltd London NW5 1TL - everything seams perfect - the dream management job till you find
out the real aim of there company.
They actually ask you to stop people on the street and push them to change there current gas/ electricity account.
And... Techworks, Triton Court, 14

Good luck everyone!!!! I'm sure that for all of us will come up the perfect job, just don't stop to believe!!!

11:12 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

enough issues!!! I found complete list of all this company that offer you a "dream job"
These companies place ads on recruitment sites across the country offering 'Graduate Business Training Scheme' and 'fast track management training'.
If you do apply you will of course be called up for an interview....

AMM Direct
Aspire marketing
B1 Client Services Ltd
Bandeira Marketing Ltd
Blackcode Advertising
Bohemiam Marketing Ltd
Bradford marketing manchester
Castle Road Marketing Ltd'
Celica Marketing Ltd
Centurion Marketing & Bohemian Marketin
Chilli Corporation Ltd
Co & Co Marketing
Code Marketing Ltd
Cooper Advertising Ltd
Corsica Marketing
Coulson Corporation Ltd
Creation Marketing Ltd
CSC Marketing Ltd
D Commerce Organisation Ltd
EA Worldwide Acquisitions Ltd
Eclectic Marketing Ltd
Endeva Advertising Ltd
ETM Marketing Ltd
Excelsior Marketing Solutions Ltd
Fastlane Enterprises Ltd
Financial Training Academy
FM Solutions
Fosters Marketing Ltd
Fourways Marketing Ltd
G Force Marketing Ltd
Granton Marketing
Harlequin marketing
Heaton Marketing Ltd
HelpMeGo.To Ltd
Heyes Client Services Ltd
Innovation Marketing Ltd
IPG Imports
JACC Marketing Ltd
JMS Marketing
JPK Advertising
JPK Marketing
Karma Marketing Solutions Ltd
Keys Worldwide
KMH Organisation Ltd
KMS Promotions Ltd
KPJ Enterpries
Krishna Worldwide Ltd
Kudos Promotions Ltd
Life Style Advertising
Live Marketing Direct
London Marketing Services Ltd
London Green Marketing
Magnum Marketing Ltd
Maximum Dynamic Ltd
MRD Corporation Ltd
Montana Marketing Ltd
Mosco Marketing Ltd
Navitas Organisation Ltd
One Way Marketing
Oracle Advertising Ltd
Oratory Commerce
Oval Innovation
Paragon Events Direct Ltd
Paramount Force Promotions Ltd
P&D Marketing Ltd
Pinnacle Promotions Ltd
Primus UK Ltd
Powerhouse Ltd
Progressive Global Training Ltd
Praestantia Promotions
Pro Sales Direct
Red Planet Ltd
Red Square Direct Ltd
RS Advertising
Smiths Marketing Associates
SOGO Marketing Ltd
Source Marketing direct
SRJ Marketing Ltd
SRM Marketing
Stride Marketing Ltd
The Fresh Organisation Ltd
TH Nationwide
The Klub Advertising Services Ltd
The Marketing Machine UK Ltd
The Premier Organisation Ltd
The Saturn Organisation Ltd
TML Promotions Ltd
Touch One Advertising Ltd
Tuscan Marketing Ltd
Unik Corporation Ltd
Unique Organisation Ltd
XS Worldwide Marketing Ltd
Zenith Force Promotions Ltd

12:17 am  
Blogger AndrewMelville said...

This comment is for the two bloggers from Glasgow. I applied yesterday at 5.30pm and by just after 7, I had 2 missed calls and 2 emails from them with similar story! I will head a long anyway to suss this one out for myself and report back!

6:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thnx guys...I got the second rounds with UNIK tomorrow and guess what!!! I dropped an interview wid Ladbrokes for the dream career in marketing. Damn it... Was Just browsing around and found this blog. Thnx a lot Guys for saving my atleast!!!! Anyone have any idea about Strategyinsight international...coz they called me for an interview at 6.00 PM!!! donno wat all this people doing around after office hours.

12:12 pm  
Blogger EB25 said...

I can't believe this, soooo many posts out there. Honestly I should of stuck to my gut feeling n not waste my money getting up there. Had an interview today 17/3/11 and as others have had the fake email saying they tried to get in touch then an hour later they manage to get thru n sucker u into an interview. The job advert was dodgy wen I saw 16,000 - 19,000 per month lol I jus thought typo but I went on the Unik corporation website and there was nothing company profile was a few lines and that's it. They made me wait 15 mins before I was seen by the manager who gave me his life story in the first 5 mins then spoke so quickly with a dodgy African/American accent. Jus about understood him. All sounded to good to be true. I thought the interview was basic and lasted around 15 mins then he asked me the "why should we choose you" question n after that he said ok well keep ur fingers crossed coz we r interviewing many ppl. To be honest I weren't even bothered. The office was so dirty n not professional I couldn't see myself working there anyways. So got home around 4pm n by 6pm I was called by Jessica who told me I made it thru to the next stage. The interview was a joke n now I'm thru. So decided to check the website out again and saw this blog. Thanx alot coz I will not be attending and I will spend the travelcard money on my dinner instead, nice Chinese takeout lol
Thanx again. P.s Unik corporation is a joke!!!!!

11:59 pm  
Blogger EB25 said...

