Thursday, March 03, 2005

Win list!

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Things that win:
-texting James late at night with complete nonsense, and scaring him so he nearly has a heart attack and I get an angry/confused text back. :D
-Cadbury's Creme Eggs! by about 10.54543.
-Military-style jackets and dresses.
-goats, with collars! Especially baby ones that have little stumps for horns :D They make me giggle.
-strawberry jam. No raspberry's! (they're evil, I have photographic evidence to prove it!)
-Darwin's Chainsaw of Natural Selection :D (or James's shotgon, "a holy cannon of cleansing power and +2 penetration" lol)
-Tori Amos - more specifically, my signed CD and the "kiss Wayne Knight" line. :D
-the bee!
-Dann's 'maow' and 'chaooooo' and the way he talks about everything in gamer terms.
-pianos and harpsichords, just everything about them.
-corsets, as always! Especially my leather purple/black underbust, it's awsome.
-my sexy boots :D
-platypus's! ROFFLEZ! Freaks amuse me.
-driving :D
-"Freedom and liberty from Biology teachers!" - Bush invading Biologia! lol.
-pony's! (especially the "no, you can't have a pony" picture :D)
-the Angry Beavers! OMG! STUMP!

I might add to this later, and add photographic evidence.

Yes, this is just random. Yes, I have been eating chocolate. Yes, I did amuse/cheer me up. Yes, that is all that counts. :p


Blogger JdLees said...

Hum. So the ultimate 'Win' would be, a platypuss dressed up as tori amos in a military style jacket, with a goat on a lead, eating strawberry jam, packing a chainsaw of Natural Selection, going maow and chaoooo, playing the harpsichord and tetris at the same time, whilst riding a pony and invading Biologia and eating a creme egg?

1:46 pm  

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