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More on the job scam

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It seems that job scam is a lot more common than I first thought. I don't know whether they are the same company or different ones.

Just a few of their other names and addresses I've found!:

Galaxy Marketing (thanks Mark for the info - added 26/05), EA Worldwide Acquisitions Ltd
Lower Ground Floor Shand House, 14-20 Shand Street, Elephant & Castle, LONDON, SE1 2ES
T: 0208 6160 989 OR 020 7234 3568
F: 0207 234 3569 OR 020 7234 3569

JTM Solutions and Select Marketing Solutions (thanks Hannah for the info - added 26/05)
38-40 Culver Street East, Colchester, Essex CO1 1LE
01206 768741

Smiths Marketing Associates (thanks to Margie and Kaiser_Baz for the info - added 26/05)
Lower Ground Floor, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow, G2 6HJ

JMS Marketing Ltd (thanks to Nathan for the info - added 26/05)
The Cotton Exchange, Third Floor, Suite 314, Bixteth Street, Liverpool L3 9LQ

JMS Marketing (thanks to Razmataz for the info - added 26/05), Clover Advertising (thanks Daisy for the info - added 26/05), Powerhouse Direct Ltd and Krishna Worldwide (thanks Laurily for the info - added 26/05)
Business Environments, City Point, Temple Gate, Bristol BS1 6PL
T: 01173 736 255

G.M. Solutions, Supreme Corporation, R&S Solutions, B1 Client Services (Thanks Nikita!)
1 Bath Street, London EC1V 9LB
020 725 19028

Fusion Marketing Solutions, TML Promotions, Arkville Sales & Marketing, Power Play Marketing Ltd
West Orchard House, 28 Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1GF

VI Marketing, Power House Direct Ltd, R&S Solutions, Red Square Direct Ltd, R.S. Marketing Ltd
30 Western Road, Brighton, BN3 1AF

Marketing Solutions; South Yorkshire Marketing (thanks James for the info - added 26/05)
Belgrave House, 47 Bank Street, Sheffield S1 2DR
0114 276 7329

AMM Direct Ltd, Marchant Marketing, T.H. Worldwide
4th Floor, Premier House, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4ND
01902 716233 OR 01902 427353

SRM Marketing Limited (company no 06736679), Supreme Corporation UK Ltd, Orick Marketing Solutions Ltd, Fosters Marketing Solutions Ltd
Added 11th August: Pure Solutions Direct Limited (company no 06868527), CSK Marketing - thanks Neil!
Added 30/12: Harlequin Marketing UK Limited (company number 6660849) website: http://www.harlequinmarketingukltd.com/
G-Force Marketing Limited (Company no 05057461, http://www.gforceltd.com/)
Griffin House, Aurillac Way, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7SS

RS Advertising Yorkshire Bank Chambers
Market Square, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 6DQ.

Supreme Corp Kent, JK Marketing Services, Oval (thanks Charlotte!)
86a Bank Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1SD
01622 670478

Awka Limited
94 North Street, Leeds LS2 7PN
0113 2445330

SRM Marketing Ltd (thanks Bobhussain for the details!)
First Floor, 11 Orford Place, Norwich NR1 3RU
01603 230186

Powerhouse Direct

G-Force Marketing Limited (was O'BRIEN MARKETING LIMITED)
16 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 2AE

EA Worldwide

Horizon Marketing
Telford House, 102 Collingdon Street, Luton, LU1 1RX
01582 455134

JTM Cardiff, Venus Marketing UK

Other business names:
CO&CO Marketing (added 26/05 - thanks Grace & Roy)
P & D Marketing
The Cobra Group
R3 Marketing
Clover Advertising
Endeva Advertising
Magnum Marketing Ltd
Mosco Marketing
Paramount Force Promotions
Progressive Global Training
Innovation Marketing Direct
Celica Marketing
Flash Organisation
Blackrock Advertising
Fourways Marketing
Co&Co Marketing
Source Marketing Direct

Jess has also said they have a big prescence in Norwich. I guess student towns are easiest.



(Found me through Google? Check out my other two blogs on this subject - Job scam doing the rounds and London Marketing Services (another job scam).)



Blogger John said...

I recently had an interview with AMM, very sketchy appears to be a pyramid scheme set up and you are not really employed. Instead self employed so they can get around working time regs and pay only on commission. The job adverts themselves are completely mis-advertised with one generic advert for all jobs, which does not relate to any jobs on offer; regardless of seniority you will be a door to door salesman. Do not apply or attend the 8 hour interview!

2:59 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Thanks for your comment. It seems to be sadly so comment. As you said, I got invited to interview based on one of their very vague, generic advert - glad I managed to Google it and found out in time!

3:03 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

eep - so common*

3:03 pm  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

I've just had the first interview with Marketing Solutions, based in Sheffield, 2 hours ago. And half an hour ago, I was so delighted after they called and offer me 2nd round interview tomorrow. I hardly found any trace about this company except from this blog and to be honest, after the 1st round interview, all I know is I will be working very hard (God knows on what) to earn money. In the call half an hour ago, they asked me to dress well, "because you'll be see potential customers" ... and now I kno i'll be harassing people ...
I will off my fone tomorrow, can't even be bothered to call and cancel ...

5:48 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Petpig - glad to have warned you, at least you've found out now eh? I think it's horrible how they are getting people's hopes up, considering how many unemployed there are - they are really taking advantage.

5:54 pm  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

I feel completely disappointed now. But I think we need to report these guys to big recruitment websites. I got this job ads thru reed.co.uk which I personally think a reliable website for graduates. I've seen it on targetjobs as well, all of them are well-known !

5:59 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Yeah I found them on totaljobs.com (another legit jobs website). I think it's made me far more aware/nervous, if the job sounds vague or too good to be true, I don't apply anymore.

Not sure they really care, though (after all Reed/totaljobs etc are still getting paid) but it's worth a try!

6:01 pm  
Blogger Massivheadwound said...

Sheffield ME
Belgrave House
47 Bank Street
S1 2DR
T: 0114 276 7329

Congratulations on being selected to attend our preliminary round of interview on Wednesday the 5rd of August

Upon arrival at our location, you will be presented a brief application form, which you will be required to complete. One of the managers will then conduct an informal preliminary interview where you will be asked to provide an insight into your previous roles and responsibilities as well as how those experiences could benefit our company. You will also be given an outline of the history of our company, the services we provide for our clients and where you could fit into our goals for the future. As with any interview, it is always a good idea to bring a copy of a CV along with you.

We look forward to meeting you in person. If you have any issues crop up that could prevent you from attending, please do not hesitate to call and we will endeavour to provide an alternate date.

FOR DIRECTIONS - our office is in Belgrave House located on 47 Bank Street.

The following link will give you directions from the Sheffield Train Station: http://www.multimap.com/s/JwmLPM8c

This link will give you a map of our general area:
http://www.multimap.com/maps/?qs=47+Bank+Street,+S1+2DR&countryCode=GB#map=53.38427,-1.46788|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:53.38427:-1.46788:16|47 Bank Street, S1 2DR|S1 2DR

· If the doors are locked, locate the call box to the right of the doors , You can then push the green call button and we will buzz you in.
· We are the very first office on your right after you have entered the building.

HR Department
Sheffield M.E.
Belgrave House
Bank Street

10:20 pm  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

Oh fantastic, they do now have invitation letter as well ... I guess they probably "preliminary interviews" and "assessment day" everyday in the week :)) ...

7:53 am  
Blogger Lecari said...

That's the standard email they send to everyone; I received one identical to that as well.

10:40 am  
Blogger elizabeth said...

I had the same a few months back. Really felt pressured into taking the job, but called bck when i was offered another. they pray on people in bad situations, ie graduates who need work, and i felt so angry about it for dys after.

8:42 am  
Blogger dizzyanna9 said...

Hi guys I have just recieved a call from markeying solutions about an interview tomorrow but after reading some of these comments im unsure about weather to go now? Is it definatly a scam? Do they just pay you on comission?

6:40 pm  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

I fully understand your dilemma feeling now ... You'll defo feel lost and not taking a chance if you stay home, but i'm sure you'll b even more disappointed if you go.
Better spend your petrol and precious time for something more legit !
Or else if you have nothing to do tmr and wanna meet their so-called "top manager" who appeared to be quite sexy, then just give it a trip and tell us what you think later..

Watever you decide, good luck !

PS: yes, they defo ask you to do self-employed and no basics.

7:12 pm  
Blogger dizzyanna9 said...

Ah ok well thanks for the advice! I think I shall stay home and wait for something better to come along! I have luckily just had another interview elsewhere so fingers crossed ill get that instead! Thanks again x

10:03 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

I think you've done the right thing, there's no guarantee that these guys would even pay you for all your time and hard work - good luck with the other interview :)

12:46 pm  
Blogger Neil said...

Further to the companies listed, my girlfriend got offered an interview where she was told they would condense first, second and third interviews all into one day, and she could then start work tomorrow. This is another company to the ones you have above:

Pure Solutions Direct Ltd. (06868527)and has the same Griffin House address as another you have listed. Also found CSK Marketing operating from the same address.

My girlfriend was wary it was a scam before she even went - has asked them why they don't have a website etc. etc. and they are completely avoiding and side stepping every question.

10:10 am  
Blogger Lecari said...

Thanks for the info Neil - I'll add it to the post! I really appreciate it.

I'm glad your girlfriend figured them out quickly, and yes, not having a website these days does ring alarm bells! And having a first, second and third interview all in one day is quite strange, too.

12:31 pm  
Blogger Yasantha said...

i was called for an interview with 'marketing solutions 47 bank street'. i had applied for a 'human resource' post as 'recruitment assistant' but when i went there, the woman who interviewd me went on and on about the glorious world of marketing and sales and how well they were doing. and also about how far a person could go if they chose such a path. when i asked her if i had come for the right interview, she pretended as if she didnt hear, and continued her speech about marketing (street chugging).

so basically, the post they had advertised was a fake!!!. they'd do just about anything to get people to go street chugging. UNbelievable? well. i am now a believer.

people, be warned, if there's a job by marketing solutions, eventhough they'd say it is 'human resources' (or accounting or IT or whatever) dont boter going. they're just looking for street chuggers.

5:25 pm  
Blogger Yasantha said...

- sorry.. typo

dont ''bother'' going.

5:27 pm  
Blogger Clive said...

Thank you so much for saving my time & money! I had an interview scheduled with the elusive -

Premier House, Floor 4
Darlington Street
Tel: 01902 427 353

I'm so glad I found this article before I attended, having looked into the company further it is part of a group. I believe there is one in London and also Brighton more details can be found here -


If you do receive an interview here (which you DEFINITELY will) if you applied save yourself time and money this company among others is a scam preying on jobless graduates who are desperate for any type of employment.

2:05 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Yasmantha: Thanks for posting your experience! It's appreciated.

Clive - Thanks for the info. I actually linked to that website on my previous blog post to this one ("Job scam doing the rounds") as well as a few other other sites with info. It's always good to hear other people's experiences, though! I'm glad this site helped you.

5:39 pm  
Blogger unimpressed87 said...

2 companies in Norwich which sound like they could be part of this:

Marketing Solutions and SRM Marketing

Now my only decision is whether to bother telling them I'm not going to turn up for the 9 hour "shadowing" days...