2nd interview time 9.15am and I get a call from Jessica at 9.30am and she was wondering where I was. Simply told her don't do door to door sales and I ain't working on 100% commission. She was shocked but was still pleasant. Thanx again all for the heads up!!

9:37 am  
Blogger allybee said...

I received a call on Friday at 6:30and asked to go for an interview on Monday 21st ,the girl said that she would send me an e-mail with directions ,still waiting .Decided to check on phone number and found this .After 6 months not working it cheered me up that I had an interview , now having read this I am so disheartened . Although I am glad I read it before I went for the interview .It is bad that they can get away with this .

9:01 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments, I have just received a confirmation email to book me in for an interview - I have now blocked as spam and wont be wasting my time with 'UNIK Corporation'. Whewpf!

2:36 pm  
Blogger Luke said...

I worked here, for 6 weeks. They are horrid. And another addition they fail to mention is that they send you on "business trips" (I was sent to Devon) which you have to pay for, and end up staying in some grotty caravan or bedsit with 6 other people, to do even longer days than you do in Lodnon or wherever. I lost over £1000 paying for travel etc and getting paid next to nothing. They lie about how much commission you get and many days you essentially work from 11am to 11pm, for free. Almost everyone I worked with in that time, who had just started like myself, hated it and quit because they couldn't afford it. I really wish companies like this were just outlawed or something. They basically con people into working for far less than minimum wage.

9:14 am  
Blogger DanY said...

Thank you so much! i feel sorry for your waste of time! but you've done it for people who could step into the same trap as you! You help me a lot! thanks!

11:30 pm  
Blogger Rashmi said...

Thank u all for valuable comments it helped me a lot ,i had interview today but i have decided not to attend .Thanks it saved my money and time

8:39 am  
Blogger hii said...

Thanks 4 help.This dodgy company b1 client services ltd 1 bath road london, should be behind bars.Thanks for helping, everybody and innocent people being duped by this dodgy people.

11:37 am  
Blogger Grace said...

Wow, I feel like such a sucker. I went for my first interview, got invited for the 'observation day' today. I didn't like the sound of working 9 to 6 without any pay. In the interview, they really do make it sound like fast track progression in the company. What a letdown! Thank you for this post and all the comment.

6:50 am  
Blogger ScammersBeware said...

The latest is Luton.

I've been reading these posts for months and months now. Government, trading standards and police don't seem to be doing nearly enough. Somethings got to be done. Going to find the one's responsible and deal with it.

I have tracked down the registrant of some of the domain names mentioned in this blog. Many of the details match up to one source. The evil bastards name and details:

Ian McAllister
4 The Coach House
Norton Lane
High Ongar
Essex CM5 9RR

These people have ruined the lives of many. Filling them with false hopes, making them work insane hours and under harsh conditions all for pittance pay, based on continued lies and forged promises. Often well below minimum wage and on commission only based wage. They get rich off the needy, the poor, the desperate, the prospective and the youthful. What they do is immoral, unfair, illegal, unjust, heinous and exploitative. We should all work together to deal with this filthy menace.

11:23 pm  
Blogger michelle said...

Primus uk Ltd is now trading under the name Broadband creations Ltd and Bour Bon creations Ltd so please be wary of this company, they will reply to your CV within 5 mins and offer you an interview, what you'll be offered is cold calling houses at 8pm at night offering broadband and its 100% comission based wages AVOID like the plague there in Manchester at the minute Dickenson House M1 4LX, hope this helps some ppl

2:21 pm  
Blogger Walid said...

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9:44 pm  
Blogger Orla said...

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6:58 pm  
Blogger Orla said...

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7:03 pm  
Blogger zubair731 said...

UNIK Corporation call me for interview 2moro.i really dnt no wat 2 do?i really need job.very vry confused.sum1 help me.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Nélia said...


Apparently, some of these con artists were tired of the cold rain, so they expanded to Portugal! I was one of their victims, and had the opportunity to hear about some of the companies you mention, and how well they were doing. Bulls**t!!

By that time,they claimed that they were in Lisbon since August/September 2010, as an excuse for having such a small and dirty office. The same justification seemed to answer why have all their current employees been there for least than 4 months!

They actually moved to Rua dos Fanqueiros, 277, 2.Esq, Lisboa, and changed the name of the company right after the first(and only) informations about them became available on the Internet. Until then, the only thing one could find when googling it was their job ads.

They present themselves as AXES MARKET, AMBIÇÃO INTERNACIONAL MARKETING and AIM. The last name they came up with was a smart choice, since it is so random and vague that makes the research a bit difficult. Yet, anyone who is about to go for the first interview will most likely google their adress to find a map and then...TADA! They will come across the threads.

You are doing a great job by telling everyone about what a scam these companies are. I believe their "success" is mostly due to the lack of information about what happens after one gets the job! After all, it's better to spend time reading and posting about this kind of frauds than to go out for an entire day(for free), trying to sell random stuff door to door!

3:19 pm  
Blogger ali said...

Thank you everyone for saving my time...I had an interview with them 2moro. But now I don't think I'll bother! :) B1 can go stuff themselves....

7:25 pm  
Blogger Kitanemyanger said...

Hi guys

Had an email and call from A1 Advertising in Glasgow at the below address.

