Friday, February 18, 2005


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I think I've got mumps :'(

Last night my right gland on my throat started really hurting, I took some tablets but it wouldn't go away. Everyone kept telling me to calm down, Darren couldn't have given me mumps - if it was mumps, both sides would be sore and swollen. So, just to increase my paranoia, this morning the other one was sore too (although not as sore as the other side). Instead of doing the logical thing and going to the Doctors to find out one way or the other, I chickened out and came home again. I'll go Monday, if it's got worse.

I'm really low on energy, I didn't sleep much last night as it hurt to lean on my side, I've got no appeitite as it hurts when I do eat.

On the bright side, if I do have mumps, it's an excuse to stay in bed, read, listen to Tori, finish Doom 3, miss the exam Tuesday and not do any coursework (and get an extension). I might even go home, if my Dad will come get me, and that'd be nice. I hate being at Uni when I'm not feeling well, I miss being looked after and fussed over like I am at home.


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