Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Beekeeper (review and CD!)

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I was going to write a review of the Beekeeper but I just can't! I got my studio copy today (signed by Tori herself!) and I'm all squee. It's a really good album!

As always, my modifications (there's 19 tracks, there's got to be some iffy ones):
-Ireland. "Shananana, shananana, driving in my Saab to Ireland, shananana!" WHAT THE FUCK? It sounds like Atomic Kitten! It's so cheesy, I just can't take this song seriously. Tori's music is not supposed to make me go into hysterics. Get rid of it! arg! I honestly can't believe this is her! It really sounds nothing like her.
-Cars and Guitars. Again, what's this about? It honestly sounds like cheesy elevator music. "Chachachachachaa" wtf?! And Tori's voice sounds odd. Are you sure this is her? I can't think what song this reminds me of, but it's BAD. I like the lyrics, but it needs a makeover. Seriously. Um, I like the drive through bit. But it can be cut too, just for the awful way it starts and the "chahachacha"s. At least I don't skip Ireland everytime.
-Hoochie Woman. I don't mind this song, it's funky, but still very cheesy. It sounds like the next 'Leather.' But lol! "Hoohoohoo! You can keep your hoochie. Hoohoohoo! You can keep the house. Hoohoohoo! And the bank accounts because (ahhhh) boys, I bring home the bacon, I bring home the bacon NAOW!" (yes she does pronounce the a). Again, cut because Tori really shouldn't make me go into fits of giggles.

I'm pretty sure that the record company is going to release those as singles. It just figures, with how out of touch with the public record companies are these days.

That is actually it. The rest I'm still too busy being excited over, but they're the only changes I'd make - none to the track listing. I'm not too fond of The Beekeeper (the title track) or Ribbons Undone, but they can stay. I'm not feeling that mean at the moment to get rid of anything else.

The only other thing I'm disappointed with is the backseat that the organ takes. I was hoping for it to be really outspoken and noticeable, but it's barely heard, it's almost drowned out by the other instruments (piano, drums and bass mostly). But I do love the touch of the gospel choir - they really give the album an individual feel, I wish they were used more on other tracks, rather than just Witness and Sweet the Sting.

Barons of Suburbia sounds a lot like Precious Things, but in a good way. And Goodbye Pisces has a real 'oriental' feel to it (the verses, anyway). I think it's just the combination of the piano and the way she sings. The Damien Rice duet is good, he's a nice touch to the song (like Past the Mission and Trent Reznor), but I think it'd be just as good without (as on the DVD). Though I do think Tori is losing it, PIECE BY PIECE LOL: "I have my little pleasures, this wall being one of these." Um, I'm glad to see motherhood and marriage haven't changed her craziness. :) The fact that in the first track (Parasol) she says "since the call came I haven't moved," and "the call came" sounds like "the cocaine," doesn't help, either. :D crazy lady.

Photo of the CD here: :D

I want to write to her and say thank you, because I hadn't expected it to be signed to me and it was a really nice thing for her to do, but I don't have an address to write to and I don't want to sound creepy. Hmm.



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