11:56 pm  
Blogger Emanz Da One said...

Well done on me for doing my research before the interveiw :) I googled "Red square direct" and google gave "Red Square Direcct Scam" as a search suggestion! Thought it was all too vaugue; most companies give you a info pack on your job role but these dudes gave no real info on the job role AT ALL. Thanx to all you who spread the truth on these scam artists. btw lookout for "EA Worldwide Acquisitions" they blow too. peace.

2:29 am  
Blogger endevascam said...

Endeva Advertising, interview by chris rudge, bigs himself, says his business turns over x amount and his businss has spread to northampton and derby, which is lie, they are independant business;
's that have nothing to do with him. In the interview he talks so fast, saying we do business to business, residential and events such as sports events shopping centres! sice they opened in 2004 or 5 they have never done a days events or b2b! its all door 2 door!! completely misleads people, and the funniest thing is the meeting when they say how much moeny they make, load of bs, STAY AWAY FROM ENDEVA

2:36 pm  
Blogger endevascam said...

Endeva Advertising, interview by chris rudge, bigs himself, says his business turns over x amount and his businss has spread to northampton and derby, which is lie, they are independant business;
's that have nothing to do with him. In the interview he talks so fast, saying we do business to business, residential and events such as sports events shopping centres! sice they opened in 2004 or 5 they have never done a days events or b2b! its all door 2 door!! completely misleads people, and the funniest thing is the meeting when they say how much moeny they make, load of bs, STAY AWAY FROM ENDEVA

2:38 pm  
Blogger Bára said...

Hi guys,
its just so unbelievable, why do they do it??? I had and interview with EA Worldwide last week, it went fine and was invited for the second round. And than in the evening by an accident I found out its scam..so dissapointed. Still will go tomorrow for the second round, although its supposed to be somewhere outside, just want to see it for myself...and than just walk away. you know, how can they lie to people like that...

9:46 pm  
Blogger meg said...

Just had an interview with clover advertising and have the second round tomorrow - I just calculated that at £300pw (minimum - commission based) and doing 10 hour days Monday to Friday and 4 hours on a Saturday id be earning £5.50 -less than the minimum wage, so thought id do a little more research into the company and found this!!! could someone please explain more to me and give me a few more details - still going to go to my interview but with my eyes open and with the intention of confronting them!

10:34 pm  
Blogger endevascam said...

so clover advertising with gareth! on average the guys doing door to door with npower are not making 300 a week, more like £200-250, and if he said 4 hours on a saturday I hope he had his fingers crossed, they all do at least 6 - 8 hours on a saturday! i know a few guys who do it, and some of them make good money, but alot make hardly anything!

8:16 am  
Blogger Cold Dragon said...

I just had a similar experience with the following company:

JK Marketing Services Ltd
86A Bank Street, Maidstone,
ME14 1SD

Tel: 01622 691 730

The company has countless job adverts on www.reed.co.uk all with quite similar vague job postings.

I was suspicious of the company from the very start. They said there website was down but you can tell from visiting the web address that it just has never existed.

I searched for them as a registered business on www.companieshouse.gov.uk and they had only existed for the last 3 months.

Luckily I did a bit more searching and found this site before the interview so I along I went armed full of questions to see for myself.

The guy in the interview said that they are opening offices all around the UK and the world and that they apparently open about 25 new offices every year. - I doubt a company of this size would have such issues with there website.

He said that the company had grown massively (some ridiculous number) over the last x number of years.
- Strange since according to www. companieshouse.gov.uk the company had only existed since June (4 months at this time of writing).

It is entirely commission based, hours are from 10.30 am - 8.30 pm, you can take holidays when ever you like because they don't actually employ you as such.

According to them you will spend the first 3 weeks doing field sales (basically: cold call canvasing and door to door sales) then you will quickly progress through the company to leader, teaching others how to do "field sales", then you will be an account manager and finally within about 10 months they will give you financing to start your own office. Wow!

If your fortunate enough or maybe I should say unfortunate enough to get asked for a second interview, it will be a full 8 hour day following another sales person around to see if you have what it takes.

Oh, one more thing, just to add to the professionalism, they are located above a shop called "Pillow Talk" (I need not explain the products sold within this shop) which you actually have to walk in to the lobby of to get to there office. Just brilliant! lol.

1:53 pm  
Blogger Caz said...

Hi guys,

has anyone ever heard of JMS?? Belgrave House located on Meetinghouse Lane in Sheffield,..

I too had an interview once at Marketing Solutions,..such a rubbish job,..so decided it wasn't what I wanted,..I'm hoping JMS won't be the same,..I'm out of work and need something,..

has anyone heard of it,..or is it same type of similar work,..eeeka! x xthanks guys

3:16 pm  
Blogger dotcotton34 said...

i think u lot gotta stop pre judgin things and stop listen to other people and live ur life. and if people want to do things that can get them a better life - wouldnt you ?! of course so just remember karma always comes around!!

10:49 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Caz: that address is listed on this posted, so I think you can pretty much guarantee that it will be the same 'job'.

Dotcotten34: wtf?

7:34 am  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

@dotcotton34: seriously, wtf ?

8:09 am  
Blogger pEtPiG said...

Oh yeaaaaa, yet another type of job scam !

"MCP Consulting was started about 3 months ago and is growing quickly. We have exceptional growth plans in place and expect these to all be met with ease. Our staff all work on a commission only basis and work at home with the director so anyone uncomfortable with either of those points should not apply. Saying that we had 2 new starters last week and both have earned over 2k each in 1week! We should have the office sorted within 3 months though. With over 8 years recruitment experience the Director has a wealth of knowledge and would expect people to be earning over 100k in their first year. This is an exceptional chance for someone to join a company at conception and earn equity within the business worth potentially millions. Now this is not for the faint hearted and people without a willingness to work hard to earn SERIOUS money need not apply. We are only looking for the most driven individuals with a real desire to grow the business and enjoy the promotions and money once a directorship within the company has been earned. I can not stress that over 80% of people reading this should not apply... .."


7:25 am  
Blogger Miguel said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:17 pm  
Blogger elizabeth said...

i'm starting to get annoyed at how many people come on here and post in support of these companies, lying about who they are. In my opinion, they must be
a) stupid for thinking anyone would buy it
b) even stupider for taking the job

'Miguel', isn't it a bit odd that none of us listened? Hundreds of people wasted their time on interviews where they just didn't listen?

This makes me so angry, the whole scam...and just so you know 'Miguel' it is a scam. scam scam scam scam scam.

1:28 pm  
Blogger NotAnIdiot said...

Same as other blogger, (dragon something) Bank Street Maidstone I just had to sign up for a Google account, so I've forgotten but, I agree, I just had an interview with them today and the guy interviewing was 21 years old, in an office the size of someones living room with three pieces of mismatched furniture including one huge empty desk. The reception hall was dark as apparently a fuse had gone and the reception girl, also the recruitment resourcer on the phone, who call sot offer jobs, was sitting under a tiny lamp doing her work, and there was no toilet roll for the bathroom.

Okay so onto actual interview, the desk was empty of anything but my CV which he now held in his grubby little hands, he then started to describe the position to me and did this by drawing all over the back of my CV in scruffy pen and then drew this little timeline of how I could do this door knocking for 3 weeks selling become a leader and train more people to knock doors, I'm guessing this is the 8 hour interview the second day. Okay so if the dark reception room, empty office and the age of the apparent Company owner, didn't make me suspicious his bogus timeline certainly did. One little pyramid scheme after the other, he reckons he has Carphone Warehouse's main company paying for the doubling of his company via their marketing budget, what a load of shite.

People if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I decided in my interview to act like a raving loon and laugh and giggle and make jokes and was actually a little rude to the guy too, just to see what the outcome would be, guess what I got a call back an hour ago from them saying they loved my CV!!! The one he had spent 20 minutes writing all over, and want me to come back for the 8 hour open day!!! I don't think so buddy!!

Oh yeah the guy was South African. Moved to the UK apparently jobless and some other South African woman gave him a go at the marketing and now owns the company all within 4 months and has had the company for three months. Wow now what a guy he is.

I found this blog just by typing in JK Marketing Scam.

7:02 pm  
Blogger NotAnIdiot said...

oh my god just looked at the email I received from them, their email address is using gmail, lol. Hilarious.

jkmarketinghr @ gmail .com

HR my ass.

7:04 pm  
Blogger Doug said...

JK Marketing is a scam.
Read On...

8:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the interview thinking how could it be I could get an entry level marketing position so easily without official credentials -well I am 32 and out of curiosity went to the interview in their 'makeshift' offices in Southampton for 'Powerhouse Direct' another alias.

These offices looked like they could vacate at any minute -and really unprofessional loud MTV music and 'Heat' Magazine given to me on arrival -classy -this is a interview not a social club.

It takes a lot to pull the wool over my eyes -I have not done an official marketing degree per se but I understand the fundamentals between marketing and sales and this dodgy door-to-door job is 'sold' to the candidate instead of allowing the candidate to sell themselves as they would in a legitimate professional sales and marketing orientated role.
The guy who interviewed me did not let me get a word in -and it was all very rushed and scripted preventing me from sufficiently understanding the nature of the 'entry level' of sales I would be expected to do.

*Never part with money before you have been offered employment -this is not good practice
*Any personal money spent after gainful employment will always be claimed on expenses or reimbursed with any legitimate company
*These people prey on people without sufficient experience because they know they will not have the expertise to be able to question these issues. Inexperienced young people are easily manipulated and flattered these attributes are necessary to be brainwashed into their sales scripts. Proof right there.
*The sad thing is they are probably 'loosely' following basic legal guidelines so probably can get away with this -this is where their scripts come in -However be aware that just because they are getting away with it doesn't mean it is ethical or that you should trust them to be looking out for you personally or that they are a viable company (the lack of website and official offices tells me they are not too official)
*If something seems off -it probably is -trust your instincts and remember the old adage "if it walks like a duck..." or "its too good to be true" -it usually is
*Don't be desperate -you can get something better than this where you don't have to part with your own money
*Genuine companies will have a real website as a real marketing tool for reference -not claim like they did to me that it was 'under construction' -what, for 6 years plus? hmmm.....coincidence?
*Beware of interviewers who 'window dress' jobs to make the role sound appealing

Best of luck
Be wise!

4:03 pm  
Blogger anonymous said...

I recently had a bad experience with AMM Direct too. Their 8 hour interview basically just consisted of door-to-door sales. Throughout the entire day we found no one who was interested in what we were trying to sell at all, so how anyone makes any money working for these people I have no idea. One of the people I did the door-to-door sales with had been doing the job for 2 years - so much for their fast promotion opportunities. The company has no website despite claiming to be expanding all over the world, and my interviewer failed to mention that door-to-door sales was a part of the training programme at all - they're certainly not a company I would trust. Don't apply to AMM unless you're prepared to do door-to-door sales for very little money. Everything they claim is all too good to be true and highly suspicious.

5:32 pm  
Blogger Bobhussain said...

Guys, I was in shock after reading massiveheadwound's comment. I basically got the same letter for SRM Norwich.

Here it is:

SRM Marketing Ltd
First Floor
11 Orford Place

T: 01603 - 230186

Hi Bobby,

It was a pleasure speaking to you earlier! Congratulations on being selected for a preliminary interview on 04/12/2009 at 2:00 PM . Below are directions and street map to our new office in Norwich!