These hounds post everywhere from Totaljobs, Reed, Gumtree, STVjobs and every search engine known to mankind.

my role was for customer services, but what CS role is based on the streets selling stuff - unless im to deal with the crap from the buyers lol

Anyway - dont fall for it and always tell them to remove all your details and destroy them - if they dont (you can check with a request under the Freedom of Information Act) you can get them charged.

A1 Advertising/Marketing/Sales/Retail/Managment/Customer Services/Graduate/

Baltic Chambers

50 Wellington Street
G2 6HJ

Oh, the receptionist is called Pamela and you will be asked to speak to James.

1:19 pm  
Blogger Emms1514 said...

My fiancee applied for a job with A1marketing glasgow last night and has an interview for monday afternoon.
the address is
Baltic Chambers,

50 Wellington Street,

Glasgow, G2-6HJ

0141 202 0646

I can see from these blogs that this job is a joke and i am very grateful for everyone taking the time to comment here.

4:01 pm  
Blogger nasri said...

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1:40 pm  
Blogger sinphia said...

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4:50 pm  
Blogger sinphia said...

wow i am so lucky i googled more information on UNIK CORPORATION i also had an interview with them, it was very brief so i decided to get more info before i go for the second stage and that is how i saw this blog,it is really sad because at the interview on bath street i saw a lot of confident and professional people seeking for the job, not to know it is a scam. such a dissapointment.

4:55 pm  
Blogger Kgangster said...

I had an interview today and on my way, my mum found this, so i was really lucky. B1 Client Services seemed quite legit as they had the mission statement and publications lol but i was quite disheartened as i had my eyes on this job!
But i'm happy i will never regret the decision.

1:42 pm  
Blogger Paula Desire said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:58 pm  
Blogger Amit Patel said...

thanks for the blog. Saved my time too.

8:54 pm  
Blogger ANG said...

19th august 2011...

OMG I cannot believe what this "company" is doing, and getting away with it.

If they call you saying " you have been successful and we are inviting you for an interview........just bring along your CV...congratulations!" IGNORE WHAT THEY SAY IT'S ALL LIES, AND A CON TO SUCK YOU IN.

UNIK Corporation, 1 Bath st. EC1V 9LB.

Avoid like the plague! Also they need to be stopped, as poor people like us are being fooled, and having our time and money wasted.

What can we do to report/stop them? I have reported them today, and i hope something will be done to stop nasty scum like this.

Trading Standards will be very happy if all of us report this to them....if we do then they will be stopped. If we leave it then they will carry on with this cruel false advertisement, and lieing to your face. call 0845 4040506 to report your personal experience with them, and something will be done!

From what everyone else has said, this "Corperation" is being run under different names so be careful, aout other ones too. And as for Paula Desire or whatever that name was, you are a sad cruel human being who will get the karma coming back around! Coming on this blog and lieing, proposing you are happy and earning good money and it is legitimate! You cannot even type or spell properly!

Beware people, and thank you for creating this blog.

Below i have copyed and pasted the email they sent me;

As per our telephone conversation earlier, this letter will serve as a confirmation for your scheduled appointment with us on 22/08/2011 at 5:30 PM.
I would like to ask you to bring a copy of your CV to your appointment, and dress smartly as you will be interviewed by a manager here.
Below are the directions to our office.

2:10 pm  
Blogger Achim Wen Braganca said...

well i got the job for Unik Corp just yest... and i dont like where this is going.. got 2 more interviews later this week..
for JTG Consulting & Double Impact Marketing.

4:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me today. A1 resourcing/ marketing/ outsourcing (they didn't even make the name clear). I applied at 3AM on Thursday morning. I woke up with 3 missed calls from them. I was a bit concerned at their desperation so left it a little while longer. Then I received another email and another missed call. So I called them back and they arranged a preliminary interview for Friday. I went in and the office was 'being renovated', there was no reception desk. I was told in the email to ask for Nicole who was nowhere to be seen, just an empty office with a few chairs. Absolutely NO evidence of any kind of human activity. No work men, no office people buzzing round. Just this one man who interviewed me. He was speaking in a very rushed fashion. He kept drawing my attention to the fact that the office was being renovated which is why there was nothing there. If anything that just drew my attention to the weirdness.

During my interview, after I had already got a weird vibe and decided I didn't want the job because the 'commission only' pay was a huge issue, I started answering questions in a fashion that indicated I really didn't want the job. I said I hadnt researched the firm, that I wasn't really interested in a marketing career until this morning, that I couldn't work some of the hours that were essential to the job. Frankly I wouldn't have given me the job. An hour or so after my interview I received a rushed call from the same guy inviting me back for an 'observation day' the following Monday when I would observe someone in the 'accounts department'. Even after all the questions I asked in the interview and the ones I asked during this phone conversation I still came away not knowing what this 'observation day' was about and what I'd be doing. I was told to wear flat shoes because it would be a busy day. I really didn't like the sound of this. Especially after I had worn new shoes to the interview on Friday and the backs of my feet were already bleeding. And now I've realised this was going to be 8 and a half hours of unpaid door to door sales. All on a bank holiday!

Anyway on the way in on the bus I did some last minute research on my phone and found a few blogs saying it was a scam. So I didn't bother going and went shopping instead. During which I received two more missed calls from them. I just hung up.

