Monday, May 07, 2007

Internet bests

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I have found a lot of winnage today on the internet!

Here is a selection.

Star Trek lol - this is like the cat photos, but of Star Trek (tribbles!).

Tori Amos performing A Sorta Fairytale - a great song, great video. But the man sitting next to her is creepy. TOO CLOSE.

A cover of Tori's Original Sinsuality/Talula - YOU ARE NOT TORI AMOS. PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE. I'm sure he's actually quite a good singer, but copying Tori's ways of speaking, singing and mannerisms is weird (but hilarious).

What What (in the Butt) - haha! This is just amazing. My new favourite song <3 It just makes me laugh so much.

My Boobs are OK - I'm assuming this is meant tongue-in-cheek!


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