On arrival in our offices, you’ll be required to fill out a brief enquiry form. Your interview will then be conducted by one of our managers. It will be an informal preliminary interview, although please note the dress code is smart business and as with any interview it’s always a good idea to bring a copy of your C.V. with you. It will be a chance for us to get to know you a little better, learn more about your education and previous work experiences along with the knowledge and skills you’ve gained. We will also give you detailed information regarding all the opportunities we have available for you and tell you more about the services we provide for our clients and finally where you could fit in to our goals for 2009!

Please feel free to view our website on: http://www.srmmarketingltd.co.uk/


Please find detailed directions on above link. If you have any troubles finding us please feel free to call the above number for directions.

We are located at 11 Orford place, which is a pedestrian road off of Red Lion Street. Our office is on the first floor of Burlington Buildings, up the street from Carphone Warehouse, adjacent to Debenhams, directly above GW Menswear.

I look forward to meeting you then!

Kind Regards

HR Dept

6:12 pm  
Blogger Christopher said...

Thanks everyone :)! I was invited to an interview for a job with JK Marketing Services but, after reading this blog, and being suspicious of them I also did some research and found them to be a scam. They send you a link to there website as well now, but when you google them, sure enough they don't exist!!!! My Interview is today at 2, the only time I had free strangely enough and they said they had lots of interviews so how was that possible!

Anyways, thanks everyone for the help so I don't have to go through more problems related to employment! Hopefully more people will be as lucky as me and stumble across this website researching these scammers!!!!

6:58 am  
Blogger klackeet said...

thank god i found this site i had an interview with sheffield M.E. belgrave house so i think ill save my train fare and pass on the crappy job :D

9:38 pm  
Blogger Charlotte said...

In May I was invited to an interview with Oval, as a school leaver I attended a local Job fair.
I declined the job the next morning before my "trial" (Yes, bring warm clothes and comfy shoes and we'll finish at 8... clearly not a scam??)
I was recently employed at a call centre and all of us in my training group had been roped into this; some had attended the 8hr interview, in which they were literally bundled into a car and driven from Maidstone to Hastings and Folkestone (google it; LONG way away).
Today I got an email from a company, "we have seen the cv you posted online and are pleased to invite you to a preliminary interview."
The address of the company seemed familiar... it was 86a Bank Street Maidstone, where Oval had previously occupied.
It seems they now call themselves JK Marketing Services.

Thanks for the warnings guys!

1:25 pm  
Blogger jonnyworden said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:48 pm  
Blogger jonnyworden said...

I worked for SRM in Norwich for just over a week and then left because it just took up every available amount of time I had.

The job is honest, when I was hired they invited me to a massive business confrence at the ICC in Birmingham.

I've never been to anything so inspiring, the opportunities available within any of those companies are huge.

All the marketing companies all fall under the one giant comany called the PERDM Group. All the marketing companies are just middle men businesses.

The clients are huge well known such as The British Red Cross, Talk Talk and many more.

The only reason you start at the bottom is because they look for potential business partners.

The scheme makes sense too, it's similar to a pyramid scheme but with loads more room for advancement.

I hated being out in the field, it rained every day but I felt so good after because of the meetings after work, they'll get you pumped up for the next day because no one likes the field and knocking on doors but, if your prepared to do it, and you work really hard, and pick your self up from bad days where you may make no money at all? Then I can promise you, you will make alot of money in 10 months and be out of the field in a matter of 2 months, maybe less.

It's good for the business for you all to quit or not turn up to the interviews because, they don't want business partners like you. Even me...I quit because it took up too much time therefor I am a dud candidate for them but dont pass them off as a scam.

They know how a business should work and how to train people quickly...THROW THEM IN THE DEEP END! It's the only way to learn efficiently.

I went through the same training and interview scheme as all of you, I hated it but if you stick at it then you wont go wrong.

A couple of words of advise though....

If you married or live too far away then its going to be so so hard but if you want to make lots of money in 10 months...JUST DO IT.


Ive learnt so much, if you have any answers or queries or arguments, please let me know I think I can help.


5:36 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Jonny -

I am not disagreeing that it is a genuine job. However, the way they go about advertising and recruiting is misleading. They don't tell you that you would be self-employed, or that you'll be working for 100% commission. When you ask in the interviews they are elusive and refuse to reply. They also should tell you that your "second interview" is essentially working there for the day, for free (the oddest definition of "interview" I've ever heard!); at least if they told people on a basis of "we want to see how you do, and give you a chance to see what we do" and give people the option not to do it, people would not be so upset. Infact, most of the job advertisements say you will be doing other work (eg marketing, administration), not sales! (I myself applied thinking it would be a genuine marketing role.) There are also many people who have then had trouble even receiving the money they have earnt.

Many people in sales start out working on a commission-only basis - that itself is not a scam. It's just the way that this company goes about it in such a dishonest fashion that is cause for concern. They do not seem like a legit company. They aren't even registered as businesses and with Company House (which alone should ring alarm bells!).

1:17 pm  
Blogger bobby1983 said...

Johnny as an x owner can I can clearly say it is a scam! we are taught to mislead people through interviews and meetings!

best thing to do is stay away! people like chris rudge, ali mir, michael scully are so full of crap!

I like to think i was one of the good ones, I did tell interviews it was commission and it was door 2 door!

The owners dont even make half the money they say they do, its actually quite funny!

Stay away from them, and this is coming from an individual who was an owner!!

1:30 pm  
Blogger fleemcgee said...

I worked for CSK marketing for about 4/5 months thinking it was the best company in the world.

We're told about the recession and how its a big loada crap and why would anyone want to spend their lives working in tescos....
these guys are big headed bullies

I went through several up and down stages.
When i was selling the shitty Victoria Jackson make up i was their best pal and on days i wasnt selling too good they grind you down

This company is so American and into Good PMA (positive mental attitude) and motivation....yeah motivating you to put money in their pocket.

One Guy George Kennedy would tell you about his big house and fancy car. he brags about his money constantly when theres people standing there making no money what so ever off the crappy commission.

I still have frinds in the company to this day. I quit because i couldnt afford it but when i speak to old friends they tell me who was getting promoted and how they really want to make it through the 12 month programme to management and i cant help but feel sorry for them. ive realised that all it is is brainwashing and one big pyramid scheme....Good Luck to them anyways.

The hours you work are ridiculous...they tell you that you are self employed but if you dont come in monday to saturday 7am-6.30pm you get looked down upon. if u get upset coz u arent making money you're called a "neg".
The lies told are unbelievable.

I just hope other people dont fall for their crap talk..it put me through months of stress.

9:40 pm  
Blogger MySpiritRadio said...

So Glad I spotted this, My Son wnt for an interview he is 19 and unemployed for over 6 months after finishing 'A' levels he went for an interview was told he had passed and would he spend a day with them , He was so pleased he 'passed' the interview it was only when I decide to check into it.
If the advert and the interview had said commission only sales in the advert then it would not be so bad

10:19 am  
Blogger Sarah said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I was due to have my initial interview tomorrow, actually with two different companies, Unik Corporation and Red Planet Marketing Ltd. I thought it seemed a little fishy as both jobs were so vaguely advertised and seemed so similar, but it wasn't until this evening that I googled the company names and found this blog and another site saying the same thing. It's shameful really, but I am so glad I found out before going to the hassle of going to London and spending my own money. Its a real eye opener to be honest, I'm not that naive but it didn't occur to me that companies advertising on respectable sites could be just complete scammers.

6:18 pm  
Blogger Dominant Gothik said...

Have just been to the infamous first 'interview' at AMM Direct Wolverhampton.

A true waste of space indeed, the company itself is using premier house as its base of operations which to my knowledge has been used by marketing companies for the past ten years, it wouldnt surprise Me if they were the same compnay just shutting down and reopening again..
They do now have a website on btconnect, laughably I have seen better done with crayons..

feel free to have a giggle

I did a little research Myself into the company as at the interview was informed that they had 60 offices worldwide including the continent, one based fortunately in a town where I have a very dear friend, she looked into it and couldnt find them. I also have spoken to one of their 'bluechip' clients only to find they had not actually deal with them.. hmm interesting.. Perhaps if they actually did a little research themselves into who they are trying to con then they might find out some people actually have the intelligence to catch them out..
Have passed on My findings to JOBSITE where this was advertised.. perhaps something may happen, perhaps not

1:04 pm  
Blogger Grace said...

Hi Guys,
I got a interview invite on monday from CO&CO Marketing today, unfortunatly, i ran into lecari's blog about job scam, and I found CO&CO name on the scam list.
Is there anyone call tell me is it worth to go for it, or anyone has any experience with CO&CO?

6:30 pm  
Blogger Roy said...

Co&Co is under EA Worldwide Acquisitions, owned by Josh Cote. The owner of co is a french lady. They do exactly the same. You start the program, reach the top is you have the manager's help and then go and open your own office as an owner, but doing exactly the same.

So dont bother going coz you'll receive same emails, same great impression and bla bla bla.

9:14 pm  
Blogger Roy said...

does anyone know if it's possible to report to all these job agencies like reed, totaljobs about their ads??? They talk about salary negotiable, when there is no salary at all coz u are self employed...
It's misleading. They should be clear on their ads!!! that's why so many graduates go there for the interview!! noone understands a word!

9:17 pm  
Blogger Grace said...

I really don't think agency will take care about this, they focus on quantity not quality and credit.
Roy, you seemed know CO&CO quiet well, how did you know that, are they really push you to door to door saling?

9:29 pm  
Blogger Roy said...

I know because i've worked there and know pretty much everyone. They just reproduce the same system wherever they go. Same sales techniques, same clients, door to door, events (supermarkets) or b2b( shops), same emails to applicants, same structure in the interviews, same morning meetings...

9:29 pm  
Blogger Grace said...

Glad to know that.
Thanks, Roy.
Hope everyone here can find his good job.

1:51 pm  
Blogger Tim said...

I've actually worked for JK marketing services, 86a Bank Street, Maidstone, Kent a while. I found that this job is not what they call management training programme. Everything they say is beautiful and exciting because they want you to join into the company, with NO basic salary and benefits at all. When you see this kind of work on reed.co.uk, totaljobs.com or wherever, don't believe the salary is negotiable as they say. You don't need to negotiate your salary because there is no basic salary and you earn what you sold.

This is a self employed position and they won't employ you anyway. You work as a door-to-door salesman for yourself. You will be interviewed with other applicants together in the first round and the guy interviewing you would say this position is highly competitive, some 2 to 3 hundreds people apply for this job. They would also use money incentive, making it sound like a well-paid job. The purpose of these is that when you got a call from them later on, it makes you feel very fortunate to get into the second round interview and make you want to perform well in the second round. In the second round, you will need to prepare to walk 6 - 7 hours with another guy and see he or she selling products or services door-to-door (hopefully it's not raining or snowing or it's not cold, otherwise you would probably get sick afterwards). You won't expect an interview like this, would you?

