Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog post removed

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One of my blog posts has been removed for legal reasons:

I was just given an email notification saying it had been removed, with no chance to defend myself or revise the post.

Nothing that my post contained was untrue... It listed companies that had been advertising for 'marketing roles' which turned out to be door to door sales or on stands in town centres etc, all commission only based. As I stated in my post, if you're wanting to get into sales, then sometimes this can be a good way to do it - but these roles are NOT advertised honestly, and in interviews people are not told what they are getting into (even when asking). This, to me, is dishonest and is something that people SHOULD be made aware of. Many people who HAD taken up these jobs had then not actually received any of the commission that was due to them, or the quick promotions that the company promises.

Not of the companies (though I suspect that they are all the same company) listed have contacted me previously - if they had, and provided evidence that what I was saying was false, I would have removed them from the list.

I haven't even been sent a copy of the 'cease and desist' notice, I have had to go through the website 'Chilling Effects' - which Google don't even run, or own. So I don't even know what I have done wrong.

Shame on you Google.