Friday, February 22, 2008

Czech Police wonder where bridge has gone

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Police in the Czech republic are trying to find out who stole a 4 tonne railway bridge from the border town of Cheb.

The company which was responsible for looking after the bridge raised the alarm when, ever alert, they noticed that the bridge wasn't there any more.

The bridge was on a disused stretch of line just outside Cheb.

Martina Hruskova, a spokeswoman for the Czech police, commented to AFP: 'We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value.' Exactly what that 'personal use' might be was left unsaid.

'It is the first time we have dealt with this type of theft,' she added.

Of course, it's not the first time some light-fingered bridge enthusiast has made off with a bridge. At least two bridges have been nicked in Russia in the past six months, and a pair of bridge thieves appropriated two Macedonian bridges last February.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Plastic Toys, Die so Fluid & My Ruin, 02/02

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Saturday night was the My Ruin gig with Steve :D When I finally got up and got ready (my Dad and I played Solitaire together for ages) we headed into London, with the thought that we could wander around Camden for a few hours and make a day of it. Naturally by the time we arrived it was about 4, we drove to Tottenham Hale & then got the train in as it was cheaper (but also full of mild peril as I had no idea how to get there and my satnav enjoys lying to me), and to make sure we didn't get stuck. The roadtrip down was exciting, and although Camden was packed we wandered around for a bit before going to McDonalds. In McDonalds there were a few 14-15yr old kids asking everyone for change (they asked me four times!) and they got quite aggressive, eventually shouting at a group of girls about how "you don't know what I've been through! You don't know how hard my life has been!" Yeah, it must be so hard, sitting in McDonalds all day with your friends eating crap food (because they were with a group of friends who had a table and were sat eating, they were definitely not just randoms off the street). And the girls said that they didn't need to get rude/aggressive, and bought them food (wtf?!). We left to go to Angel and the Carling Academy Islington not long after.

It was only when we came out of the Angel station that I realised I'd been there before to see Static X, so that was a nice surprise as I knew the way (it's randomly in the middle of a shopping centre, if you didn't know roughly where it was you'd struggle to find it as it's a bit randomly placed). We got there at 6.30, and despite arriving so early it took forever to get in (doors opened at 7), put our coats away, and then I bought merchandise - a signed My Ruin poster (with a free smaller tour poster), a My Ruin Momento Mori t-shirt, and a Die so Fluid shirt (plus free badge). I'm going to put the posters up in my room tomorrow :D (the first ones in my uni room here!). In the queue we randomly started talking to a guy next to us in the queue who had come on his own, he had come to see Plastic Toys (all the way from Milton Keynes! Dedication!). Also, Steve had me in hysterics by saying "last laff" in a very northern accent randomly (without meaning to) instead of "larst larf" in a southern accent (which is um, how he should have said it). It was so un-Stevelike and just generally WEIRD that it was somehow hilarious and kept me amused for ages XD Even now it makes me giggle. lolol. We can't even blame his time at Oxford, since um, Oxford is south too! And he doesn't have any northern friends. How random. I have no idea what happened to his accent XD

Steve and I got right to the front, second row of people on the right hand side (facing the stage), and had a great view. Unfortunately we were stood next to a group of girls who insisted on dancing wildly and getting in everyone's space (no one dances like that at a rock/metal gig!), forcing lots of people to move out the way, yet they'd continue to dance towards either side. It was actually really annoying, especially as they kept giving me dirty looks when they kept shoving into me, like I was randomly shoving into them, and when they weren't dancing they were texting and faffing with their phones, or going to/from the bar! The venue also unfortunately opened at 7 and closed at 10, due to an indie night on afterwards, which was a real shame. We only saw 3 of the songs of the first supporting band (Plastic Toys), though they sounded good from what we heard. Die so Fluid were on next, about 8, and had quite a short set, only about half an hour. I've been a fan of theirs for a while so it was great to finally see them live - we had a great place to stand, right infront of Grog (the singer/bassist) so that was great, and they played lots of new material - apparently they have an album out mid February, which I didn't know about. Finally My Ruin were up at 8.45 - again, their set was sadly quite short. Tairrie B (singer) kept apologising as she was quite hoarse after the night before in Bristol (I knew I should've gone!!) and felt like she was letting us down as she always likes to put 100% into her shows, especially here as they don't come to the UK much. But it was still great - it was just good to know that she cared so much about giving the fans a good show. She talked to the audience lots, and as always interacted with the audience too - often letting people sing lines she couldn't manage, holding hands with fans, or leaning into the crowd. They always put on an amazing live show, and it was definitely no exception.

Songs they played (in no particular order)
Silverlake 6571
The Devil Walks
Spilling Open
Religiosity (new song)
Momento Mori (new song)
Through the Wound (another new song - for this one she exposed her arm which is quite horrifically scarred after she had a car accident)
Cold Hands Warm Heart
Hypocrite (a Manhole/Tura Santana song, as her new drummer is technically their old drummer, he was in Manhole/Tura Santana)
Burn the Witch
Ready for Blood (new song)
Blasphemous Girl
Made to Measure/Beauty Fiend

I'm sure there were others, but I forget.

We arrived on Angel's platform at 10.01 according to the Underground's clock, and were in Harlow by 11 - amazingly early! It's usually gone midnight before I get home after gigs. On the way we stopped at McDonalds and Steve paid with a £10 note.. and got £13 change XD I was going to say something, but Steve said not to, and we sped away as I was worried they'd come after us. Steve kept saying the whole night that he was sort of looking forward to the car ride home (lolol) as he had a sense of mild peril. Apparently not!

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