It's ridiculous that they can scam people like this. I can't believe I wasted the bus fair into town. To top it off it's Ramadan and I'm fasting, it's a hot day and I was about to walk around for 8 and a half hours pushing sales on people at their houses. Talk about dehydration. I'm absolutely outraged.
Their address is 22 Pearl Court Chambers, East Parade, Leeds.

3:08 pm  
Blogger anon said...

I've a lot to say so I'll do it in a few bits!
Thank goodness for your blog. I am based in Glasgow too, and the company in this case is again
A1 marketing,
50 wellington street,

I had been given the phonecall following an interview yesterday, congratulating me on being 'invited' to attend a shadowing session, from 12 - 8.30 the following day (today). Reading through the posts there are some uncanny similarities, I too was encouraged to wear flat shoes, amongst other things, I also took the day off sick from my current employer as the shadowing session date was non negotiable,thinking this was a sacrifice worth making for a good full time employment opportunity. During the interview, whenever I had probed as to exactly what the job description was, the 'gentleman' who interviewed me phobbed me off with some vague marketing nonsense so that I was none the wiser as to what the job entailed upon leaving. My flatmate's friend later that evening warned me that the whole thing sounded a bit dodgy and rather like a cobra style pyramid marketing scam he had narrowly avoided. I went to bed with an uneasy feeling (having phoned in sick to work for the following day)and proceeded to have nightmares about door to door sales... Upon waking I decided to google A1 marketing Glasgow. Strangely nothing came up. How were all these well respected companies supposedly on A1's client list meant to contact them? I thought back to the basement office, the many applicants, all filling in some form, as myself, the lack of office space for such a large employer... where were all the employees? I typed in the whole address and came across this blog... meanwhile I had a missed call on my phone, I returned the call to no answer, I tried again, no answer. There were so many similarities wth each of the cases on this blog and then I saw that someone had experienced the exact same thing in glasgow at the wellingon street address.

8:30 pm  
Blogger anon said...

2nd bit - That sealed it. I put on my work clothes (for the job I was meant to be at)headed into town and tried to ring again, I got through this time, to one of the charming receptionists. "Would there be any door to door sales involved in my shadowing session?" I asked. The receptionist vaguely answered that it depended on what type of marketing position I was applying for, I asked again, "for the group meeting at twelve, will there be any door to door sales?" The receptionist asked to whom was she speaking, followed by, "I can't really hear you, this is a very bad line..." I told her I would come in and speak to her in peson. I summoned up all the courage I could muster and headed down to the office. Applicants were dotted about the room, filling in the forms as I had done the day before, the same receptionists sat behind the desk. I loudly asked if there would be any door to door sales in my eight and a half hour long shadowing session, I was again given no clear answer, I asked if I would be paid for this considerable chunk of my time, the answer, no, as this was a 'shadowing session' I started toconfront them in no uncertain terms about the fact that their company could not be found on google and that I had read that this was a scam. I was asked to sit down, I declined, turning to all the applicants and saying loudly, don't bother, they're wasting your time, this is door to door sales nothing more, it's a scam! then shouted 'IT'S A SCAM, THE WHOLE BLOODY COMPANY'S A SCAM' At which point a baffled looking senior member of their team emerged asking what COMPANY?! I was from, to which I replied that I was not from any company and that I was an investigative journalist and that they had tried to fleece the wrong woman! (I had got a bit carried away by this point, I'm not used to this sort of thing)And that they bhad better cange their name or move office, at which point I yelled 'IT'S A SCAM, IT'S A SCAM' at the top of my voice and was half way out the door and up the stairs before the whole thing had sunk in.
I felt a lot better after that and went back to the job I should have been at that day, claiming to feel a lot better.
Thanks to this blog for the warning. I don't know if any of the applicants in that office took any notice of me, they probably thought I was a bit unhinged! but lets hope they did.

8:31 pm  
Blogger Waris said...

Thank you so much for making a blog about this job scam! I was booked an interview tomorrow telling me its a position for a warehouse assistant job. but when i was sent an email for the interview confirmation and directions. It didn't mention the job i was interviewing for. I looked up at their email address and thought it would be wise to gather info about thier company since they were suspicious. i searched it up on google and have found that its actually a marketing company and not a warehouse. so i went back on my google search and there were results about job scams about this company. And that's where i found your website which really help me from falling for this scam. thanks again! :)

3:28 pm  
Blogger SANDEEP said...

Hey guys, I got two calls today one from UNIK COOPERATION LTD and the other from SOURCE MARKETING DIRECT.
Thanks a lot for this blog, you saved mine not just money and time but mental trauma of the frustrating results.
Thanks a ton

8:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are still operating.

UNIK IS A SCAM!!!! It is impossible that people call you/email you after only 2 hours from the submission of your cv.

Thank you thank you thank you all for this thread. I'm really sorry some of you got scammed, the same thing would have happened to me. I wonder why no one is doing anything against these turfbags.

3:35 pm  
Blogger Danny said...

wow, i should have read this before going through both stages of the UNIK interview. i then shadowed one of the top sellers doing door to door, it was so annoying and i was outside in the cold with no food 9 hourse (free) they offered me the job but i declined due to hours.

3:36 pm  
Blogger Miss Zee said...