There are different levels in the company including distributors, leadership, assistant manager and manager. The time you spent in the distributor level depends totally on your sales performance. Some people might take 2-3 weeks and some people might take 3-4 months. If you hit their standard, you are likely to get promoted to the leadership level, where you will have more responsibilities, more working hours as a salesman, no pay rise and you are taught how to represent the company not a sales company and are expected to work 6 days a week from 10 am to 9 pm. The time you spend in the leadership is, as always, totally dependent on your sales performance. Some people might take a half year, some people might take more than a year. So before you get promoted to assistant manager if you are lucky enough and still surviving, you'll probably have spent a year or more as a door-to-door salesman working for yourself 6 days a week from 10 to 9. No transport benefits, no catering benefits or any kind of benefits. You work for your own. This is why their turnover rate is very high. Some people work for few days or 1-2 weeks some might work for a couple of months.

This is a sales company. All they care about is your sales number because it is the money you make for them. You need to go back to the company every night and report how many sales you have made during the day. After that, you can go back home.

What I can say is there are a lot of this kind of so-called marketing companies in the UK. Their adverts usually use face-to-face selling instead of "door-to-door selling". They tend to shift your focus on their so-called management training programme, rather than again "door-to-door selling". They emphasise the more you sell, the faster you will get into the management, with no specific time scale. If you are a natural, god-gifted salesman, this job might be suitable for you. Otherwise, you must work exceptionally hard with no compliant to working 6 days a week from 10 to 9 in order to survive.

Hope this helps you understand this industry a bit more and don't need to waste time to attend interview.

6:13 pm  
Blogger deschamps said...

ma fille est jeune et donc enthousiaste ! elle est à bristol et a trouvé un job fantastique chez clover advertising... cela ressemble à une grande arnaque ! qu'en pensez vous ?

7:37 pm  
Blogger That Guy said...

I worked for JK Marketing in Maidstone for a total of two weeks, all the way through the "learning" process I could tell that they just took idea's and even mathematic terms and just bastardized them and try to make them seem relevant. I would work from 11 till 8:30 but buy the time I left the office to go home it was more like 10:30 and I would only be able to sell between 1:30 and 8:00 and its was completly commision based. I didn't sign any work contracts and I was been trained to be an assistant manager in 10 months, which seemed ridiculous to me, also they said the company was well established in the US but I couldn't find any reference to it. What really annoyed me about the company is the way everyone acted like they were on drugs, hi fying and saying "juice" it seems more like a cult than a company. I advise anyone who gets an offer to work there to tell them to get stuffed.

7:42 pm  
Blogger cammy said...

South Yorkshire Marketing
Belgrave House
Bank Street
S1 2DR

Dear James,

Your preliminary interview will be held on Wednesday the 7th of April at 16:00pm, I very much look forward to meeting you.

The procedure follows that you will be given a questionnaire to fill out when you reach our office. The interview will be a quick 15-20 minutes sit down with one of the hiring managers who will discuss the company as a whole and the details of the positions we are looking to fill. This will also give you the chance to present your previous experience, interests, and what you could bring to the company. We would appreciate you bringing in a hard copy of your CV and to dress smart. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact myself at the above number. See below for full address and some directions to our location.
Unfortunately our website is currently under construction and therefore the managers will take that into consideration and go through the company history during the interview.
See below for directions.


From Cathedral tram stop in Sheffield City Centre: Facing the Cathedral, on the left hand side there is a side path called St James Row. Walk down the hill and it will be the second street that you turn right into Bank Street and walk along until you see the building on your right hand side. Belgrave House, Bank street entrance. It is next to the job centre plus and opposite a small post office.

Alternatively Castle square tram stop directions: Across the street from Primark retail store there is a Premier Inn on a corner. Follow that corner around and walk along Bank Street until you find the jobcentre plus on your left. The next building is Belgrave House.
If you have trouble finding us please give us a call.

Omg im so happy i found this site so i didnt waist my bloody time goin down to them and lettin me fill my ears with shite. cant believe these guys i had my hopes up so bad aswell told all the family i had a new job interview. Made me look an idiot now.

9:18 pm  
Blogger Razmataz said...

Well I went for an interview yesterday for a company in Bristol (UK) already listed here, "JMS - marketing". It was advertised on the totaljobs.com website. The interview letter I got is identical to what some of you have posted. All of them seemed to be too well dressed and good looking for a job of this kind, if that makes any sense o.O

So we go up stairs, He says "oh I like you Lee" at least 4 times. During the interview it’s self he was going on about how quick this company has grown, amazing manager career prospects. He completely avoided everything about pay and what I would be doing exactly. When we done the interview and were on our way out and there was this guy waiting in the corridor who my interviewer (Aden) stopped to talk to, That guy was bright red in the face and looking so nervous for some reason. Aden told me that he has been there for 2 weeks and then addressed him again saying how much of a pleasure it was to meet me and how the woman before me wasn’t right for the roll and to send to his department. That’s when I got really suspicious for 3 reasons, 1. He’s only been there 2 weeks, how can he have his own division already?! 2. The last person I saw him interview was a guy! 3. Why did that other guy seem so guilty?!

Their website http://www.jmsmktg.com/ seemed really slap dash, Anyone could of made that within an hour or two.

Anyways, When we got down to the lobby he was shaking my hand saying “well lee it was great meeting you and normally we wait for until around 5pm before we call the interviewees up to let them know if they got it or not but between you and me, see you tomorrow”

When I got back home something was telling me this didn’t seem right somehow, I thought I sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning (I got no sleep btw lol). So before I made up my mind, I wanted to do a bit more research on this company, when I typed in JMS-marketing in Google it was closely followed by the word, SCAM. I’m so glad I found this site. No chance I’m going in today. I’m going to phone Aden up and tell him what I found.

My thanks to everyone on here. Without you guys telling these stories, I could be getting screwed over right now...

Oh btw, did anyone else do that “ATTITUDE = 100” thing with them?

8:10 am  
Blogger Razmataz said...

By the way, here's their address and such:

Business Environments
City Point
Temple Gate
T: 01173 736 255

9:44 am  
Blogger Nathan said...

Just had an initial job interview with them but I wish I had read this first. I came away very suspicous about it all. Considering it was supposed to be a job interview I was asked nothing and instead they very young guy just used the time to sing the praises of the company. Like some people have said they tell you which big companies they deal with (which are doubtful) and how quickly you can become a manager. It all sounded very impressive but the speed at which he was talking and the lack of chances I had to say or ask anything had be concerned.

Even knowing very little about me or my abilities he wanted me to come for the 8 hour "observation day" the very next day. I'm currently finishing University so I can't take a whole day out at the moment. Even more surprising is he was asking if I wanted to work part time before I had finished my exams. This was all very suspicous considering the advertisement for the job made it sound like a serious graduate opportunity yet he didn't even ask the most basic of job interview style questions.

Anyway, I wish I had Googled them first so I could have either cancelled the initial interview or confronted them about the job more. I'm not going to criticise them too much because a job is a job and some people might be glad to have something commission based like this at the moment. However it most certainly is not what I want to be doing after spending 4 years at University.

For the record the details of this particular arm of the company is:

JMS Marketing Ltd

The Cotton Exchange,Third Floor, Suite 314

Bixteth Street


L3 9LQ

The office dosen't look too terrible as other people have experienced but it is by no means what you would expect of a company as large and important as they make themselves out to be.

3:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Nathan,
I have the initial interview with JMS marketing (liverpool branch) tomorrow. Fortunately, I was doing some research about the company and came across this site.
Now i am in double minds whether i should go for the interview or no because, i will be travelling to Liverpool from London.
Thank you everyone for posting all these information. It is very helpful.

2:52 pm  
Blogger Aimee Cook said...

i attended an interview for JMS marketing last week i was offered my second interview within 10 mins .... they want me to work for 8 hours doing their dirty work in comfy shoes and a coat ... i don't even know where they were going to take me .... they were extremely unprofessional and i dont trust them

10:27 pm  
Blogger Anon said...

Does anyone know if Pure Solutions Direct is a scam.

5:29 pm  
Blogger Daisy said...

Just turned down an initial interview with CLOVER ADVERTISING in Bristol. Was very suspicious because they got back to me just an hour after I sent them my cv through 'this is Bristol jobs' who forwarded through a recruitment agency called 'helpmego.to limited'. I also found it suspicious that they wanted me to interview just 2 days later and advertised very little information about the job and what it would entail. Nethertheless I was disapointed when google finished one of my predicted searches with 'scam'. It's always worth having a quick search of the company before you attend an interview with them - mostly to make you seem more informed and interested in them. I’m pleased I found this website, when I rang up to discuss the job opportunity more (on the strength of this blogs claims) my recruiter 'Luciana Camacho' didn’t seem at all surprised when I told her my concerns about the company and was very quick to finish the call. If you have an interview with 'clover advertising' in the next week I'm afraid it may not be the job you expect and it might be worth cancelling before this company waste any of your time. Good luck job hunters!


3:10 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Hello All,

I work for one of the main job advertising boards that you mention in your blogs.

Due to the high volume of adverts that are placed on our sites each day it is really difficult to police what is a good or bad advert.

We do rely on the feedback that we receive from our candidates and if you have had a bad experience as a result of using one of these companies then PLEASE contact the jobboard in question and tell them of your experience.

If they receive suffient complaints they will withdraw the adverts. It is actually illegal to advertise for a job that doesn't exist so the jobboard will act.

The cost of putting these adverts on the sites is only between £3 to £10 per advert so banning them from advertising will not be a cost issue.

Please just ensure you make a formal complaint to the source of the advert.

3:01 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Thanks everyone for the additional names & addresses, I have updated the blog with this new info (26/05/2010).

Please try and give the address of the place that you had your interview (or were invited to interview) so they can be added - the business names change so often it's sometimes easier to find by address!

8:36 am  
Blogger n4t said...

hi, i had an interview 2day with horizon marketing. i'm worries it may be a scam, i have my second interview 2moro and there seem to be a lot of similarities between my interview and some comments on here. can anyone help?

9:06 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

Horizon Marketing are known (they are on the list above), they are exactly the same. I wouldn't bother going to the second interview, unless you're happy to be registered as self-employed, work on a commission-only basis and do door to door sales.

9:29 pm  
Blogger midnighter92 said...

I jus got scammed, luckily i found this website i would just like to confirm that Pure Solutions Direct is a scam, I experienced what many of you described my 'second interview' is on monday, im gonna phone tomorrow and give them some grief!

If you get an email from pure solutions or oval innovation its a scam! they're both situated in the same bloody office on western road brighton what a let down! i actually got my hopes up from that first interview.. i feel so naive

9:43 pm  
Blogger FarrahL said...

I had an interview with JK marketing at the start of the week and had a very similar experience to those which have been described above, i was also slightly more put off by the fact that the 'proffesional manager' spent the entier interview looking down my top while his crony in the background scribbled notes...
the second interview i have been offered this week was from Unik corp, i thought id look them up after the JK situation and of course the first thing i find is Unik corp scam! im so annoyed! but seeing as i just spoke to the apparently pleasant woman (Frankie) on the front desk i decided to email and ask outright if the company was a scam and if i would be wasting my time going up to london on monday. i should imagine that i wont hear back...or recieve an email filled with a load of bs. anyway. thanks for the heads up. ill post the reply when i get it.

10:31 am  
Blogger FarrahL said...

here is the response that i was given...

