Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pizza Hut are noobs.

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I saw John after work last night. We decided about 7 that actually we'd quite like to go to the cinema and Pizza Hut, but after faffing (John's fault, he wanted to go on the internet first) we got there about 8. Since the film was 8.40 we thought we'd be better off getting a takeaway since they're supposed to be quicker. The pizzas came at 8.40. They'd been sitting on the side for ages and the girl who served us was useless!

At half past I'd gotten fed up and went to the counter to ask how much longer they'd be, got ignored for five minutes, then the manager lady asked another girl with daft hair to check if there were any takeaways waiting. Daft Hair Girl then spent ages standing there trying to call the manager who was obviously busy (sorting out change or something), who turned round and eventually said "instead of standing there you could've come over and actually served these people by now" and she said "I know" (argh!), then after the manager finished what she was doing came over and gave us the takeaway, I asked if they'd been there a while because we've been waiting for over half an hour, she said "well they're still warm" which was hardly the point! I said that we were meant to be going to the cinema, now we've missed it because of their poor service, I wasn't very impressed, and the girl didn't even give me an apology. And what annoyed me off more was that I know that as soon as my back was turned, she rolled her eyes or gave a 'omg can you believe her' look to the other group of people waiting for their takeaway; she had that kind of 'I don't care' attitude. I would have asked to see the manager if it wasn't for the fact that time spent arguing is time I could have been eating. I think I'll write a letter to complain; it's not the first time that I've had bad service at the Llandudno Pizza Hut. Everytime I've gone they've gotten orders wrong or been incredibly slow. In fact, I'm rather tempted not there again. I know the letter probably won't even be opened, but it'd at least make me feel better.

John had bought the tickets for the film in advance, we sat in the car and scoffed pizza as fast as we could (which was hard, I eat SLOW) and realised that it was now 8.50 and there wasn't much point in going. John said he didn't mind losing the £10 (and I know he has more money than I do but I still feel awful! What a waste!) and we sat eating the rest. Then we got McFlurries from the nearby McDonalds, John ordered a Crunchie except they gave him chocolate instead. After sitting in roadworks for a while behind a nice car (an old one! A Triumph, I think, a little sports car) we stopped at Bangor's McDonalds so I could get another Creme Egg McFlurry and chocolate milkshake. While sitting in the drivethrough I said to John about McDonalds trying to get the dictionary's definition of 'McJob' changed; from boring, low paid, low prospect job to high prospects, good pay, fun. When we drove up to the second window, we saw a McDonalds employee trying to get the Creme Egg sauce out of the bottle, shouting and swearing at it and cursing her job. I said to John that we should ask her whether she thinks her job is fun and well paid. :P She eventually threw a McFlurry and a milkshake at me, with no word of thanks or bye, or even a smile, then slammed the window shut. And she gave me a Crunchie McFlurry instead of Creme Egg - I would have gone back and said but I was too scared of getting The Rage.

I then gorged on my McFlurry, then drove up to John's where we watched Marie Antoinette (I bought the DVD the other day on my lunch break). I loved it, John commented that not a whole lot really seems to happen, Marie and Louis don't really speak a lot, and yet it's really good. I think it really works. Steve Coogan playing a serious role is amazing though, I kept expecting him to do/say something silly. It is long though. And the ending is a bit odd, it could have done with a note saying something like "A month later the monarchy was abolished. Louis was executed for crimes of treason on 17th January 1792, and Marie on 16 October 1793. Her son Louis died in captivity two years later. He was eleven years old at the time.", just to give it some kind of closure.