Unfortunately, I fell victim to not one, but two of these companies in Birmingham called Primus UK and S5 Marketing in October 2011. When I applied for the role(s), the job specs were for a Customer Service Representative. The job specs said nothing about sales or door-to-door marketing. When I got the call for an interview, I was so excited being an international student and all, and knowing how difficult it is to land a job in these hard times. When I got to the venue of the interview, I was a bit uneasy by the office and the location. It was dirty and didn't look very professional. The so-called HR staff, ladies, wore tight and tacky clothes and very high, unproffessional tacky high heels. Pardon my language but some of them looked like Hookers! They wore leggings, tight t-shirts/tops and coloured/summer heels. Another thing that set-off the alarm bells in my head was that the office was used by 8 other similar marketing firms. It was like a market place! There were hordes of formal/well-dressed applicants like myself sitting, waiting for interviews. The first round of the interviews was the usual drill explaining the fast track process to becoming a manager within 9 to 12 months. Of course I didn't buy that utter BS, I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. But I didn't care much, cos I was looking for part time work and some UK work experience. Then after the interview I was told I would be contacted that same day, between 5 to 7pm, to be notified if I had made it through to the first stage and if I did, I would be expected to attend an assessment which would last the entire day the next day. So I recieved the call around 6.30pm that I was successful and was expected to attend the assessment day the very next day. I was scheduled to travel to Paris for a vacation I had saved for and planned for months! But the prospects of having a good job made me cancel my trip at the last minute, thereby loosing about £200.

At the assessment day, I kept feeling a bit uneasy as it became clearer that the only thing to be done in that job role is intensive door-to-door sales. All of a sudden, from the fancy-pancy initial name of the job role, Customer Service Representative, it had now become, Independent Sales Advisor. It became increasingly clear during the course of the day that they expected us to spend the whole day outside, harassing and pestering people not just to donate to charity, but to support a certain cause by committing a minimum of 6 pounds per month continuously for a minimum of 12 months! They wanted us to convince people to sign-up for a direct debit agreement that would remove a minimum of £6 per month from their accounts in these hard times! What was even more unbelievable was that we were made to sign some agreements saying we were not employees of Primus, s5 or whatever these firms calls themselves, that we are not entitled to any pay or benefits or claims. So if I get hit by a car for instance, there's nothing I can do. The pay is entirely based on commission if you meet a minimum target for the day/week. The office is the dirtiest and most unkempt I have seen in the UK by far, the people are the most shadiest people in suits I have ever come across. Needless to say, I quit yesterday (24th October 2011). This is pure deception and exploitation. I can't believe I passed up my trip to Paris for this!

6:03 pm  
Blogger Miss Zee said...

...In addition, I think it is the same company or companies that go round and change their names frequently. The firm that called me for an interview is "Primus UK". I was too excited that I didn't bother to google the firm! I only googled it today after I had quit the so-called fake, deceptive "Independent Sales Advisor". Here is the website: It looks very fake! Plus the information I was given during the interview does not add-up. I was told the company operates in over 20 countries, and was founded in Canada, then it expanded to the US, UK and other countries. Please people, if you get any offer from Primus, S5 or Praetorian marketing (there are others, at least 5 more in Birmingham), be wary and stay away from them!

6:18 pm  
Blogger amy said...

I fell into the same trap two years ago as a wee jobless student, anyway the interview was in Baltic Chambers, and the guy interviewed me in his SLIPPERS...

12:38 am  
Blogger cuckoo said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for this post! I was invited for the second day interview tomorrow and I was so LUCK to see this post! Thanks to avoiding me a big disappointment and desperate decision "since I don't have anything else I will accept" kind of thought!

I can't believe how these companies can take advantage of unemployed people... shame on them!

10:27 pm  
Blogger My Blog said...

9th Nov 2011.

Thank you so much. luck I found this website. Got invited for interview from same address under the business name Saturn Solutions. Won't be going to the interview tomorrow.

Thanks again

1:25 am  
Blogger valb said...

They are now known as Saturn Solutions. Email: and phone number 02072517275. Address: 1 Bath Street, Old street. I won't be attending the interview tomorrow. Thanks for saving my time.

9:46 pm  
Blogger KittyRose said...

Thank you for this,as fast as i read this blog,i cancelled my my interview,and thanx god,as i already went for one like that with UNIK coorporation,sometimes in past.
When i recived call,i clearly asked what is the job possition about,and reply was CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Then i thought to search more about the company,as website was not in the email,and then i came across this wonderfull "eye opening" blog
So i sent email back,asking its all comfusing,and am not looking for door to door sales working for free,to which i got email :

Thank you for your email. We have a number of campaigns avilable at the moment so it would not be a door to door role. It would be a business to business role for our client meaning you would go to individual business and sole traders for our client. It could also be turned into an in store events and promotions role as well. It would be a hundred percent performance based as it would have stated in the advert. I do apologize for any in convinence caused.
Oh well in advert,different job was stated,so obv couldnt b said commision based, where did u see ,receptionist job for example commision based only lol, r maybe teacher haha

12:20 pm  
Blogger romae said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:45 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...


I read this post two times.

I like it so much, please try to keep posting.

Let me introduce other material that may be good for our community.

