Monday, April 04, 2005

Cars and guitars.

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I went out for another drive with my Dad last week, and we went to a few garages to find out about replacing my car's exhaust. The joint between the catalyst converter and the exhaust itself that comes out of the back of the car has rusted away, and there's a huge hole in it. Unfortunately, they can't just replace the joint - they have to replace the whole thing. Annoying, since the rest of the exhaust is absolutely fine. Seems a bit of a waste of an exhaust, to be honest. Because they've got to replace the whole thing, it's going to cost at least £300, to get the parts, and then labour on top (which depends on the garage). So far we've gone to Kwick Fit (which said about £400) and the Vauxhall dealer which said about £350 (because they're friends with my Dad). Not impressed though - cars are far too expensive. I've got to sort out the road tax on Monday - that's another £100-120ish. I feel so poor.

I've found lots of new music recently - Ripped are a very good band, although I can't find them on Amazon or anywhere, actually. I guess 'ripped' isn't a very good keyword for LimeWire or SoulSeek. I also want to hear Maplebee; the reviews sound intruiging and she's Katie Jane Garside's sister, which also makes her sound pretty good. Also the fact that her first CD is a double disk, also makes her all the more interesting to me. Her official site has a few clips, and I really like them. Her voice is a lot like her sister's. I can't wait til my student loan comes through. There's so many CDs I want to get at the moment. And, on a related note - I saw Garbage on Johnathon Ross the other night, and they were absolutely amazing. I don't like the chorus of their latest single, but it's good to hear they're back to rock, rather than the pop-electro mess that was BeautifulGarbage. Shirley also looks fantastic - I'm so glad to see she's grown her hair back and has it back to ginger, she looks gorgeous. The dark eye make up is also a great move on her makeup artist's part, she looks so much younger, and I think she looks better than ever (if that's possible). I hope everyone is planning on buying their album on April 11th!

I only got to see half of Doctor Who last night - someone called me in the middle of it, and when you've said "I'm watching Dr Who at the moment" you'd think they'd get the hint and call back later. Unfortunately not, so I missed the last 15mins. I was actually quite disappointed, because of the average episode last week, this one was actually much better - I guess that's first episodes for you. Rose's accent still annoys me, though, especially since it seems every alien out there talks like she does - such as the female smurf plumber. But the Dr actually made me laugh a few times, which is one up on last weeks, too, which just wasn't actually all that amusing.

Things don't seem to be going so well at the moment. I'm even more tempted to not bother with Uni, although it's not like I have much left for me here anymore either. I wish I could drive; I can't help but think that would make my life a whole much more easier. Uni has pretty much ruined everything for me, as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't help that someone I care very much about doesn't want to talk to me anymore, either. I'm worried we may never speak again. I don't know what it is I've done (and I'm sure I have, as otherwise they wouldn't be avoiding me like the plague), but I don't think any of it was bad enough for me to have deserved this (or at least I hope not). I feel stupid for trusting them with absolutely everything and for believing they were different - in reality, they are just the same as everyone else I've known before. They have a lot of grovelling to do.

I don't really have anything planned next week. I'm probably going to see Laurence on Tuesday, if I do I'll be staying over. I want to see Dann, too, but I think he's busy all week. :( I go back to Uni next weekend, so if anyone wants to meet up before then, now's your chance.

Oh, and in case anyone's feeling generous: my Amazon wishlist.


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