Monday, May 09, 2005

Uni and accomodation for next year.

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The house hunt isn't looking too good at the moment -- I've been to see a few and had no response. The people on my corridor are all getting a house together, and one of them dropped out to live with their girlfriend instead, and I was going to move in with them. They told me I had first refusal and I was going to see it in the week (whenever was convenient with their exams), but they've rented it out to another girl they're friends with as she could give a definite yes/no there and then. I was going to move in to the one that I saw that seemd a bit small anyway instead, but I saw one of the girls yesterday who told me that the landlord had messed them around and while they were looking for a 3rd person (after paying the deposit), he'd rented it out to someone else. They got their deposit back, but he took about a month to tell them -- apparently it had already gone by the time I'd been to look round! He ended up sending the refund of their deposit and the explanation to the girl he knew had dropped out, and has been ignoring their phone calls/emails, so they aren't too happy about it. I'm still looking but there aren't many available now and they're all being taken pretty quickly, though I'm going to speak to Student Services later.

I'm definitely wanting to change to History now, so I spoke to UCAS about it, as I had to apply through them for the course (I was told I couldn't just do it via the University, which is odd). I also applied for another few Unis closer to home so I could change if I decided I wanted to and I hadn't heard anything from them since January -- when they sent me my reference back saying that I had to do it myself! (which I did, but I was not happy with.) I had a letter from them on Saturday saying that they'd noticed I hadn't told them my final choices, and I would have to reply by 4pm today (Monday) or they would automatically decline all of my offers! I didn't even know that they'd all replied yet -- they're supposed to send you a letter telling you of your final choices but obviously, they didn't do that. Due to the mess up with the reference, my only unconditional offers are from here, Kent or Lampeter (which was a last minute 'just incase I get rejected everywhere else' choice, so I don't really count it).

I would like to change Uni's, if I can, because I don't know many people here (only the people on my corridor and Kathryn) so I get quite lonely, there isn't really a lot to do here, and it's really far from home, but I haven't even looked round Kent so I don't want to find out when I get there that I hate it! I'm tempted to reject them all and go through Clearing, but I don't really want to rely on that as it's the courses that still have a space -- if there's not a history course at a decent University left, then I'll have to stay here and I still won't have any accomodation (and getting something at the last minute in September is going to be even harder!). I would really like to go to Bristol (it has lots of things to do, I know some people there already, and it's a good Uni for history, has a good reputation and it's much closer to home than Bangor), but because of UCAS messing up my application they've rejected me, and although they said they'd re-review my application they obviously haven't so I don't know what to do. It doesn't help that I'm expected to know by 4pm!

The only other option would be to take a gap year and go next September -- I'd be able to re-submit my application myself as I now have a copy of my reference, and I could raise the money to cover top up fees. I don't really want to do this, as all my current friends will be at Uni minus 3 (Ralph, Dann and Pete), so I'd probably get just as lonely at home as I am here at the moment and I'd be a bit left out. I also don't fancy the idea of working in a dead end retail job for another year and a half!

I'll probably ring UCAS up later to rar at them for messing up my application and for not sending me a letter with my final choices on, and I'm definitely going to go to the Student Union later (well, nowish) to talk to someone about my options for September and try and find somewhere to live. I would talk to my tutor about all this, but the only time I need to speak to him he's away on holiday til the 15th - typical! I really hope I can at least sort this out by today (even if I can't by 4pm), as I've gotten barely any sleep all weekend as I've just been worrying and stressing out over it (only about 2-3hrs every night), and it's not helping my general mood at all.

Oh well, holiday Friday! Yay! :D


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