Source: Sales and marketing manager job description

Best regards

9:30 am  
Blogger Jane said...

Be very careful, they are now running as Saturn Solutions, email address cv@saturns​​fo

Dear Jane

As per our telephone conversation earlier, this letter will serve as a confirmation for your scheduled appointment with us on 19/12/2011 at 1:30 PM.

I would like to ask you to bring a copy of your CV to your appointment, and dress smartly as you will be interviewed by a manager here.

Below are the directions to our office.


View Larger Map

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please inform reception that you are here for an appointment with ALICIA. Please bring this letter with you if possible.

Hope you have a great weekend.


0207 251 7281
(Senior Admin )

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i applied for a job via Gumtree.
and got an phone call and email from Saturn Solutions.

As mentioned in our conversation, here is the email as promised for your scheduled interview with us on 18/01/2012 at 2:30 PM. You will be interviewed by my manager and so it would make a great impression if you come prepared with your CV and if you also dress smartly, a print out of this email may also come in handy for when you get here.

Your appointment with us should last around 30 minutes, during this time my manager will explain our company background, goals and business structure, along with full details of the opportunity we have available. This will also be the time when we get to know you and a bit more about your previous experience/qualifications/hobbies, hence why a CV is a good idea to bring with you.

You will need to travel to OLD STREET tube station, which is on the Northern Line. When you get to Old Street, please remember to take exit 7 out of the station. Walk directly ahead, past the shops on the right until you reach the Cooperative supermarket. Once at the co-op you will see a street called Bath Street just infront of you. Turn right into Bath Street, and walk to the end of the road, our office is on the right hand side of the road, just before the traffic lights and we are door number 1. Please come inside, and be sure to ask for myself Kloe, so that the receptionist will know who you are here to see and why.

If you do get lost or need help in any way, please ensure to contact me on the number located below. I am in the office between 8.30am and 5.00pm.

Have a fantastic weekend, I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards,
Kloe Emirates
Senior Administrator
0207 251 72 74
07738 855 087

i got that email today which is a Monday at 2.45pm lol so i wont be having a fantastic weekend before the interview lol unless the weekend and been moved to a Monday and Tuesday.

I will be sending an email to say that i will not be going

4:21 pm  
Blogger Anwar Ali's Blog said...

read this blog by the Mirror.

12:49 pm  
Blogger cbamoo said...

A company based in Edinburgh and possibly more places called Thinkmarketing/MJW did the same to me. Exactly the same story as the people that have been called up at short noticed for an interview. Just adding this other company to the list of door to door sales companies with misleading adverts.

11:43 pm  
Blogger Bambi said...

I've also been duped by the Glasgow office.

Here is my experience.

I applied for them via and the next day was invited to an interview. I also spoke with Olu Fakia, but this was just a "First impression chat" I was one of the "Lucky successful candidates!!" (Go me) And called back for the second day interview, when I went out doing door to door sales with Assistant Manager Sebastian Short and a retrain, on his 2nd day already pitching to people with that "rabbit in the head lights" look.

At first I was very hesitant, But stayed the whole day, So I could at least tell my self, I gave it a good shot. I got excited at the 4 part develepment structure. BIG MISTAKE!!

Here's what they tell you. Entry level You earn £200-£300 a week

Leadership £300-£500+ Per week.

Assistant Management £500 -£100 Per week

Management you earn £???,??? Ask Olu what he earns, he loves telling people!!

I stayed 6 weeks in this job, spend around £1000 on clothes, travel, food, stationary etc and in 6 weeks earned around £600. Sickening.

We were sent to areas to sell TalkTalk (Second rate broadband service, which to be honest I was embarrassed to sell!!) Yet we had to convince customers they were great!

After leaving last week about the FRAUD committed in this place by the team Leaders, not to mention how unfair they were with territory, I'd had enough. I took my concerns to management, and they were shrugged off. I actually mean, there was a physical shrug of the shoulders about my concerns. I was gutted to leave as the people there were all fantastic. (Except maybe a select few that wanted to cheat their way to the top!)

I haven't been paid, and have contacted Olu about this, Next step will be legal action.

There is potential to make money in this business, but only if you're a crook, like to lie to your customers.

I shall keep you posted I guess!!

6:44 pm  
Blogger Amyico said...

G10 Global (the glasgow version of this company build) are one to be very, very wary of.

Not only for the reasons stated in this blog, but they used to operate under CSK which when looking at has some serious issues:

I had a interview, thanks to this blog, I will not be attending.

8:45 pm  
Blogger Pancakelover said...

hi! it's july 2012 and like any other graduate, i have been searching for a job. my tale is similar to all of yours who have gone for the interviews. I had three of the same type of companies contact me, which made me really happy as i can't seem to find anything that doesnt require years of experience.
The companies were: AC generations, Source Marketing Direct and Red Planet marketing. Since i am from london i didnt have to spend lots of my funds traveling like the other girl who lived in bedford. (she just recently started and was from india and bless her because i still don't think she's realised that they are all scammers).
the first two interview was a group interview and i made a friend in one of them who i have sinced forwarded this blog, the last interview was just a one on one, so i had a go at experiencing interviews. I got call back from all of them and i was on a high but then i realised all was booked on the same day and two of them had the same address. being me i was worried that they may not be happy seeing me not going for an interview with the one i rearranged, i don't think they even noticed as the reception there seems to be so many potential employees waiting around.
Source direct marketing was the one i went for my observation day and i was with a team leader and a new recruit. the team leader i thought was lovely but i think she's very brainwashed or highly ambitious saying that they was business partners not employees. i stuck out the whole day and was offered the job, but luckily my boy told me not to tell them i'll think about it. So i had the weekend to stumble across you guys blogs. Thank God and good bloggers is all i can say!

