Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is it cool on your island?

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If you don't treat me better baby,
I'll just run away.
Baby, I don't know what drives you
to play all these silly games...

I gotta brand new dress, babe,
could it make you wanna try?
I guess I didn't want to notice,
the stars gone from your eyes.
C'mon, baby, I'm much stronger than you know,
Sometimes I'm not afraid to let it show.

We could buy an airplane,
Build a home in the sand.
You could tell your secrets,
I could understand.
But then by the morning comes crumblin' down,
and as your leavin' - wait.

When will you wake up?
I want you more than the stars and the sun,
but I can take only so much cool on your island.
You're so cool on your island,
Is it cool on your island?

One day you'll wake up cold,
Then you'll know you love me.


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