Sunday, July 24, 2005

Audley End House.

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Yesterday Peter and I went to Audley End house - I had a great time. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any photos when inside the house, but I took lots of the outside and the gardens.

Parts of the house itself were a little creepy - there is a huge collection of taxidermied (is that even a word?) animals and birds. One or two I don't mind, as a lot of these birds and animals I will never get to see, let alone that close up, but hundreds in one big room does creep me out. For example, they had a stuffed Dodo, which I thought was amazing - it looked like a big seagull. They had a moose head, but that was a bit scary and made me feel icky. They had some Mammoth fossils - which was also really awesome!

In the kitchen gardens there were hundreds of BEES, and I took pictures of some fat ones. :D The gardens are really beautiful and really well kept, and there were lots of things to explore - and lots of ducks! Plus later we were sitting for a rest on a bench next to a river, and about 10 ducks ran over (seriously, they jumped out of the river and then were almost on us within a few seconds!). Peter got really freaked out but I thought it was awesome (ducks aren't scary). I've never seen a duck that close up before - one was practically sitting on my foot! And then they moved away a bit and started washing and stretching then started to sleep, it was really cute. But then a member of staff came over on a quad and told us it was 5.30 and we had to go home, and totally spoilt it.

I took about 150 photos, the best ones I uploaded to DA earlier. :D


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