Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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One of my new corsets arrived today. It's a black PVC underbust with decorative lacing at the front and back. I haven't tried it on yet but it seems very sturdy, 24". I've wanted a good PVC underbust for ages, but I've never been able to find an affordable one until now.

Just waiting for one more (an 22" underbust, Chinese silk with red/gold phoenix material at the front and back, and plain black satin sides), which probably will take a while yet as I'm too lazy to sort out the mock up. Remind me next time I get a custom corset to not bother with them again. Arg. It was originally bought to wear to James's May ball, but that didn't happen, so I just got lazy and then couldn't be bothered to do it. I really should, though, after paying £150 or so (I think anyway, I don't really remember it was so long ago) for it.

If anyone wants to take photos of me in some of my new corsets let me know - I have quite a few that I have no photos of. Nothing too special, just a simple "this is me wearing them" would be fine. Hmm, perhaps that's a task for the weekend, if I go out.

And new boots too. I am spoiled. :D Now, to go scare people at the Post Office with them. Yay!


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