Sunday, April 22, 2007


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Last night was pretty awful. I went to Tesco with Louis and Adam, spent £10, on the way back we decided to stop at McDonalds (it's tradition!), went through the drive-through and then sat in the car park for a bit to eat. There were a few little groups of drunk kids (16yrs old or so) walking past since McDonalds seems to be their cool place to hang out, but after we'd nearly finished eating there was a large group of about ten standing next to my car, all drinking (wearing tracksuits and baseball caps). I was starting to get nervous so said we'd go, and turned the engine on. They all started laughing, which made me more nervous. I went into reverse and looked behind me as they were standing around everywhere, and there was a guy leaning on my car. I revved my engine and he didn't move. I waited for a few seconds but he apparently wasn't bothered, so I started to reverse back slowly (since I wasn't going to wait there just to let some idiot use my car as a leaning post). He fell sideways and knocked my sideview mirror, which fell off (though it was hanging on). I don't know if it was on purpose or not. I stopped, thinking "wtf?" and all the kids had scattered towards the front of the car. Eventually they came over and were like "we'll fix it we'll fix it!" and pushed it on, but not properly, it wasn't on right. I wish I just left, though that was hard because they were laughing around at the front of my car and saying "go on then run me over!" and I was worried they'd jump on my bonnet. A girl came over (part of the gang), Adam wound the window down a bit, and she asked what had happened, I said they'd just broken my wing mirror off. "oh but they've fixed it" "that's hardly the point, is it? And it's not fixed properly." then a group of 3-4 guys came over and started shouting obscenities at us, saying it was my fault because I reversed into them (hardly, and he knew I wanted to move away, he and his friends should have moved out the way), what was I going to do call the Police (well, yes, actually). Then they shouted obscenities, I kept saying "get away from my car" loudly and firmly, they eventually started walking off, then one guy turned back and jumped and hit the wingmirror clean off, it skidded off down the car park. They all laughed, and as they walked away they threw beer cans at my car (I don't think they did any damage though, but I will check later this afternoon).

I was really freaking out by now, I didn't want to go anywhere incase I ran my wingmirror over and then I'd have to pay for a new one and didn't really want to claim on my insurance, and got my phone and called the Police (I'd asked Adam to but he couldn't find my phone). They came really quickly and were very helpful although unfortunately we couldn't give them very good descriptions other than of the guy who broke it and was swearing at us through the window and the girl, they were the only faces we saw properly. McDonalds have CCTV over the carpark so they should be able to get footage, which might help them find the kids (though unlikely now). They can't get forensic evidence from the wingmirror as lots of people will have touched it, and also it's curved. The Police did have a drive around the area to look for any gangs, as they'd walked over to the housing estate nearby. We've got to do official statements later in the week.

I was really shaken up about it, and I'm still terrified of walking around town incase I see them and they taunt me. I had nightmares all last night about the gang coming into work and laughing at me. I'm sure this will pass but I've been getting a lot of hassle this week for my hair (why is having purple hair something to make a big deal over?) and so I was a bit unsettled anyway. It's weird; I never used to get any trouble for the way I dressed, even here. I'm beginning to wish I'd never dyed it, even though this is my dream hair colour. I'm almost relieved that Woolworths have asked me to change it.


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