The opening that you applied to is an 'instore' sales assistant/event managment which indicates that the vacancy would be insotre not door to door. Infact UNIK Corporation does not do any residential campaigns. In reguards to the 'commission only', again this is wrong as it is performace based as you are not required to hit any sales targets. The advert also clearly indicates this in the body, ' Pay will be based on your personal results and responsibilities to begin with'.

I can also asure you that UNIK Corporation is not a scam as if we were we would have been shut down by now.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us or to email.

Frankie Stevens.

notice that the definition of commission based work is when pay is given in relation to performance, oddly enough Frabkie believes that both of these things are entierly seperate. and of course the fact that the business has not yet been shut down is evidence enough that they are entierly legitimate! my response to this email was the following...

Thank you for your response, it has ben very helpful. However, I am still a little worried as i have been scammed in the past when offered similar positions.

Fortuately, my family work in the legal sector and i will be asking them to look into your business details and provide me with legal advice. Would you be able to send me any further details of your buisness that I can provide them with in order to give me peace of mind before attending your interview? However, if I feel your business is trading illegally or unethically, I will feel obliged to report your business to both Reed and any relevant authorities.

Thank you again, and sorry for any inconvenience.

i will post any reply...

11:11 am  
Blogger sapphireviet said...

I just sent the company this email -
Dear Zoe,

I would just like to say that your company is a massive scam! You manipulate people with a very vague advert into thinking they're going to be managers in your so called company when in actual fact, they are just going to do door-to-door selling with a salary less than minimum wage (both of these facts are not mentioned in your adverts on job sites or in the interview where your manager talks a load of bullshit about how you are going to climb the company ladder where he also forgets to mention the fact that you are going to do door-to-door selling in the second round of interviews.) I would not have a problem with your company if they told the truth in the interview or in the job adverts, what you are doing is giving people false hope and is extremely manipulative.

After consulting this website - http://lecari.blogspot.com/2009/07/more-on-job-scam.html I found out about the manipulative and disturbing nature of your so called company. I hope to warn all potential employees about the potential job scam they could get themselves into. Your manager is a manipulative twat and you are a soulless corporate animal and I wish you both the best of luck in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Beeching

11:14 am  
Blogger Ciara said...

I had an interview with Pure Solutions Direct today (they now have an office in Brighton and Hove) but after seeing this and other comments I'm not going. I definately do not want to be associated with something as unethically misguiding as that. What a joke! Thanks so much for this blog.

9:20 am  
Blogger Wilmarie said...

I thought I'd give you two more company names to add to the list: Marketing Endeavours, London
Progressive Marketing, Cardiff and Newport Wales

I find it unacceptable that companies can commit false advertising the way they do and rope so many people in. Three times I've fallen for this trick and wasted 5 days of my time altogether.

The first time was in Cardiff and I was desperate for work. Interview and a whole day out in the field. Second time, asked in the interview whether this was the same b.s. and was told it wasn't. Second day - same crap as before.
Third one I had the interview and half way through I said sorry, but this is not something I'm interested in and left. This was followed by a week of calls from the "Owner" to say that they have no doubt I would make it to the top in a month...whatever!

Salary negotiable means it can be discussed at the interview, if it's completely commission based they should say so on the adverts!

7:35 pm  
Blogger fifi55 said...

I'm so glad I found this page. Like others I had applied for a job with JMS Marketing Ltd, although this one is in Newcastle. I was about to call up to arrange an interview after being sent an email from a HR woman called Laura Elliott saying that her manager liked my CV. It was this that got me a little suspicious as usually there is recruitment team who look at CVs etc, not managers. I decided to google the company before calling, as the email didn't provide a link to their website. I couldn't find a website and luckily came across this page. After reading the posts I decided to google the phone number of JMS to check the address with it. Interestingly, it came up with another name, R & S Marketing, using the same number and address. So I don't know if that is another name they call themselves. Anyway, the address and telephone number is
JMS Marketing Ltd,
Suit 5 Granger House,
Clayton Street,
0191 231 2379

12:28 pm  
Blogger Martyn said...

I just got offered a job interview by Clover advertising at abranch in bristol. I was just wondering if all areas are being scammed. i dont know why i'm questioning this to be honest, its just i really need a job. Would you advise me not to go for it?

4:36 pm  
Blogger post audio 1 said...

i had an 'interview' a couple days ago with JMS Marketing in Newcastle as did someone ells above. i walked out of my observation day as it was becoming painfully obvious it wasnt lagit. the guy 'training' me had no idea about marketing, he conctantly contradicted him self with ingo of the job and the buisnes, and mainly he was bit of a racist homophobic dick.

i thought id chek thier name out as another of my friends got the job and took with, hes expecting his promotion any time now! haha

but the thing is i searched for the companie the other lad who posted about Newcatsle on Companies House and it turns out the company RS Marketing that the other lad found was connected to the same address and number as what JMS marketing are using now, they are infact a Disolved company. very dodgy...

3:00 pm  
Blogger JR said...

Is Pure Solutions Direct (Coventry) a scam?
Is it purely a glamourised company that mainly deals with door-to-door sales and nothing that is really of the legit marketing and advertising world? A quick answer would be appreciated

Found the ad on reed.co.uk, they responded quite quickly, so im not sure especially after doing pre-interview research, the site is somewhat pretty but quite vague and their clientele, are well....quite vague

5:04 pm  
Blogger Matthew said...

Anything linked with the Cobra Group isn't worth considering I did 10 months at Endeva did well but couldn't deal with the hours no more.
And yes it's all secretive and you can't mention anything slightly negative, they just try and brain wash you to be honest.
Chris Rudge is a c.u.n.t

3:35 pm  
Blogger Inez said...

I'm so glad I found this! I applied for this job i found on the "this is nottingham" job website only last night and I got a call from them this morning inviting me to an interview, the woman i spoke to seemed almost over-friendly and said my CV was great.. I immediately thought it was a bit odd but was still really glad.
They send me this email:
Dear Inez,

Thank you for your application via Jobsite website for our Customer Service roles.

The managing Director has reviewed your CV and feel you are a suitable applicant for our roles.

Following on from our conversation today, please find below a confirmation of your appointment.

Date: Monday 19th July 2010

Time: 3.30pm

You have been invited in to speak with our Managing Director Chris Rudge.

The qualities we look for are people with great communication skills and great personality.

Dress code is smart business attire only, you do not need to bring in any other documents at this stage as we already have you CV.

Please arrive on time, your appointment will last approx 30 minutes. We are situated opposite Nottingham Castle, just off Maid Marion Way.

When you arrive, please press buzzer one and ask for Angela.


Please reply back to this email to confirm your attendance. If you experience any problems we can be contacted on 0115 9596383.

We look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards

Recruitment Team

I decided to do some research and found not only this blog but countless articles and entries about "Endeva Adertising being a scam". I won't be turning up to that interview!

6:56 pm  
Blogger Carly said...


I am posting this on the 19th July 2010. I had a phone call from Clover Advertising this morning asking me to go for a interview tomorrow. I said yes and went to print off the email Natalie Powell was sending me.

I then checked google for directions. They are located in Arclight House, 3 Unity Street.

Thank you for this blog. I have now cancelled my interview and have posted the link to your blog on my Facebook page. I hope you do not mind me doing this, I can remove it.

I have done this so my friends, also graduates, do not fall for the same trick.


10:58 am  
Blogger RichArdJones said...

Yea i too nearly fell short of Clover Advertising's scams, but luckly i do a search always about a company and have found this blog, excellent btw...

Do not go for them... Thanks all :P

3:02 pm  
Blogger Kay said...

Going through a painful redundancy, I am sending application to all and sundry. I applied and got a call from Select Marketing Solutions Colchester, the other day.

I hold an MBA from a world class university, so I can pick up shit quite well and quite quickly.

Got a call from a girl Coralie who first introduced herself as PA to MD; sent me an email as Head of HR, and later as Director Logistics. Too much bull-shit in too short a time!!

Didn't bother attending the interview. Their website is testament to their shittines.

Beware all! Most of what is said about these scams is correct.


12:08 am  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I had an interview with the Horizon Marketing in Luton yesterday and I got invited to the second interview later on, which was for today, I found this website and just didn't turn up in the end. I have a bunch of missed calls from them and and email:

Unfortunately, you missed your interview with us on August 9, 2010.

I am the HR Director and my job is to find quality candidates for the positions we have available. It is very rare that someone schedules an interview with me and does not attend without calling first. I want to make sure that this was not in any way due to something that I have done.

I would really appreciate if you would call me or e-mail me why you were unable to attend the interview.

I would like to fix any mistakes that I am making.

Good luck with your future job search.

Kind regards,

Scott Pattrick
HR Director

Horizon Marketing

Telford House

102 Collingdon Street

Luton LU1 1RX
01582 455 134

I find it very strange that a 'HR Director' is practically begging me to tell me where he went wrong?
If it was a normal job, they wouldn't want to employ me at all if i didn't turn up to my interview.

2:49 pm  
Blogger shannanM said...

can someone tell me if RS Advertising in colchester is a scam, because i have been offered an interview with them tomorrow, but they sounded pretty genuine on the phone. i also used to work in the same building with them awhile ago but with a different company. i dont really know anything about them as it does not say much on their website.

4:31 pm  
Blogger Kay said...

When I missed my interview I got a similar email, the HR Director begging me to come and asking if she made a mistake!!

I guess these guys don't want to let a mouse out of the trap. Bastards.

See their email below:

"Just a quick email regarding the interview you had booked today with the MD as it is quite rare that selected applicants don't attend the appointment.

I just wanted to make sure that it was nothing on my behalf which prevented you meeting this pre-booked interview, so if you could give me a call just to let me know the reason as to why you didn't attend and I'll see what the MD's schedule is looking like to see if we can re-arrange."


10:10 pm  
Blogger BFG said...

I’m so please I found this website; my granddaughter has just been recruited by Select Marketing Solutions of 38-40 Culver Street Colchester CO1 1LE.
Her initial interview lasted around 10 minutes and seem to consist of a general discussion about holidays, but never-the-less within a couple of hours of arriving back home she was invited back the next day for a second interview as an “Initial Property Surveyor” she was told to dress smartly in outdoor clothing as she would be meeting clients.
Because of some issues with her car it was decided that we would pick her up in the evening at around 8:30pm; just after 8:30pm we received a text to say that she would be a little late.
She finally arrived at around 10:30pm in what can only be described as a hyper-active state (quite unexpected for a bright 18 year old who has just spent 8 hours walking around in the rain knocking on doors trying to sell standing orders for an obscure charity). My wife took one look and said she’s been brainwashed!
But we kept our opinions to ourselves; we didn’t want to spoil her mood as she had been offered a Job as Marketing Assistant to start the following day.
On the way home we tried to question her about the job, salary, working conditions, training opportunities, career path etc. she was reluctant to answer any of our questions and said all this would be explained to her when she started the next morning.
By this time alarm bells were beginning to ring, but she was so excited we decided to back off a little hoping by the following evening she would be able to answer our questions.
The following evening at around 9:30pm we telephoned to see how she got on only to be told by her mum that she wasn’t home yet! Eventually she arrived home at 1:30am the following morning; apparently she had been out knocking on doors until 9:30pm then had to drive back to the office for a debriefing session (Brainwashing) before being allowed home, with the promise that if she came in the next day, Saturday it would enhance her promotion prospects.
Eventually when we were able to talk to her it transpired that “Reading between the lines” the so called job was self-employed, selling door-to-door on a commission only basis.
With the limited amount of sales information she had been given, we were able to calculate that if she made the four sales a-day to meet target, with two thirds of each sale going to the charity and one third going to the company, it was most unlikely that she would ever earn enough to even cover her expenses, let alone anything like the hugely inflated commissions being banded about. Put simply it just didn’t add-up!!
The only way this particular business model could possibly be profitable is if somebody didn’t get paid! My guess is that somebody would be the poor guy at the bottom who actually made the sale!
BUT the final and perhaps the most astounding thing was that she had been asked to work away from home the following week, staying, not as you would expect in a business hotel but in a TENT!!
It was at this stage that we looked up Select Marketing Solutions on the internet, everything from the very vague website with more spin than information, to the frightening number of entries on scam websites indicates that this company is operating on the very boarders of legality
This is a Pyramid selling scam that exploits vulnerable people with promises of employment; its primary objective is to recruit people to work for FREE, at there own expense, with promises of rapid promotions, high salaries and a prestigious career.
But perhaps the most worrying thing is the evident use of brainwashing, almost cult like techniques to manipulate susceptible people into believing there wicked lies.
BE WARNED keep clear of these people they are evil!

