Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ranting, mostly.

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Well, things have been stressful recently. I think my brain is about to frazzle and explode into lots of tiny little pieces. I've had exams, research proposals to hand in (then been told they haven't), hassle with accomodation for next year, and lots of let downs. Tomorrow is my driving test. Friday I go back to Harlow. Busy busy. I've also found out that apparently I'm supposed to be doing a presentation about my group's research tomorrow from Kathryn this evening, you'd think they'd have told me and asked me to do something - they all have my email address, I emailled them the other week asking what was going on. They could've found me in a lecture. No one mentioned it. But it's not like I could go and just blag my way through it anyway. Group work starts at 2, and my driving test is at 1.33. Oh well.

Watching a program on ITV, it's so disgusting. I hope that people like this don't actually exist (although, actually, they probably do). It's set in Wales, about the life of a girl who's probably only about 18yrs old, and who's already got a young baby. She has a complete attitude problem - her parents seem to be non-existant (she lives on her own, and they've not made an appearance), with her brother and his stoner friends for company. She's already prostituted her cousin (I think? A girl she knows, anyway), keyed a guy's car, thrown rubbish around a fish and chip shop just because it was owned by a man from Pakistan, and drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney (around her baby! And so doesn't have any money to pay for things like electricity). Social services is constantly over. She, her brother and her friends all have an attitude problem about people 'invading' 'their' country, but never once have they stopped to consider that maybe they're the ones with the problem, that maybe the world seems against them because they're such nasty, racist, twisted pieces of work. I shouldn't watch this show, as it's only making me angry. But I can't help it.

Also, I thought this was something that people should read and do something about. It was brought up by the guy who headlined at the Comedy Club I went to on Monday night.

Recently due to a complaint from the Christian Voice organistation, Maggie’s cancer charity had to refuse a donation of £3000 because the CVO didn’t agree with how the money was obtained. The money was collected from ticket sales at the play 'Jerry Springer the Opera'. Read more here.

Please help Maggie’s charity get this money back by emailing the office of the Scottish charity regulator who if they receive enough emails about this will have to look into this matter and action will have to be taken. (email address =

Of course, they didn't offer to reimburse then with the £3,000 instead - that's how honourable their intentions are. I know not all Christians are like this, but honestly, how can someone do something like this, and call themselves a Christian? Or even a fellow human being, for that matter? I really, really hope that the OSCR step in. They can't let this carry on, and let people bully others, using religion as an excuse. Maybe Tony Blair and Bush should start looking at the hate and 'terrorist' actions people are committing in this country, and try and fix that, before meddling with other country's affairs.

I used to want to go into law, or be a politician - make a difference, make all these thing stop, prove that there is some justice out there. But I know it'd never be any good. What would be the point? People are so nasty to each other, all the time, and they don't even care. How can you change that? Nothing will change, there's nothing I or anyone else can do. And the immense helplessness just makes everything all so much worse.

I think I care far too much.


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