Monday, March 21, 2005

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I have insurance! yay! (well, from midday.) Hopefully I should be going out for a drive today. Tomorrow morning a man's coming to fix an alarm into my car, and if my Dad has time before his conference and before flying to Germany, we'll have another drive around. And, if I'm doing well, my Dad's said I might even be allowed to drive up to collect my Granny from Derby on Friday :D (although obviously we'd not go along the motorway). How awesome is that? I'm so excited! lol, a guy just rang me asking me about my insurance (from the insurance company I've now got a policy with), and then halfway through he said "wait, you've already got insurance with us. Um, nevermind" hahaha. I'm glad to see that they're nice and organised. But I'm confused, because online they gave us a quote of £719, then we rang them and gave them our reference number, and got a quote of about £850, then haggled them down to £720, and I just got an email saying they could give us £689. I wish they'd make up their minds, it seems to change all the time (and not just with them, but with all insurance companies). Arg.

I've had a really good weekend - Saturday I spent with James, from about 11am-10pm, and it was great. Just perfect, really. The day went so quickly, I barely even noticed the time fly by. It's nice to have someone who I can just feel so at ease with (even if he can't even tell what Tori Amos says when singing, and thinks I'm easy and have a fat and ugly face :p) and just feel completely relaxed. Sunday I tidied up my room, and it actually looks a lot better. My parents are really impressed with me, and are now nagging at my sister to tidy her room (which has always been much more of a tip than mine - I know I'm a hoarder (the two drawers full of things I'm keeping purely for sentimental reasons will tell you that much), but she hasn't ever thrown anything away ever, and you can barely see the floor in her room! I also managed to set up my PC, and it's good to have quicker, reliable Internet that lets me use things like Skype and MSN webcams/microphone/games.

It's good to be home. Today I'm going for a drive with my Dad, this evening I'm going to see Gaz, tomorrow I'm going out for a drive and then hopefully seeing James in the evening when he's back from school. Wednesday I'm either seeing Dann or Jenna (I'm just waiting for Dann to get back to me about when he's free), or I'll see Dann Thursday instead. I'm also going to see about getting some temp work at the hospital, to raise a bit more cash (although I wouldn't get paid for another month or so). I've also got to give the landlady of the cottage a call this evening - I forgot to all weekend, which I hope isn't going to have lost me the place. :( (Although the likelihood of me getting it anyway, is slim, to say the least. I guess there's always next year.)

And, on an unrelated note - what the Hell has happened to Gwen Stefani? I know No Doubt's 'Rock Steady' was a huge disappointment (I used to like them, before they turned pop), but I had really hoped that maybe, just maybe, her album might not actually be a mix between R n' B and 80s electro-pop. I downloaded a few tracks - the first being 'Hollaback Girl' and I think I'm scarred for life. I'm disappointed, Gwen, very disappointed. Go sit in the corner until you write some real music. But, I am pleased to have my Krezip, Econoline Crush, Scarling, Third Eye Blind, Rasputina and Tegan and Sara back. And, thanks to James, I also am planning on checking out some more of Charlotte Hatherley's (from Ash) solo stuff, because she sounds like a mix between Melissa Auf der Maur and Bif Naked, and that has to be a good thing.


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