Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bangor University in the news!

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From the BBC Wales website:

Experts have been called in to assess the damage after a lorry reversed into an outbuilding containing chemicals at Bangor University.

An exclusion zone of 200 metres was set up and people were moved to a nightclub in the city. Part of the storeroom collapsed after the lorry crashed into it at 1230 BST on Wednesday. But there have been no reports of injuries and fire chiefs said chemicals cylinders had not been damaged.

Five fire engines were called to the site at Deiniol Road and an ambulance was also sent as a precautionary measure.

Diversions were also set up for drivers in the area.

Terry Williams from North Wales Fire Service said that they had initially been worried that cylinders containing argon and acetylene gas in the store room which are connected by fixed pipes into the building. The main concern had been for the acetylene cylinder, but that has now been made safe and Mr Williams said he was "fairly happy" that there were "no issues at the moment to worry about".

Experts are now awaiting to assess the structure of the building before fire officers enter to remove the cylinders, he said.

The University of Wales, Bangor said the incident was being dealt with by the fire service with the assistance of university health and safety officers.

Deiniol Road, Farrar Road and Deiniol Road at the junction of Ffordd Gwynedd in Bangor remained closed late afternoon.

I wasn't in the area at the time, but as the Psychology building is next to the Chemistry block, my lecture tomorrow may be cancelled, and the alternative night (Trash) at the club (also next to it - odd I know) has been cancelled as a precaution. Tomorrow night Funeral for a Friend are playing at Time (the club), so hopefully it will be all okay for that.

This must be the biggest news in Bangor since the University opened. :p


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