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, im not going to go into to much detail or reiterate what has been already said. Except for i too attended one of these time wasting interview days (walked out soon after). I now believe that the Colchester branch is now trading as under two names both on Culver street, colchester. Serfice to say, they seem to prey on the unemployed. I only went because of the misleding job add "trainee surveyor" LOL! As im a student buildings surveyor i thought i was on to a winner! Until i looked a little closer anyway.

All in all i agree with most of what has been said, these companies brain wash weakminded fools who dont know any better into an obvious pyramid scheam. They are NOT to be trusted and are pure evil.

12:43 pm  
Blogger The Real Special One said...

I went to two interviews with Powerhouse Direct and they are very sketchy people. It obviously a pyramid scheme were you work on your own and you have to receive commission.

I had to go with them to reading services to sell Victoria Jackson Cosmetics which is supposedly sold in Macy's and how she is famous in the Usa and how she does make up for celebs. Loadz of ppl in the usa have never heard of her at all.

They were selling this shit to poor old ladies and they were giving up all their pension money and buying all their rubbish it is disgusting.

Never get involved with these people they are fake and they will lie straight to your face.

powerhouse are located in the regus building behind Mercedes benz near southampton airport parkway if you have been a victim. Also watch out for parker worldwide.


12:26 pm  
Blogger vivian said...

I am so glad about all i have read, i just received a call and got an email from endeva advertising and pinnacle promotions, it says:

Dear Vivian,

Thank you for speaking to us, as discussed I am pleased to inform you we have booked you an interview with us for:

Date:Wednesday 22nd September @ 1pm

Address:21-23 Friar Gate, Derby DE1 1BX

Now i wont waste my time and money. It so sad though that pple are doing this to the unemployed, who are already unhappy not having a job, may God repay all this evil 100 fold

4:56 pm  
Blogger frugalfashionista said...

Just came back from a wasted day supposedly interviewing with jk marketing services 86a bank street maidstone. Was told to get there for 9am for an all day interview with a senior account manager. The job was for events account manager but was actually promoting talk talk in streets/ shopping centres for 12-18hrs without getting paid! When I got there I was told they'd messed up and the managers weren't there so told me to go away and come back in 3hrs. After reading this blog last night I told them i wouldn't be back at all! What a waste of my time, petrol and parking money!

11:27 am  
Blogger haylzbrooks said...

got an interview? - DONT GO! i went to the first interview yesterday and the 2nd one today, sorry i didnt see this blog earlier! the 1st interview went fine, apart from them being very coy about what the job actually was, despite repeated attempts to find out. when i went to the second 'all day' interview, i was put on a train to saint helens ( which i had to pay for), where i found out the 'interview' would primarily be knocking on peoples doors trying to sell them 'talk talk'! at which point i decline to go any further was promptly abandoned in the train station, left to find my own way home!

5:27 pm  
Blogger Emily said...

i would just like to add a quick comment, i had two interviews with a company called mantra marketing in bristol which was the same as this but i did not realise at the time what was going on. it was only when i went for an interview at clover marketing that i realised what was going on. i was subjected to the same format, invited to a second interview before the first one was finished, not allowed to answer any questions,but was instead subjected to the history of the company and my prospects within it. i was also introduced to the youngest manager in the company (aged 20). i had already decided not to attend the second interview on this occasion and reading this blog and affirmed my position.

9:56 am  
Blogger Kru5ad3r said...

AMM Direct
Horsefair House - 3rd Floor
I went to this interview knowing that it was probably going to be dodgy as I had seen the same tactics a year ago with a company called Arcedia(or Arcadia). A three headed chimp would get a second interview as it doesnt have to answer any questions, just listen to the speel. Anyway, I went in with the attitude of asking every single pertinent question relating to the job and the answers were either avoided or lies (very vague truths?). As soon as the manager 'Danny' (A well presented guy, very cheery and apparently not from this area) started going on at the start, I cut him dead by saying if this is a scam going out and knocking on peoples doors then im not interested, he said that it may involve a little of that but once you climb the ladder, then less. Also told him that im not working for 100& commission, apparently this job pays £250-300 per week + commission, really? The second interview is supposed to be for 3 hours but I think ive scared him off as havent received 'the call' yet, maybe they think ive rumbled them, cant wait though, ill really enjoy going to it and walking out with all the others after I hand them printouts of this blog, well done people. I agree with most people here that if they advertised it properly and just quit the b/s from the start then people wouldnt have a problem, they would have an informed choice, however, for the top guys to make their money, they have to get whoever in at the bottom to make it for them. I believe there are better oportunities and conditions on community service?

9:40 pm  
Blogger THE TEXAN said...

Trust your Gutt instinct people! I aint from England But I have recently come across 3 companies in liverpool which fit all the criteria of a scam. I guess the hard part for the average citizen is to believe that your goverment actually allows these people to operate. Technically, you must have a peddlers certificate inorder to sell door to door. its an old law. But it is the law and if you dont have one . Then your breaking the law. That is probably the only way to take these companies down. And as for the companies blogging on here.. Its all Disinformation, Remember, they only need you for a couple of months, then they'll find someone else.Welcome to modern day slavery. "Y'all Be Careful Out There!"

11:39 pm  
Blogger OSASU said...

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8:14 am  
Blogger OSASU said...

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8:15 am  
Blogger OSASU said...

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8:16 am  
Blogger chris88hatfield said...

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8:10 pm  
Blogger bheem said...

My partner had an interview with "UK Acquisitions ltd" today. As I entered it so happens it said JMS Marketing on postbox - this is pearl house in Leeds, near the town hall opposite the greggs... Any one else heard of this company? Is it another name of JMS- seems fishy..

5:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God i found this site, i was invited for an interview tommorow with JK Marketing services in Maidstone. The interviews are going to be held in a resteraunt in pudding lane due to electrical problems in their office in Bank St. Seeing as its a load of rubbish and that i live in Folkestone (35 miles away) I wont be wasting time/money turning up to this bullshit interview tommorow. Thanks for the warning guys.

10:33 pm  
Blogger cheza said...

i worked for a marketing firm excatly the same.they kept my money that earnt held up and i never got it back.eventually they made me work all hours knocking on doors.it is a pyramid scheme and i advise people to stay away from marketing firms

12:45 pm  
Blogger hana_banana-16 said...

I had an interview today in brighton with oval innivation, they have asked me to come back tomorow for a second interview from 12 until 8pm. do i go as i need a job? or is this really a scam ? it could be a good marketing company which will earn me good money. please help

6:12 pm  
Blogger zaragisby.1 said...

I actually had the interview and started working for them (B1 client services) they expect you to work for 11 hours a day the 2 days that i worked for them we made no sales what so ever so that men't no money for me when i got up on the wed morning i just never went back don't get me wrong they have some lovely people working there but the actual job itself is a pile ****

3:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Got home from a second interview/assessment today and I have been offered the job with "BlackRock Advertising".

Funnily enough I only came on the internet to find out some more information on the company, and then I stumble across this.

Although I am yet to find anything about the BlackRock company themselves, every person on this blog has had a bad experience with companies like this. It all sounds too strange if you ask me, I'm now contemplating whether or not to turn up for my first day.

2:18 am  
Blogger Daniel said...

Check out Fosters Marketing solutions, same con but in Leeds. The manager lady was hot as fuck mind, is this also a ploy to keep u coming back??!

12:55 pm  
Blogger Swollen Foot said...

Hi guys, another name for this 'company' it seems is Junior Enterprise in Norwich. It has the same address as the SRM Marketing one - 11 Orford Place.

I kind of want to go on the first interview just to see how creepy it really is...!

8:55 pm  
Blogger tomseymour77 said...

Hi guys after seeing an advert on jobs in kent for DCM marketing solutions based in maidstone after a little research i found JK marketing solutions run out of the same building funnily enough with the same logo with different letters funny how JK has a bad rep then they create this new company with a really tacky dodgy looking website.

Ive had the ussual reply as stated above in just 15 mins of applying!!!! the description was for cavity insulation very vague and sounds like a scam to me so will be giving it a miss just to make everyone aware and to not waste there time.


5:28 pm  
Blogger Tim said...

Hi guys, please be aware of DCM Marketing Services (Maidstone and Bournemouth). It is the same as JK Marketing Services and these companies are a marketing scam. They recruit people as door-to-door salesmen and you only earn what you sell, no basic salary and working 10 hours a day!! DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam.DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam.DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam. DCM Marketing Services is a marketing scam.

6:19 pm  
Blogger David said...

Approach Direct in Liverpool is another of these scam companies. They operate out of the same damn room as JMS Markerting!

Liverpool Head Office
Level 2 Citrus House
40-46 Dale Street
Liverpool L2 5SF
0151 227 2799

I have a million things to rant about my time there but I don't wanna spend all night typing :)
Let's just say it is as everyone else here has already said. A massive scam designed to make people work for free.

I made a YouTube video about it, if you can discuss this matter there too. It's vital we get as much information as we can across as many forums as we can to as many people as we can.
Search Appraoch Direct Scam.

6:06 pm  
Blogger Tiffany W said...

I received an email today from a company asking for an interview. I was really excited as I've been job-seeking for when I finish uni and finding it rather challenging, due to the amount of competition for jobs at the moment. In the email they posted a link to their website and I had a look, but it all looked a bit ambiguous, there was something that didn't add up, and also I hadn't even applied for a job with them! I googled their name 'Oval Innovations' based in Brighton, and found this site, so glad I did! Within 2 hours of receiving their email, they sent another one saying they have been trying to get in contact with me for an interview, so I sent one back very blunt, I'm wondering if they will reply!! I agree with other posters here, its just one big scam, sadly. I just found the 'job' on Reed and have reported it as not genuine.

4:37 pm  
Blogger j30pub said...

I had an interview this week in liverpool JMS Marketing this is the same thing.

9:41 am  
Blogger samparrett said...

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6:09 pm  
Blogger linkin_park_meteora_03 said...

