Thursday, November 30, 2006

Book geekery.

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I am temporarily suspending my '1001 books' project. I know, I know. Sorry folks. And I suspect it may be a rather long time starting. I have realised how much I loved 'the Black Stallion' and 'the Silver Brumby' serieses. I can't believe I forgot about them! So I've bought 'the Black Stallion' on eBay and two volume omnibuses for 'the Silver Brumby' (I know I have them both at home, but the first disappeared, and I can't jolly well read the second without reading the first, and although there was an auction for just the first volume I'm impatient, and I can always auction them back later as they seem to be going for a lot at the moment).

I realise it's Christmas and my birthday soon, but that's irrelevant. My interest will probably have burnt out by then; I can't wait that long! And besides, I do have 1000 other books that people can buy me. Or they can get me the DVDs! Did you know that the Silver Brumby movie had Russell Crowe in it? I didn't either, until now. Oh! And the cartoons! Hehe, they were so cute, I used to watch them sometimes after school. :)

Amazingly, this was brought about from a tangent about the conflict in Iraq. Don't bother to ask how that happened - I don't even know.

Nevermind my essays, this is all much more awesome. Each series has about 20 odd books in it! I never even realised. Bound to keep me quiet for a few weeks, at least. And then there's 'My Friend Flicka', which I never got into, and that apparently has a very recent film for it (with a girl?! wtf?), and then the sequels, 'Thunderhead' and 'Green Grass of Wyoming' - all of which I do own at home. And then there's National Velvet, Black Beauty...

Yeah. This should set my 1001 books project back by a few months, I expect.

(Now I think about it, I'm rather surprised that 'Black Beauty' isn't on my 1001 book list. I'm not so sure that I picked a very good list to work on anymore, either. I have a feeling it came from this book of the same name; Someone should get me that for Christmas/birthday, I think.)


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