Sunday, September 09, 2007

Regina Spektor :D

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I saw Regina Spektor at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday - the third time I'd seen her. I thought it was amazing - she seemed much more confident than the last two times. Her voice was as amazing as ever! And I loved the new songs. I was just blown away! Steve came along and he hadn't seen Regina before and he was equally impressed. I can't wait til she plays here again!

Set included Ain't No Cover (as always), the Flowers, Baby Jesus, Prisoners, Music Box, Ghost of Corporate Future, Blue, Fidelity, Human of the Year, Poor Little Rich Boy, Twenty Years of Snow, Summer in the City, Samson, On the Radio, Apres Moi, Better, and Field Below, as well as Bobbin' for Apples and That Time (for once no one seemed to laugh at the "remember that other time when you OD'd for the second time" line - I never understood why that was so funny). There were two new songs too. She played one encore, but it was really long - five songs, maybe? It was much longer than I had expected. I was surprised too that she seemed to have a set-list to play from (usually she doesn't, she just makes it up as she goes along), but I can't complain.

Oh and the support, Eugene McGuiness, was really good too - his Myspace page is here, definitely worth checking his music out. It was funny though, he didn't actually introduce himself, in between songs someone in the audience asked him "who are you?" XD (All he'd said was "I'm not Regina Spektor, heh). He was funny!

I was getting annoyed with the audience though - quite a few people near me were leaving for the bathroom/bar mid-song or taking photos (with flash). Not as bad as when I saw Tori, but still annoying. I think it helped that there had been an announcement beforehand asking the audience not to take photos, but I wish the staff had enforced it more - they asked someone in the second row to stop taking photos of the support act, but even though there were two girls in the row in front of me taking loads of photos all the way through, they didn't do a thing, which surprised me!

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