Monday, July 04, 2005

Corset photos.

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I took these this afternoon using my timer. These aren't laced too tightly as I had to do them up myself, but still, they'll do :)

First up: a corset made for me by Natasha of Darkwear last year. This closes at 22", but in this photo it's laced to about 24". I love the fabric!

Next, my latest corset, by Deadlygirlz, which I bought this second-hand from someone on LiveJournal. Closes at 24", and laced at about 25" in this photo. This is my only off-the-rack corset, and I'm really surprised at how well it fits and by how sturdy it is! I'd definitely recommend them for people who are looking for a good quality, first corset - they're off the rack, so aren't custom made, and not really suitable for tight-lacing, but they aren't cheap and uncomfortable like Vollers corsets.

And finally, an underbust by Joyce of Creations L'escarpolette (French, but she also speaks good English) that I won in an eBay auction a while ago. Excellent value (the cheapest of all my 6 corsets!), it gives me an amazing figure and I love the shape - I prefer longer lined corsets. It's laced to about 25" here (but looks much more dramatic!) and closes at 23.5". I'd definitely buy from her again, and she would be high on my list of recommendations for custom sellers.

All I've done this afternoon (after having a brilliant weekend, I would like to add) is take photos. Yay. Maybe later in the week I'll get around to taking photos that actually have my face in, but I'm no good with facial expressions, so don't hold your breath. :D


Blogger Jemma said...

i know this is a few years old now but i thought i'd chance my luck anyway.. i was wondering where you got your ratty t-shirt? i'd kill for one like that!

love the corsets too :D

2:13 pm  

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