Thursday, June 16, 2005

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I still think about him. I know I shouldn't, and that it's not healthy for me to keep checking his journal for updates (although there never are these days) in the hope that maybe there will be a mention of me, an apology, or that he will talk to me again. I know deep down that he never will, but I just don't understand it. I didn't deserve to be fed lies, and if it was all true, then why hurt someone so much? He told me he cared about me. I had no explanation, nothing. Just a text message. That seems hardly fair, by anyone's standards. I thought he was such a nice guy, I trusted him with everything. Now I'm finding it so hard to trust anyone, incase they do the same. If it happened with him, it could happen to me with anybody. I just wanted to be happy with someone I cared about, and have them care about me back. He told me I made him happy. I made him a bracelet, too, it took me ages to make it and I hope he still has it. It would be nice if he still wore it, but I guess he wouldn't, as it would remind him of me.

I guess I just can't let this to rest until I know why. I don't understand why anyone would be so horrible to somebody for no reason. He even told me I did nothing wrong, that I did everything right. Why do I deserve to be treated this way, again and again?

He might read this. I don't know. I wish he would, if only so that he might remember and talk to me again. (Because, despite how upset I am - I really would like it if he did.)


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