Big Thanks to everybody who posts on here perhaps one day our words wont fall on deaf ears... had a call from Clover Advertising (18/05/2011) she said my cv had just been looked over by the MD... pure crap, did a little research resulting in ending up on this blog, called them back up to ask if there was actually an hourly pay rate which she then replied with "On target earnings" then I instantly told them i wont be attending. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH EXPLOITING VULNERABLE PEOPLE?!?!?!

1:18 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

I had an interview today with a Southampton company called PGT - which of course stands for Progressive Global Training - same story as the other commenters on here. Presumably they've abbreviated their name to stop people like me Googling them.

4:49 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

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8:15 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

They should be banned from recruitment websites I am so tired of see their generic job description!!

I went to an interview with Powerhouse Direct. They tried to sell me the perks of how I would be working within marketing in no time if I worked bad hours and on a commission basis...

I wasn't surprised when they called me up for a second interview. Did I answer hell no!!

Lol no wonder they have changed their company name so much!!

8:17 pm  
Blogger Naim said...

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11:21 pm  
Blogger Naim said...

^^^How did you find those details?!

11:30 pm  
Blogger Lecari said...

I am really not comfortable with these contact details being available. I don't want to start a hate campaign against these people, I just want to tell people about this so they can make an informed decision about whether it is the type of work that they want.

If you want to do that on your own blog, that's fine, but I am not happy with this being on mine, so I have deleted your comments.

11:34 pm  
Blogger ryan said...

I worked for jtm solutions for 2 weeks, all it is is door knocking nothing else, i left a good job to go there but luckily they took me back after swallowing some pride. They sell you the dream of owning your own branch but its all bull! dont fall into the same trap as i did, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

2:55 pm  
Blogger holls100 said...

watch out for CCL Client Solutions based in Sheffield - they even referred to a couple of the other companies mentioned above as sister companies!

2:15 pm  
Blogger holls100 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:15 pm  
Blogger Viv said...

Morton Solutions has just appeared in Norwich, at surprise surprise, 11 Orford Place.

Same type of website for SMS and SRM which is well worth a visit if you want a laugh. This one has spelling and grammar mistakes (although the person allegedly running it keeps banging on about their UEA literature degree!)and in many cases senstences that make no sense at all.

They've flooded Reed and all the other websites with their scummy ads for graduates!

7:16 pm  
Blogger ekemo said...

I got Oval calling me AGAIN... also power house interview aswell hahahaha!

3:58 pm  
Blogger rjpanther said...

I feel so bad about this because I am the one who sent my husband's CV to this company it was advertised at reed.co.uk after an hour there's an email saying:

We have just received your Application via E-Mail and would like to thank you for your interest in SMA.

After having reviewed your past experience and skills, the Managing Director and Myself are super-impressed and we'd absolutely love to invite you in for a Preliminary Interview!

So, well done!

Our continuous success with our clients has led to an increase in demand for our unique form of marketing, this has made it a neccesity for us to expand rapidly. We are looking to bring people in for full-time opportunities, candidates who are looking to excell in an exciting industry.

We will provide full training from Entry Level in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Energy Assessment Surveying and Promotional Activities within the opportunity to progress through our Business Development Programme.

We are currently holding preliminary interviews in our office at our Luton Branch so you can meet with one of our Managers - they will be able to go into more detail about the positions we are looking to fill, the progression involved, as well as the pay scale.

We are looking to fill these positions as soon as possible; please contact me via telephone only on 01582 455 134.

Our emails do not always come through as fast as we'd like so please do not contact us via email, telephone contact is best for us.

Find out more on our website: http://www.smithsmarketingassociates.co.uk

We are hosting interviews in the next few days!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kindest regards,

Ms Taz
(01582 455 134)

Smiths Marketing Associates
Ground Floor
Telford House
102 Collingdon Street
Luton LU1 1RX
(01582) 455 134

I didn't know he got a call as well even before he can read his email... then after the call we got this second mail

Congratulations on being selected to attend Preliminary Interview with SMA at 29/07/2011 at 9:15 AM.

On arrival at our office reception, you will be presented a brief application form which you will be required to complete. One of the managers will then conduct a screening interview, which takes approximately 10-15 minutes, where you will be asked to provide an insight into your previous roles and responsibilities and how those experiences could benefit our company in the future.

As with any interview, it is always a good idea to bring along a paper copy of your CV along with you as well as dressing smartly and professionally.

Please find below a link for a map to our office in Luton Town Centre to aid you when locating our offices:

Our emails do not always come through as fast as we'd like so please do not contact us via email, telephone contact is best for us.

When heading in to your interview if you have any problems in locating the offices then please don't hesitate to call for directions on 01582 455 134.

Many thanks,

Kindest regards,

Ms Taz
(01582 455 134)

Smiths Marketing Associates
Ground Floor
Telford House
102 Collingdon Street
Luton LU1 1RX
(01582) 455 134

I feel so bad coz my husband got a call from his former boss and might give him a job but he said he got an interview which is this company...... I felt so bad this company someone should report this I dunno where to report them they are advertising a job but then when I checked their website there's nothing specific... at reed.co.uk it says there they are looking for Trainee Surveyor and no need for experience.... :(

6:35 pm  
Blogger Richard J W said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:37 am  
Blogger thecaterpillar said...

Hello I got a phone call from power house direct ltd today asking me to go for interview 2moro in london they said its near old street an said they would email me the address but havent yet do you weather they are scamming people???

2:51 pm  
Blogger biggsy said...

iv just seen this site after getting a reply from JMS Marketing i came across there add on
they gave me there website to look at
after looking at it i thought it was abit plain theres next to no info on it or a managers name, i wanted to know more about them as from there web site they dont look like there a professional sales comany witch is how i came across your site i'd like to thankyou for the info and hope this list of addresses will be helpfull JMS Marketing Limited
Company No. 6938337
Pearl Chambers
1st Floor
22 East Parade


Newcastle Upon Tyne
0191 231 2379
Grainger House, Suite 5
Clayton Street West
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ne1 5EE

0151 227 2799
Citrus House
40-46 Dale Street
L2 5SF

0113 243 6925
Pearl Chambers, 1st Floor
22 East Parade

0114 276 7711
47 Belgrave House
S1 2DR

Fast Track Acquisitions is a trading name of JMS Marketing Limited

11:13 am  
Blogger mikeymouser said...

I have a 2nd interview tomorrow (27/09/2011) with JMS Marketing in Liverpool: Citrus Hse., 2nd Flor, 40-46 Dale St., L'pool 07923421531 http://www.jmsmktg.org/

I was doing some research to prepare for tomorrowbut stumbled across a number of forums warning about "JMS" & other names they use & the extent of their scam. I originally found them advertising on fish4jobs and the emails people have recieved are literally word4word the same as the 2 i got.

This forum has been especially valuable so thank you. I am sorry that many people have been victim of this scam but this has been a warning to me which I am extremely grateful to you/them all.

Please continue to update this as it is a crucial & valuable warning to others who may be about to fall victim as I would have tomorrow if it hadn't been for this site.

I hope you all find what you're all looking for!!



7:15 pm  
Blogger mikeymouser said...

I have a 2nd interview tomorrow (27/09/2011) with JMS Marketing in Liverpool: Citrus Hse., 2nd Flor, 40-46 Dale St., L'pool 07923421531 http://www.jmsmktg.org/

I was doing some research to prepare for tomorrowbut stumbled across a number of forums warning about "JMS" & other names they use & the extent of their scam. I originally found them advertising on fish4jobs and the emails people have recieved are literally word4word the same as the 2 i got.

This forum has been especially valuable so thank you. I am sorry that many people have been victim of this scam but this has been a warning to me which I am extremely grateful to you/them all.

Please continue to update this as it is a crucial & valuable warning to others who may be about to fall victim as I would have tomorrow if it hadn't been for this site.

I hope you all find what you're all looking for!!



7:16 pm  
Blogger current worker said...

guys im currently employed by one of these so called 'scam companies'. The fact i have always been paid, was well informed of the position i was applying for outside the office within 5 minutes of being taken outside the office and given the opportunity to walk away there and then. I have been in the job 9 weeks and built a crew around me and in the next few weeks will be pushing for a management position. I have witnessed 8 people being promoted to management position in my weeks within the company. The fact i have kids and a house to run means if this company were as bad as everyone makes out i wouldnt be able to afford the life style i lead at the minute, I guess most people on here just arent management material, arent strong enough to be in a fast moving , sucessfull company. The word scam is not usually involved with companies such as talk, 3 mobile, red cross many more well know companies.

if your a strong person who wants a job with progression this is the company you need. If not your somebody i will sigm up for a campaign in the future

6:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm a freelance journalist based in London. I'm interested in looking in to the practices of Unik Corporation and possibly writing a story about them. Is anyone on this forum interested in giving me your email or contact so that I can ask you some questions about your experience of them?

You can contact me on m-m.collin@hotmail.se

10:16 am  
Blogger Craig Williams said...

Thankyou for the heads up! Wondered why she was so keen on the phone and reluctant to answer my questions. Wish there was some way of reporting companies like this!

2:35 pm  
Blogger otheobald330 said...

New to the list - EVO PROMOTIONS!!!

I was scammed (almost) by DCM in Maidstone, went along for two interviews which involved getting in a car, driving to a road to work door to door 'sales' with the staff. I was then promised huge amounts of pay and progression to a managerial role. This was about 5/6 months ago. The man who 'interviewed' me had a very distinctive voice (I will come to the importance of that later) I decided not to take the job I was offered!

This week, having been in temporary work I submitted my cv to numerous online work agencies and to my surprise instantly received a phone call from a man at EVO PROMOTIONS, who funny enough sounded EXACTLY the same as the man who interviewed me at DCM. Nonetheless I arranged an interview for today, and was told the address and instructions would be sent to me by email. Guess what...the address of EVO PROMOTIONS is exactly the same as the place I had my interview for DCM. They are a 'new' company, according to their website just the 20th October 2011! Obviously as more and more negative press is released surrounding DCM yet ANOTHER company name is being used...this time EVO PROMOTIONS.

I just hope that having discovered this in the early stages of the new company, due to the 'manager' at DCM being silly enough to ring someone who interviewed for the previous company DCM, others will also not have their time wasted!

EVO PROMOTIONS website can be found here - http://evopromotions.co.uk/


1:45 pm  
Blogger Nuller said...

Hi All,

Thank you SO much for saving me the travel to Sheffield (1,5 hours drive). I applied to Fast Track Acquisitions add on Reed's jobsite yesterday, and got really excited when I had 'the invitation' today... Anyways I feel very lucky that I found this blog.

It was their very basic webpage www.ftasheffield.com that made me look deeper into the company -and of cause the wierd thing of not being able to told anything more specific about the position that I applied for...

Thank you thank you thank you for saving my time

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Blogger Kpdolly said...

I was with JMS Marketing in Liverpool for about 3 weeks but at the time I hadn't heard of these scams. Slave labour. 11 - 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. Door to door sales. Commission based wage. At the end of the 3 weeks of travelling all over Merseyside and Birkenhead, walking for miles every day I was paid £32. I was disgusted. The address of their office is

Citrus House
40-46 Dale Street
L2 5SF

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Blogger Tim said...

