Monday, February 27, 2006


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Again, blogger doesn't let you edit time/date anymore, so just pretend I posted this on the 24th February.

I called the bank earlier.

The £80 charges are from the 20th and the 21st of December, when £95 to B.T. and £20 to Demon Internet via direct debit left my account. On the 17th December, I paid in a bunch of cheques (after weeks of hassling my housemates for the money) totalling £90, which showed up on my account as having been paid in immediately - my balance immediately dropped to -825 on my statement. However, the cheques didn't actually pay into my account until the 22nd, so these two direct debits took me over my overdraft limit (even though it doesn't actually say that on the bank statement).

I now owe the bank 160 in fees from the past few days. They are taking 110 out on the 10th March. I don't quite know how, though, when I have no money whatsoever to pay them. I have £15, which I have to give to Kay for the electricity bill, but that is it. My rent of 180 is also due on the 1st. As far as I know right now, these charges are for:

15/02 - £10 payment to O2 for phone credit (£20)
15/02 - £4 payment to my credit card (£20)
16/02 - £18.95 payment by cheque for credit check (£20)
21/02 - £19.99 direct debit payment to Demon Internet (£50).

(though this doesn't work out to 160...)




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