Monday, November 28, 2005

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I am sick. I think the Welsh water has got me. :( I thought I'd be okay to drink lots of it over the past week without boiling it. *dies*

And, just because it never ceases to amuse me:


Thursday, November 17, 2005

TTfW Withdrawn

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I've just noticed this article on the BBC website, regarding the Tube Tips for Women leaflet I mentioned about a week ago.

"Having listened to concerns raised by members of the public, and following consultation with the mayor, the leaflet has now been withdrawn."

Haha, yes!

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Uh, don't mind my blog while it just does whatever it wants.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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It's also recently been brought to my attention that AP now has a blog.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've found the hiding place for idiots on the Internet!

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Yes, it's true. They're all hiding over at ResEvil! Let's take a look why, shall we?

This thread about how Totally Resident Evil (or TRE) is "for fags" was pretty much unprovoked. We banned a member, Lucky, for being an idiot (as you can probably tell, if you have the patience to read all 15 pages of mostly entire stupidity), and so the ResEvil moderator (in his amazing maturity) decides to start a 'board war,' despite breaking his own forum rules specifically saying that their 'Anger Management' or flame forum cannot be used to start board wars. Double standards, no? His insults mostly consist of "I WIN U LOSE LOL FAGS", "K GO CRY NOW," "OMG UR GHEY," "BLAHBLAHBLAH BORED LOL" and "U GOT PWNED HOMO." (Yes, that is almost the exact wording.) Then, after starting this 'board war', they accuse TRE members of starting the argument because they then sign up to ResEvil to retort (which shouldn't really have been a surprise - if someone insults you, you're going to want to have your say, especially if you're a more vocal person).

For example, a post from Sunderland 3 pages in:
...Popularity comes with being worthwhile, something I'm positive you have no idea how to pull off.

Do yourself a favor and cut the homo jokes out of your flames, it makes you look like even more of an infantile bag of ass than you truly are. Besides, it's redundant, and can be used against you oh so easily.

Gay, fags, homos, queers it's all you've got and you know it. Such a skipping record you are...

You represent your website poorly, Van. A man would've turned his back on a situation like this.

The moderator, Van, replies with:
Keep crying, Sunderland. It may wash the cum from your lips. :)

What the Hell is that about? How is that a response? Then later, Van posts:
OH NOESSS!!! SUnderland is going back and editing his posts! Did they not attempt to flame lucky for this? Hahahaha, lameness at its best.

Sunderland's reply:
lol, no no, corky. Lucky flat out deleted her posts. From now on, get the info right before you go puking it all over your boards, twat.

Don't get too overly excited over that way, bud. I was simply going back to include more of your post in my response, it wasn't an attempt to pull a fast one on you. ;)

Deep breaths, Van...deeeeep breaths...

Van's oh-so-intelligent response:
Whats up with the ;)?

See, he does love me. Sunderland proving once again, that he can take homosexuality to an all new level!

Perhaps not the best example. Eventually Marco, TRE's admin, posts this:

Dear Van,

After spending 10 minutes in your forums, I have seen the error of my ways. TRE is, in fact, gay. In order to make my forum as great as this one, I shall have to:

1) Change the colors. As it is, it is fairly easy on the eyes and all text is easily legible. This is, of course, totally wrong (or should that be: totally gay?). I am currently trying to decide between a blue background and green text, or maybe even a black background and black text, so that people will actually have to highlight things in order to be able to read them. It will be awesome! Also, I am currently in the process of designing a pink logo.

2) Create many more forums. Only 11 public forums* simply don't cut the mustard. Your forum is just the way it should be: with a gazillion of subforums to discuss every fine aspect of life, including, but not limited to: UFOs, piercings and religion. Expect to see dedicated subforums about pubic hair and tacos at TRE very soon. The more, the better!

3) Remove the crazy limits I have imposed on signatures. What, only 1 image and 3 lines of text? What was I thinking? From now on, everyone will have huge signatures. You're setting a pretty good example yourself. I may force everyone to put the full lyrics to "YMCA" in their signature, it will be a good start.

4) Create many similar topics. I realize now that we should have a "what did you do today?"-thread at least, well... every day. No point in using one single thread for important stuff like that.

5) Add more animated smilies. In fact, I have always dreamed of one day having dancing bananas on my forum, but I never realised it until now. It makes one feel so much more mature when one can end a post like this:

6) Add tons of hacks to my forum. I now know that a forum really isn't complete without built in pets, a store and an arcade where you can play all kinds of fun games. Personally, I can't wait to play Zoo Keeper, and I don't think I'm the only one.

7) Increase the avatar size limit to at least 1024x768. Apart from the increased viewing pleasure people will derive from this, it will also eliminate the need for "post your desktop"-threads because people can just use their desktop as an avatar instead. In fact, this idea is so brilliant, I wonder why no one ever thought of it before!

Well, this is all I can think of for now. I am looking forward to any additional suggestions you may be able to provide me with!



* Ofcourse we also have secret forums in which we devote ourselves to posting gay pr0n. These are, however, hidden from the public. I hope you understand.

Which I thought, by anyone's standards, was a pretty good and intelligently-written post. So, what's Van's response?

Goddamn, Marco. Your forum fails either way you would like to think about it. Nothing you can do could possibly make it better. It's horrible and no one likes it.

You're not me, Marco. So get used to failing.

Wow, great way to dodge the point entirely. Well done. Your mother must be so proud. Even posts that were not actually flames (just two people trying to have a discussion), Van sticks his "OMG TOLD!" nose in and looks like even more of an idiot.

How can someone so incredibly stupid and incompetent even figure out how to turn a PC on, let alone start his own website and message board? Has Windows and the Internet become that dumbed down? I bet they all use AOHell, too.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

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I dyed my fringe black yesterday.