It has been a new marketing scam in Maidstone called Evo Promotions. It is the same as DCM marketing services and JK marketing services. Be aware, they are scams!!

Evo Promotions!
Evo Promotions!
Evo Promotions!

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Blogger Sean said...

This guy called chris from Liverpool Marketing solutions phoned me up today to say my C.V was picked out of 50 other C.Vs to attend a face to face interview which i thought was abit to good to be true. I Found This Website and seen the email's other companies have sent to people on here Look familiar ?
Liverpool Marketing Solutions
Citrus House
40-46 Dale Street
L2 5SF
0740 394 3743

Dear Sean,

Congratulations on being selected to attend our preliminary round of meetings on 08/12/2011 at 2:00 PM.

Upon arrival at our location, you will be presented with a brief enquiry form. The manager of Liverpool Marketing Solutions will then conduct a meeting where you will be asked to provide an insight into your previous roles and responsibilities as well as illustrating how these experiences could benefit our company growth. You will also be given an outline of the history of our company, the services we provide for our clients, and where you could fit into our goals for the future.

As with any interview, it would be beneficial to bring a copy of your CV along with you.
We look forward to meeting you in person.


Please bring a printed copy of your CV (if you don’t have access to a printer, please let me know and I will have one ready for you) and dress smartly. If you run into any trouble finding us, please do not hesitate to call me on 0740 394 3743.


We are located on the second floor of Citrus House on Dale Street in Liverpool city center (across from Moorefields train station) just press the buzzer for Liverpool Marketing Solutions. Once you have arrived on the second floor, turn right out of the lift and walk straight into our reception. Please ask for myself (Chris).

40-46 Dale St
Citrus House, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 5SF, UK

Liverpool Marketing Solutions

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Blogger mbrook said...

My daughter has just had a second interview over the phone with United Leeds Endevours at pearl chambers East parade Leeds. After she talked to me - alarm bells started to ring. Something does not sound right. They want her to go back. Any advice would be greatly received.


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Blogger HeartOfAnxiety said...

Here is one in colchester:

38-40 Culver Street East
01206 561247

They gave me a broken link to google. That made me want to type their name into google and surprise, surprise.. this came up. I have been unemployed for almost a year and I thought finally I had been given a change. I hate my life.

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Blogger TheFury79 said...

these guys nearly got me too, on saturday (27/1/12), i recieved a call, whilst i was taking my daughter to a birthday party. being surrouded by 11 hyped up 4 year old children,i kinda felt rushed. so i spoke breifly but got the " your CV stood out from the rest." spiel.
so i accepted the offer of the interview.any how i held my suspicions mostly due to the overly keen woman on the phone. any how fast forward to sunday evening, and my housemate just got it her head to research the company in question.and lo, this thread came up. ill not bother ranting at the company but i shall call and not attend the "face to face" interview. i am certainly no fool and have had a decent professional career and know a scam when i see one. but this one nearly got me. Be careful guys.

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Blogger ThatMahn said...

"iv just seen this site after getting a reply from JMS Marketing i came across there add on
they gave me there website to look at
after looking at it i thought it was abit plain theres next to no info on it or a managers name, i wanted to know more about them as from there web site they dont look like there a professional sales comany witch is how i came across your site i'd like to thankyou for the info and hope this list of addresses will be helpfull JMS Marketing Limited
Company No. 6938337
Pearl Chambers
1st Floor
22 East Parade
LS1 5BY"

Had an interview there today, been called back for an 8 hour observation day. 12-8pm.
Their 'Marketing Suite' is on the 3rd floor.
I'm tempted to go in with this information to show it to their other interviewees.
I'm glad I've stumbled upon this, JMS seems to be widely spread from the looks of this page, makes me wonder if its the same people moving from place to place or if its just a large branch of pretentious 'marketeers'.

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Blogger ThatMahn said...

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Blogger mAz said...

Also a new one they have come up with: Gateway Hampshire:

Email: admin@gatewayhampshire.org
TEL: 07734580919
Website: GatewayHampshire.org

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Blogger mAz said...


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Blogger mAz said...

Ok, I have also posted to my blog to gain awareness:

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Blogger Erlin said...

These people are now, trying this under CCL Client Solutions and BAM outsource, only smelled a rat when did my research having seen that both my interviews would be in the same office with the same people at two different times! Their address this time is:
Suite 5, North Wing, Broadway Court, Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1RP
Again the cover email from them is the same standard one as everyone else has received from hundreds of different companies, here it is;

It was a pleasure speaking to you earlier!

Congratulations again on being selected for an appointment on scheduled time.

Please visit our website and our social media outlets for more information about BAM Outsource and the services we provide. Links can be found at the bottom of this email.

It will be an informal preliminary appointment although please note the dress code is smart business and as with any appointment it’s always a good idea to bring a copy of your C.V.

On arrival, you’ll be required to fill out a brief form. Your appointment will then be conducted by one of our managing directors. The preliminary meeting will give us the opportunity to get to know you a little better, learn more about your education, previous work experiences along with the knowledge and skills you’ve gained.

During the meeting we will give you detailed information regarding all the opportunities we have available for you, our Company history, our Goals and Ambitions, furthermore tell you more about the services we provide for our clients and finally but most importantly where you could fit in to our goals for 2012!


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Blogger Sinead_Hannah said...

I applied to G10 Global through total jobs, I got invited along for an interview today. I looked up the company website, it looked like a child could have made it, i done a quick google search but nothing dodgy came up...normally scam.com comes up if its bad news. so i went along to Glasgow office on Wellington Street. the building looked fine from the outside but when i went in it all seemed very strange. there was one dirty desk in a corner with a receptionist playing music on her phone. grubby carpets, dirty yellow walls, magazines which looked like they had been on the table for decades and sofas which looked like they had been picked up at a dump...not exactly the modern office I was expecting for such a 'fast growing' marketing company. But I was there now so I waited..i was sitting waiting for about 15 minutes, two other candidates came in, just normal smartly dressed people so I guess that slightly eased my thoughts. then i heard a rumble of what sounded like school children but no..it was a bunch of 16 year old school leavers in suits who seemed to think they were onto a good thing. eventually a scruffy gentleman in an over sized cheap pin striped suit showed me to his office. Throughout the interview he claimed I would become a manager of my own office with 8-12 months of working with this company, didn't mention anything about pay or what the job actually entailed. He then began to almost patronize me by claiming he has 'all this' without going to university and that I would learn more by joining this supposed company. He then went off on a tangent about unemployment claiming that I would need this job as most 21 year olds with university degrees are unemployed...would love to know where he gets his stats from...
So after this horrendous 7 minute 'interview' I was told if I was successful he would call between 3-5 to invite me along to a second interview.. I then received a text message at 6pm telling me I had been successful. I then asked my friend if she knew anything about this company and actually got an interesting insight...
her friend worked for G10 Global last October....
she was sent out on the streets 8 hrs a day 5 days a week, no basic rate and selling love film packages.. 2 problems with this
1. they didn't have a licence to sell products on the street
2. they didn't have a contract to even sell Love Film
This led to several employees being picked up by the police.
For some reason the poor girl continued working for them, she was invited to a work trip in manchester..which she had to pay for herself and since she wasn't earning a basic rate or making any more than peanuts from commission she had to fund this herself. She was then told she wouldn't be able to go on the trip as they needed her for other duties..was she re-embursed for the £160 she paid to go on the trip...no !
To be honest I felt like I was being punked at this supposed interview this morning and will not be taking my application process any further.

10:42 pm  
Blogger bored said...

what a load of rubbish

8:16 pm  
Blogger LaLa said...

CCL are now in Bristol recruiting under the name of Synergy Client Solutions - it seemed fishy. . . Found your blog and other sites while researching - Thanks



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Blogger Bambi said...

I've also been duped by the Glasgow office.

Here is my experience.

I applied for them via myglasgowjobs.com and the next day was invited to an interview. I also spoke with Olu Fakia, but this was just a "First impression chat" I was one of the "Lucky successful candidates!!" (Go me) And called back for the second day interview, when I went out doing door to door sales with Assistant Manager Sebastian Short and a retrain, on his 2nd day already pitching to people with that "rabbit in the head lights" look.

At first I was very hesitant, But stayed the whole day, So I could at least tell my self, I gave it a good shot. I got excited at the 4 part develepment structure. BIG MISTAKE!!

Here's what they tell you. Entry level You earn £200-£300 a week

Leadership £300-£500+ Per week.

Assistant Management £500 -£100 Per week

Management you earn £???,??? Ask Olu what he earns, he loves telling people!!

I stayed 6 weeks in this job, spend around £1000 on clothes, travel, food, stationary etc and in 6 weeks earned around £600. Sickening.

We were sent to areas to sell TalkTalk (Second rate broadband service, which to be honest I was embarrassed to sell!!) Yet we had to convince customers they were great!

After leaving last week about the FRAUD committed in this place by the team Leaders, not to mention how unfair they were with territory, I'd had enough. I took my concerns to management, and they were shrugged off. I actually mean, there was a physical shrug of the shoulders about my concerns. I was gutted to leave as the people there were all fantastic. (Except maybe a select few that wanted to cheat their way to the top!)

I haven't been paid, and have contacted Olu about this, Next step will be legal action.

There is potential to make money in this business, but only if you're a crook, like to lie to your customers.

I shall keep you posted I guess!!

They are posing as A1 Outsource now, Manager is Oluminde Fakeye, Assistant Manager Sebastian Short.

7:49 pm  
Blogger Wise Old Joe said...

I responded to a vague job ad on Gumtree. I got a call back saying that management had reviewed my CV and they would like to offer me an interview. Just one problem, I never actually sent them a CV! This set the alarm bells ringing so I decided to check them out. Glad I've found out the truth! I won't be going to my interview.

2:11 pm  
Blogger Wise Old Joe said...

Forgot to say, it was Clover Advertising!

2:15 pm  
Blogger schizoid said...

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the UK and living in Liverpool. I've been applying to jobs on gumtree, jobrapido, totaljobs, caterer.com and many more.

I received a call from a company called Gateway Merseyside. They told me over the phone that the interview was for the Waitressing job I had applied for. When I got the email from them confirming the appointment they gave a link to their website which I tried to access and the website they gave me www.gatewaymerseyside.org did not exist.

A couple of days later I got a call on a SUNDAY (which immedietly raises alarm bells) from Liverpool Marketing Solutions for an interview. I asked about the job and he said it would all be in the email confirmation. When I got the email I saw that the companys address was exactly the same as "Gateway Merseyside". I then made numerous efforts to contact them and ask what the job entailed, with no response.

Then two weeks later I got a call from a company called Approach Direct for a retail job I'd applied for on the reed.co.uk website. Long story short, they gave me the same address again.

These people had called me three different times and each time under a different company name. If you look at Liverpool Marketing Solutions and Approach Directs websites you will see a different background but the exact same wording and phrases. And by the way it was the same person that called me all three times!!

So if its not some kind of scam why do they keep changing their company name and website address???

Here are the details:

Gateway Merseyside
2nd floor citrus house
40/46 Dale street
L2 5SF

Liverpool Marketing Solutions
2nd floor citrus house
40/46 Dale street
L2 5SF

Approach Direct
2nd floor citrus house
40/46 Dale street
L2 5SF

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Blogger Unknown said...

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