Monday, February 27, 2006

25/02 - random dream.

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I had a weird dream, which involved me with a scooter, my Mum driving, my Dad riding a bright yellow motorbike from the Birmingham NEC show we went to last year, an Alice in Wonderland thing (which I had been to before, I recognised it from a past dream) and us complaining because we had to pay 80p each, halfway through, and eventually me saying that I wanted to get out because I'd been so many times before. And then the university lecturer sitting next to the White Rabbit was saying about how that's true, everyone's bored of the story now. And I said that it wasn't that I was bored of the story, just the ride, and the White Rabbit got awfully insulted, but let me out, which was just as well when I was waist-deep in someone's mouth. (That all made perfect sense to me.)

At one point, Petrovitch was singing along to Braille and I was incredibly impressed at how good a singer he was and sounded just like Regina. :P That's what I get for leaving my music on, I suppose.

And Chuck was at my party and mixed Baileys with Gin (which I later found out he actually does - how freaky!), but it tasted absolutely awful, and even the dogs wrinkled their nose at it. In summary, don't do it. :D


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