Monday, February 27, 2006

Regina Spektor lyrics

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Come on, bartender, won't you be more tender?
Give me two shots of whiskey and a beer chaser.
Love will be the death of me, love is so fickle,
It starts with a flood and it ends with a trickle.

Come on, bartender, just a little more tender,
I ate all your peanuts, return me to sender.
I've been too candid, now I'm barely standing,
Just call me a taxi and prepare me for landing.

Oh, you have got to kick me back out into the cold and nasty weather,
and maybe if I sober up I will stop pretending that love is forever...


25/02 - random dream.

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I had a weird dream, which involved me with a scooter, my Mum driving, my Dad riding a bright yellow motorbike from the Birmingham NEC show we went to last year, an Alice in Wonderland thing (which I had been to before, I recognised it from a past dream) and us complaining because we had to pay 80p each, halfway through, and eventually me saying that I wanted to get out because I'd been so many times before. And then the university lecturer sitting next to the White Rabbit was saying about how that's true, everyone's bored of the story now. And I said that it wasn't that I was bored of the story, just the ride, and the White Rabbit got awfully insulted, but let me out, which was just as well when I was waist-deep in someone's mouth. (That all made perfect sense to me.)

At one point, Petrovitch was singing along to Braille and I was incredibly impressed at how good a singer he was and sounded just like Regina. :P That's what I get for leaving my music on, I suppose.

And Chuck was at my party and mixed Baileys with Gin (which I later found out he actually does - how freaky!), but it tasted absolutely awful, and even the dogs wrinkled their nose at it. In summary, don't do it. :D


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Again, blogger doesn't let you edit time/date anymore, so just pretend I posted this on the 24th February.

I called the bank earlier.

The £80 charges are from the 20th and the 21st of December, when £95 to B.T. and £20 to Demon Internet via direct debit left my account. On the 17th December, I paid in a bunch of cheques (after weeks of hassling my housemates for the money) totalling £90, which showed up on my account as having been paid in immediately - my balance immediately dropped to -825 on my statement. However, the cheques didn't actually pay into my account until the 22nd, so these two direct debits took me over my overdraft limit (even though it doesn't actually say that on the bank statement).

I now owe the bank 160 in fees from the past few days. They are taking 110 out on the 10th March. I don't quite know how, though, when I have no money whatsoever to pay them. I have £15, which I have to give to Kay for the electricity bill, but that is it. My rent of 180 is also due on the 1st. As far as I know right now, these charges are for:

15/02 - £10 payment to O2 for phone credit (£20)
15/02 - £4 payment to my credit card (£20)
16/02 - £18.95 payment by cheque for credit check (£20)
21/02 - £19.99 direct debit payment to Demon Internet (£50).

(though this doesn't work out to 160...)



Monday, February 20, 2006

Regina Spektor.

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Everyone needs to go and check out Regina Spektor's music, if they have not done so already. She is quickly heading to be my favourite artist ever (as opposed to Fiona Apple or Tori Amos). She recently released a compliation of her previous albums ("Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories") in the UK, as they were all US-only, and is releasing another CD worldwide in a month or so called "Begin to Hope." So no excuses!

She's awesome, mostly piano but also a bit of guitar and drums too, and has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. She has songs that are personal, as well as ones that tell stories, brilliant and original lyrics, both quirky and more serious. I saw her live on Valentine's Day in Colchester, and both I and Pete were blown away completely.

You can also find mp3s of a few of her live gigs here, as well as a live video of her performance for Xfm here - make sure you check them out, you will not be disappointed.


Friday, February 17, 2006


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I tell you how I feel but you don't care,
I say tell me the truth but you don't dare.
You say love is a hell you cannot bear,
And I say gimme mine back and then go there for all I care.

I have never been so insulted in all my life,
I could swallow the seas to wash down all this pride.
First you run like a fool just to be at my side,
And now you run like a fool but you just run to hide and I can't abide.

Don't you plead me your case, don't bother to explain,
Don't even show me your face, 'cause it's a crying shame.
Just go back to the rock from under which you came,
Take the sorrow you gave and all the stakes you claim.
And don't forget the blame!

I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream,
You've got your head in the clouds and you're not at all what you seem.
This mind, this body and this voice cannot be stifled by your deviant ways,
So don't forget what I told you, don't come around, I got my own hell to raise.


Thursday, February 09, 2006


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So why did I kiss him so hard
late last Friday night,
And keep on letting him change all my plans?
I'm either so sick in the head
I need to be bled dry to quit,
or I just really used to love him,
I sure hope that's it.