11:20 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Primus-UK tried this on with me. They advertised the job as a 'graduate' job with chances to go overseas. Went to the first interview, he said it was business-to-business, marketing products etc. I got invited to the next round, where they promptly dragged me from Manchester city centre into deepest, darkest Wigan to do door-to-door on a delightful council estate. 9 hours of absolute rubbish. The guy then said he wanted to recommend me for the next round, at which I told him where to shove it. He was quite arsey with me then.

10:16 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have my second interview with one of these scams tomorrow. I'm going to have a lie-in, and turn my mobile off!

1:16 am  
Blogger Veronica said...

Glasgow, 27.09.2012

Heads up everyone, just so you know they're getting cleverer!

On Wednesday I got a call from UK Local that they received my CV. Ok, great! Someone replied! I've been looking for a different job and sent hundreds of applications and e-mails, I didn't recall this agency but maybe someone had forwarded my details.

Thursday, I get yet another call from them that I'm invited for an interview at The Marketing Company Scotland. Wow, that was quick, not many applications or what? Lucky! I did do some marketing and PR related work and I applied for a couple similar positions. However, I'm an unfortunate perfectionist and I save stuff - I couldn't find the ad in either my inbox or printed files. Odd, but could have happened.

I bet you all know what happened later. Google. I hadn't been detered by the first result being a scam report (not mentioning these companies though), the guy who spoken to me had sounded legit and the e-mail he sent me with the details was professional.

Then it clicked. First of all, he asked me if I was over 18. Okay, strange, might have been a busy day. After this, if I were looking for a full-time position. Yup, I am and I do apply to ads with various hours. When asked for the address to attend said interview he told me he would send me the details over e-mail. Uhm.

The website itself is full of "inspirational" employee stories, not giving the details for whom they are working or letting their potential clients know what they do. Very professional for a marketing company, isn't it?

I gave up on this after reading this and other genius posts out there (seriously, thanks to you all!). However, something bothered me - what's with this recruitment agency which contacted me? Guess what, they specialise in getting people into sales. Oh, and quite convieniently they have the same dwelling as A1 Group mentioned in the comments above - 50 Wellington St. (it's an office building, but really, too much of a coincidence) .

The question remains where did they get my details - they had my phone number and my e-mail. I'm not pointing fingers, but Maxwell Bruce is also located on 50 Wellington St. - I had sent an application for an admin there, it seems to be a proper agency, but one has to wonder...

3:18 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

RJ Vibe Luton Same Deal


Congratulations on being one of the candidates selected for an observation day with us! This day will be an evaluation of your ability and a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

Your day will start at 12:00 PM, if you run into any delays please let us know either by email or phone. On arrival please report to the front desk, I will be there to greet you and ask you to fill out a quick observation acknowledgment form. If you are successful you will be with RJ Vibe for the full day so please ensure you have cleared your schedule until 8:30/9 pm (some times there are some delays out of our control that prolong the day like traffic or bad weather - but we will make every effort to make sure you things run to a tight schedule) . At the end of the day my manager will meet with you and make a final decision.
Please be aware that for most of the day you will be outside so we advise you to bring a coat and wear sensible shoes (flat comfortable shoes for the girls and for really cold days - scarf and gloves). When you return to the office, we'll make a final decision and look to get people started as soon as possible.

Please remember:
o Dress smartly and warmly if need be
o Wear flat comfortable shoes
o Keep the full day clear
o Have a notepad and pen with you

Kind Regards
Administration Manager | RJ Vibe

10:58 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, I fell for this too. It got to the point where I wasn't making enough to cover my travel costs (and they travel a lot by tube and train!). Eventually I couldn't afford to go in, they did say to let them know if you cannot afford travel cost and they will see what they can do - but I doubt it would come free and I wasn't getting into debt over them.

7:24 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, you helped with my research into this sort of scheme, after I got caught up in it all.

I'm compiling a list of all companies involved to warn others; feel free to add any here:

11:52 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

The company that I was involved with, Global Net, has changed their name to ‘Kreative Client Solutions’. They are still associated with the same company: Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd. Company Reg no: 08437993, and trade under the address: Kreative Client Solutions, Angel House, 3rd Floor, 225 Marsh Wall, South Quay, London, E14 9FW
Avoid them!
Here's a list of other companies to avoid:

5:29 pm  
Blogger Focus Group said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:53 am  
Blogger Blogger said...

Appco Group, Cobra Group, Smart Circle, Cydcor etc. are just tentacles of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp.

If you go to you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

3:53 pm  
Blogger Sam said...