This is a picture of me from 2-3 years ago. Spot the difference!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tube Tips for Women.

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So, the Transport for London have published a patronising new leaflet: Tube Tips for Women!

This informs the female tube user that, incase you didn't know, twisted ankles can be a real pain, so make sure you take care on the escalators (especially when wearing your party shoes!), sit near a panic button, just incase you feel uncomfortable, and if you're pregnant, why not wear a new 'baby on board' badge so people can be sure that you aren't just fat, and give you their seat? Oh, and make sure you keep your handbag near you, too - you wouldn't want your mobile phone stolen, now would you? Have you missed breakfast? Well, Tube Tips for Women advises you carry a cereal bar with you as a snack - it can fit into even the tiniest handbag!

On top of this, it's covered in "cute" lipstick bullet points and bad grammar (their replies to complaints are just as bad - "this is not the ideology," indeed!), and, of course, they have no intention of publishing an equally patronising 'Tube Tips for Men'. Don't men need to be warned against causing unnecessary train delays by fainting if they don't have breakfast, too?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

University life.

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I haven't posted something real in this thing for a while. It's mostly just been lyrics. To be honest, I haven't really had much of interest to say, bar what I've been up to.

University is going really well. Amazingly well, infact. I love my new course (History, archaeology and heritage management for those not paying attention), I love my housemates, and I've made some lovely friends. I am genuinely happy and I feel genuinely welcomed and at home - as opposed to last year, where I didn't make any new friends, I hated my course, and felt incredibly lonely and homesick most of the time. I have felt down at times, but for the most part, life is going pretty well right now.

History is taught in much smaller groups than Psychology was. Instead of 300 or so students in each lecture, we have only about 30 people at most. On Monday one of my lecturers walked past me and a friend who were chatting, and said hello. That was something that would never happen with Psychology unless you really made an effort to stand out - I am now actually a student, and not just another person in the crowd. We also have seminars, which are small groups of about 10 students sat around a table, and given the opportunity to discuss the subject and debate ideas. This was something we also never did in Psychology, and I was always given the impression that they didn't care what your opinion on a subject was, you had to regurgitate the book or the lecturer's views. I love the overall more personal feel of the subject, it was one of my main hates of Psychology (that, and the course material itself).
This is also emphasised and helped by the trips that we regularly go on - I had 2 last week, and another on Monday. There's usually about 10-20 of us there, and everybody is super friendly and chats and has a laugh and a joke together, and I've made several new friends on the trips. It's a much easier way to get to know people, as you can all chat and laugh about what you see (you have to find some amusement in staring at piles of rocks that were once a burial or a house all day). I know this would never have been possible with Psychology (aside from taking you to a mental hospital, there's no real trip potential), but it does make the course a lot more enjoyable - North Wales has a lot of significant historical sites, particularly in pre-history - so it's great to be able to see and touch the things you're studying (or at least the remains).
We also are set work to do in the seminars each week, so we're always kept busy doing reading and research - you can't sit around doing nothing, or you won't be able to join in the seminars (which are compulsary). I love this - it keeps me active and I have to make sure I do work, whereas with Psychology it was very easy to never do anything, as you would have weeks with nothing to do, and all of a sudden, 3 deadlines and some exams. The work was never spread evenly across the course as it seems to be with History.
My timetable is also excellent - I have Mondays off, and none of my lectures start before 11am. On Thursdays, my lectures start at 1pm, which is ideal as I have the rock night, Trash, on Wednesday nights!

Right, so what else?
Ah yes, housemates.

I'm living with 3 others - 2 girls and a guy, Kayleigh, Cookie, and Rob. None I really knew beforehand, but we get on amazingly well and we are the best of friends. They have similar interests to me and we have similar senses of humour. I really couldn't have asked for better people to live with. Yes, they are a little messy, and yes they smoke inside (they're all smokers), but I can deal with that. We go to the rock nights together, which is great as last year I had no one to go with - not that I didn't get on with the people I lived with in Halls, but we didn't really have much in common. They would rather go clubbing than to Trash. Because of that, last year I never really met anyone I clicked or had lots in common with. I had one main friend, Kathryn, who I met on my course, but that was it. We still get on well but we've drifted apart a little now, both having found our own seperate friendship groups.
But, because Rob, Kay, Cookie and I have similar tastes, I've also met other people with whom I have lots in common with - for example blonde Dave, Dave Angel, Brum Dave (I don't know why they're all called Dave), Kerrie (Kay's older sister, she's lovely), Mat, and Louis. Coupled with my new good friends from my course (Hannah and Charles, mainly, but I feel I can speak to almost everyone on my course), and people I've met through fencing (I recently took it up), I feel very happy and also rather popular here! At home I always loved how I could go to Wetherspoons on a Friday night and bump into loads of people I knew. I know it's not quite like that here (I've lived in Harlow much longer, for one thing), but Trash on a Wednesday night has begun to be the same - I bump into loads of people I know, who all do Star Trek Vulcan signs at me. :D
The only thing missing, really, is a boyfriend - Dann and I are seeing how things go at the moment, but nothing is particularly certain yet as I'm so far away. I've been single since April (although Dann and I have been kind of on-off since then) and it's only been recently that I've actually completely gotten over it and began trusting people again after the way my ex broke up with me and some of the things that happened between Dann and I more recently. I am ready for a relationship now, but unfortunately I've not met the right person yet. Here's hoping though!

Kay also dyed my hair a lovely dark red colour yesterday. Today I'm going to dye my fringe black, so it's back like old times. I've been meaning to do it for a while, and have only just gotten round to it. Yay!

I'm bored of typing now. Here is a picture of my house:

And here's a picture of the view from my road. It's hard to tell when the photo is shrunk like this but you can see the sea and Anglesey in the background.