Sunday, July 31, 2005


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I had the most amazing night last night! I met up with so many people, it was just like old times, except better. Even people I hadn't seen for ages (like Katherine and Perry) and who I thought were still at uni (Henry and Bopz) were there, as well as meeting new people (Tim and Simon)! It's been a long time since I could go to Spoons with a few people and find all my friends there, it was great. I went to the bar with Stuart and met 3 people on the way back that I stopped and chatted to, and that hasn't happened since last year either. 3 glasses of wine (the third of which was a mix and I downed because they all told me too and I bowed down to peer pressure :D) and I was good to go. I got talked into going to Jaks because they told me I wouldn't and that I couldn't dance (I'm so easily manipulated), and since I can't actually dance very well I just danced like a fool and showed off my slick 60s moves instead. :D haha. I was so happy all night, even when I lost my glasses (yeah, don't ask) it all turned out okay and I found them again. I felt on top of the world - nothing could go wrong (and nothing did). I love it when that happens.

All in all, a very good celebration of my promotion. :D

I now have an Audioscrobbler account - go add me to your buddy lists please!


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