Wow all these reviews are absolutely false !!!
The role is a set employed , fully performance based role with the company offering a sales role and a business advancement role ,
Now they specialise in human commercial , which is what a lot of marketing companies use to aqcuire new clients or customers
Coaching that was provided was amazing very good , done with people that know what they talking about , the hours are classed as long but that's due to the nature of the industry of sales , any sales industry is long hours as you work for targets . But for people that want to earn more and learn more don't mind the hours , all these were mentioned from the 2nd appointment so that it was clear to me and I chose to continue as I see what life has to offer in these conditions and it's not much , so myself having no degree and no experience yet willing to coach me it's amazing
I've traveled to 6 countries since joining the company due to international learning meetings which is paid for

Regarding spending money on travel it's very simple if you are self employed or running your own business
Anyone has done or knows of it will tel you

You work till the job is done
You have to spend money to make money but the rewards are greater than a "normal 9-5" and worth the effort
You travel to find clients , so rather than moaning I see it as a positive as ppl moan everyday about doing same thing everyday so I love traveling and going outside the same place
And every person who's self employed or runs their own business will tell you it's hard work but satisfying and very rewarding hence why these class of ppl earn more than everyone else have better lifestyles than everyone else
These ppl are looked at and ppl say they lucky but no luck is involved , you work hard , you focus on the coaching they give you to help you , and then you achieve amazing things which you never thought or I never thought I could achieve ... It has changed my life been working here for 2 years and no 3 months away from getting promoted to run my own company ...

People who leave negative reviews I guarantee , have either started and didn't like it which is ok nothing wrong with that we are all different , so they slam it cuz it's not for them ?!?
They either started and didn't work hard so they left or got terminated so naturally pride kicks in and you moan and complain that it's not for you stay away it's a plague lol ....
Or they just don't understand the industry
As a Sheffield branch SRJ has been great honest transparent , and the best advice I have for anyone who's looking at these very outdated posts is go to the appointment you won't die or get killed lol
And if you feel and like what you hear , then start and do it yourself and see how you get on like everything in life , try it out and see how it is , I never thought I'd like sales but I tried it to say atleast I tried and now love it and proud of working with this group , so try it and hey guess what you don't like it leave no ones forcing you but don't go putting reviews for your boyfriends or girl friends lol or if you did it for a week or 2 it's not fair .
Be smart see for yourself . Unless you want to make every decision of your life based on some stranger you've never met decide what you do or not ....
Thanks for reading this . Just my honest opinion .

10:08 am  
Blogger Sam said...

Wow all these reviews are absolutely false !!!
The role is a set employed , fully performance based role with the company offering a sales role and a business advancement role ,
Now they specialise in human commercial , which is what a lot of marketing companies use to aqcuire new clients or customers
Coaching that was provided was amazing very good , done with people that know what they talking about , the hours are classed as long but that's due to the nature of the industry of sales , any sales industry is long hours as you work for targets . But for people that want to earn more and learn more don't mind the hours , all these were mentioned from the 2nd appointment so that it was clear to me and I chose to continue as I see what life has to offer in these conditions and it's not much , so myself having no degree and no experience yet willing to coach me it's amazing
I've traveled to 6 countries since joining the company due to international learning meetings which is paid for

Regarding spending money on travel it's very simple if you are self employed or running your own business
Anyone has done or knows of it will tel you

You work till the job is done
You have to spend money to make money but the rewards are greater than a "normal 9-5" and worth the effort
You travel to find clients , so rather than moaning I see it as a positive as ppl moan everyday about doing same thing everyday so I love traveling and going outside the same place
And every person who's self employed or runs their own business will tell you it's hard work but satisfying and very rewarding hence why these class of ppl earn more than everyone else have better lifestyles than everyone else
These ppl are looked at and ppl say they lucky but no luck is involved , you work hard , you focus on the coaching they give you to help you , and then you achieve amazing things which you never thought or I never thought I could achieve ... It has changed my life been working here for 2 years and no 3 months away from getting promoted to run my own company ...

People who leave negative reviews I guarantee , have either started and didn't like it which is ok nothing wrong with that we are all different , so they slam it cuz it's not for them ?!?
They either started and didn't work hard so they left or got terminated so naturally pride kicks in and you moan and complain that it's not for you stay away it's a plague lol ....
Or they just don't understand the industry
As a Sheffield branch SRJ has been great honest transparent , and the best advice I have for anyone who's looking at these very outdated posts is go to the appointment you won't die or get killed lol
And if you feel and like what you hear , then start and do it yourself and see how you get on like everything in life , try it out and see how it is , I never thought I'd like sales but I tried it to say atleast I tried and now love it and proud of working with this group , so try it and hey guess what you don't like it leave no ones forcing you but don't go putting reviews for your boyfriends or girl friends lol or if you did it for a week or 2 it's not fair .
Be smart see for yourself . Unless you want to make every decision of your life based on some stranger you've never met decide what you do or not ....
Thanks for reading this . Just my honest opinion .

10:08 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I've just started working here, I don't have the money to be traveling around the outer parts of Bristol but they're still sending me miles away. I'm supposed to finish at six but they're expecting me to finish far beyond that. I'm working two weeks without getting paid, I only get paid 3 weeks into my time with Mantra... Which as a 19 year old is quite frustrating especially when I'm behind on my rent. .

5:18 pm  
Blogger Valentino thomas said...

How to get jobs online without giving a single bit of information can be tricky, but it's easy to remember. For more information on apply for a job online read here.

6:48 am  

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